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Buying a car is always a challenge. Many companies currently offer various car models. However, not all of them provide quality services. Below we will consider reviews about the DarCars salon and its work in general.

About car dealership

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DarCars offers cars at competitive prices. She is an official dealer of many brands sold. These include automakers whose cars are now in demand. Some of them: VAZ, UAZ, Skoda, Ford, Toyota, Mazda and others. The company is distinguished from other car dealerships by high quality service. Any client will be able to choose a suitable car, as they are presented here in various classes: from budget to premium.

At the car dealership, only employees with experience in this field work. Most often, employees have experience in sales and maintenance, as well as car repair. The company has long had its own technical center. Almost any unit or vehicle mechanism can be serviced and repaired here. The list of works in the technical center is quite large. Based on real reviews of DarCars, all work are warranted. The company is so confident in the qualifications of its employees due to the fact that each of them is additionally trained before starting their activities. In the technical center, all equipment is serviced and meets all the requirements.

Before selling, all cars are checked for malfunctions. If they are identified, they will be eliminated as quickly as possible. The company also monitors the quality of customer service. According to customer reviews of DarCars, here it is always excellent, as the company has a special department that monitors this. If in the process of providing services any shortcomings are suddenly found, then they will be dealt with as soon as possible. The company often receives various awards for the quality of the services offered. Many experts positively evaluate it.

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With frequent purchases of cars in large quantities at the dealership, various promotions and discounts are offered. A separate department of the company, where experienced specialists work, is responsible for this. Therefore, according to reviews of employees and according to other sources, many organizations cooperate with the DarCars car dealership in Moscow, some of them on an ongoing basis. Frequent buyers in the company are: the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Russian Railways, Gazprom, Lukoil and others. As a rule, they purchase cars in large quantities, which is beneficial for a car dealership, so he offers huge discounts for them.

Services offered

The main activity of the DarCars dealership, according to reviews, is the sale of new cars and with mileage at competitive prices. However, in addition to this, the company offers other services:

  • Trade-In Program. It is an exchange of your old car for a newer one from a car dealership. In this case, the client will only need to pay the difference in cost. Such a purchase is a fairly profitable decision. Experienced specialists always accurately determine the cost of the proposed car. They are assisted in this by special equipment.
  • Making a loan. People do not always have money to buy a car, but sometimes they need it very urgently. In this situation, buying on credit will help. According to customer reviews, partners of the DarCars car dealership in Moscow are many banks with a good reputation, therefore, the most favorable lending programs are offered for buyers. Employees of the credit department will help in its selection and execution of the transaction. In this case, you do not need to provide a huge list of documents.

The most frequently provided services have been described above, which are used by almost all customers. However, the car dealership also provides other services, namely:

  • Auto insurance. At present, it is quite difficult to find a company where insurance is arranged favorably and without fraud. The employees of the DarCars dealership take customer reviews of insurance companies into account, so they only work with reliable organizations, so you can apply for a policy here on favorable terms.
  • Car decoration in the traffic police. This process is very long and tedious, if a person does this for the first time, then he can get confused. To facilitate the task, the car dealership offers to help customers register a car in the traffic police.

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In addition to favorable purchase conditions, the car dealership also often offers various discounts and promotions. Thanks to this, the acquisition becomes even more profitable. Judging by customer reviews, the DarCars showroom gives customers a variety of gifts. If the deal is executed before the cold weather starts, then a set of winter tires will be presented. Also often customers get an insurance policy as a gift.

Location and schedule

DarCars car dealership is located in Moscow on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt 3a, 1 building, near the Teply Stan metro station. The work schedule is practically the same as in other companies - from 9:00 to 20:00, without breaks and days off.

Car loans

Car dealer DarCars cooperates with many banks in Russia. He offers lending programs from banks, as well as his own. The whole process of processing the transaction is maximally simplified, and actions that are practically unnecessary are excluded. On the official website of the company you can find real reviews about DarCars, loan conditions, find out requirements and send an application to the bank. You can also calculate the amount of monthly payments for a specific loan program.

After the client fills out and sends an application, where he indicates all the necessary data, the company employees will make a preliminary decision. After that, the application will be considered by the bank's employees, and they will decide whether the loan will be approved or not. It depends on many factors.

Car insurance

Currently, the risk of an accident is very high. Therefore, insurance is a prerequisite. At the DarCars dealership, this can be done on favorable terms. Employees of insurance companies work here, who can be contacted to apply for a policy. They will familiarize the client with all the conditions and help to choose the necessary program.

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The car dealership only cooperates with reliable insurance companies that have been present on the Russian market for a long time and managed to gain a good reputation. Among them are Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrakh, Renaissance, Ugoria and others.

If the client wishes, he can take out insurance without the help of a car dealership. However, in this case it will not be so profitable anymore, as insurance companies offer specially developed programs to the customers of the car dealership that make it possible to arrange insurance favorably.

Trade-In Program

Many companies now offer to buy a car under the Trade-In program. At the DarCars dealership, this can also be done. You can exchange an old car for a new one on favorable terms, while paying the difference in cost. Most often, such a service is used by those who need to sell an old car, but they do not want to waste time on it. The Trade-In program is much safer than selling a car on your own.

The client only gives the car to the company, and all other actions will already be carried out by specialists. There is no need to prepare the car for sale, constantly meet with potential buyers and fill out contracts. All this will be done at the car dealership.

Thus, you can significantly save time and buy a new car. Specialists can install additional equipment in it if the client himself wants it.

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Technical Center

In the technical center of the car dealership, you can install various accessories for your car. Thus, you can make the car more recognizable, provide a comfortable and reliable driving.

Often customers turn to a technical center, according to real reviews about DarCars, with a request to install anti-theft systems. Many modern cars have a fairly low landing, so when driving on uneven surfaces there is a risk of hooking the engine mechanisms, which will lead to their malfunction. To prevent this, it is best to install crankcase protection. Also, many people are not satisfied with the sound of a standard car audio system, so they turn to the technical center for its refinement.

In the technical center of the company, you can install almost any equipment and accessories. All of them are original and come from automakers.


In addition to acquiring a car, you can also register it with the traffic police. This is a rather complicated process that takes a lot of time, but with DarCars it will happen as quickly as possible. After that, you can apply for an insurance policy. Thus, you can become a motorist in a short time.

car dealership darcars customer reviews


After purchasing a car and completing all the documents, the client can use the delivery service. If he does not live in Moscow, but in another city or settlement, then the car will be delivered by train or car transporter. According to real reviews, DarCars are sometimes deceived about gifts, but a company can deliver a car to any region of Russia and the CIS countries.

How does a business work?

The company claims that in 2013-1016 it was recognized as the best official dealer of the brand. However, this is not said anywhere, which raises doubts. Many do not recommend contacting a car dealership until reviews about it appear.

A loan in a company can be obtained through one of 18 banks, various programs also operate, in some of which the minimum interest rate is 0 percent.

Available for purchase cars

The company mainly presents cars in the performance of a sedan and a crossover. It is quite problematic to find models with other bodies.

In the catalog, all presented models can be divided into 3 parts, namely:

  • budget crossovers and sedans from budget manufacturers Renault, Kia and others;
  • cars from Chinese manufacturers;
  • cars of a class higher from manufacturers Mazda, Suzuki and others.

As it turned out, gifts are rarely given at a car dealership. Basically this is a CASCO policy.

There is little information on this car dealership on the Internet; it has no communities on social networks, just a website. However, despite this, real reviews of DarCars are enough. Many claim that they used the services of the company even when it was called "General". The location of the two companies is the same, but perhaps they have different leadership.

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Positive reviews

Many customers respond positively about DarCars. They are grateful to the car dealership for being able to find the car they were looking for a long time.

Negative reviews

There are also enough negative reviews about DarCars. In them, customers indicate that the actual value is higher than previously stated. Also, sometimes employees may be impolite with visitors.


You can buy a car at the DarCars dealership, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the cost will be higher than the one mentioned earlier. This place will be ideal for purchase if there will be a model that is no longer anywhere. Be sure to read the reviews and detailed information about the car dealership before buying.

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