How to change your password in mile: simple truths

How does the password change from the mailbox on If you forgot your password from the service on or just want to secure your mailbox, then just ask yourself how to change the password in mail. In fact, it is quite simple, fast and does not require special computer knowledge or programming skills from you. In order to change the login password, it is important to remember the old combination and mail name. If you still forget the old password, then you will have to restore it, but we'll talk about this below. It should be noted that the combinations for logging in to the agent and are completely identical. Therefore, if you use an agent, going to the post office will not be difficult. Often, entry is even automatic. Pay attention to this.

We’ll take a closer look at how to change the password on mail.

Step one. We go to the service. To do this, enter the name before the "dog" symbol, which is indicated by the "@" sign, then select the name after the sign, and enter password below. If you don’t remember the combination, you have to restore it.

Step Two Mail Settings Click on the “More” tab and select “Settings”. This item is located on the second line from the top.

Step Three Change of combination. We carefully examine the service settings and find the “Password” item, which is located at the very top of the second column. It should be noted that password is required to maintain the security of the service account. You can change the password in mail when you consider it necessary. It is best to change your password at least once every three months. Then you definitely can not be afraid of hacking mail and data loss. This is especially true for the mailbox that you use to work. The combination must consist of at least six Latin characters and numbers. Much better your data will be protected by a password that for other persons will not make any sense, that is, an arbitrary set of letters and numbers. Remember the new combination or write it down. If you are worried about how to change the password in mail, then you will need to first enter the current combination, then a new one, taking into account the above tips, save the changes. You will also be asked to enter the code from the image to make sure that you are a real person.

If everything is done correctly, then the change will be successful. Next time you can go into the box using the new combination.

Password recovery in service

If you have forgotten your old password and are wondering how to change the password in Mayle, do not worry, as it can be restored.

Step one. Password recovery. Click on the “Forgot” button near the lines to enter a name and a combination to enter. After that, you will be prompted to enter the name of the mailbox. We introduce it carefully.

Step Two Secret Question. When you registered mail on mail, you were asked to select or enter a secret question and answer to it. Now you are asked again to answer this question. If you can’t enter the answer, since you have not checked the mailbox for three days, then you will have to write a letter to the support service. The link to the questionnaire will be located under the field for answering the question.

Step Three If the answer to the security question was correct, then you will be asked to enter a new combination to enter, repeat it so that there are no errors or typos, enter a code to protect against automatic change. Now you can go into the box using the new combination.

I hope that now you know exactly how to change the password in mail. It is quite simple. This procedure should be done as often as possible, because if someone breaks into a box, then he can change the answer to a secret question. And then restore your rights to the mail will be much more difficult. So do not wait for someone to steal your data, and do everything in advance.


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