Is the office an auxiliary segment or the most important department of the company?

Absolutely any organization consists of specialized departments, each of which has a different focus. Many of them appeared in past centuries and have remained in everyday life until now. The reason for this is the need to carry out certain activities in the organization and the division of labor between specialists in different areas. This includes the work with the documentation, which is engaged in the office.

What is the office?

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At the moment, there are many interpretations of this term. The most famous explanatory dictionaries say that the office is a department in an institution or organization that manages the paperwork. In companies, the number of employees in this department can be attributed to specialists working with archives in which documentation is stored and composing forms for new documents. In some cases, employees from this department monitor the availability of necessary stationery, and purchase additional items in case of shortage. Despite the general misconception, the office is an essential element of any organization, especially if it works for state and military purposes. But in this case, the main responsibilities of the office staff include the creation, processing, registration and storage of documents that are carried out in strict secrecy.

Who works in this department?

office departments
In small companies, the office is a small room where two to four people work, including a manager, an inspector for the supervision of orders and drivers, sometimes they are all replaced by one office secretary. In large organizations, the department staff can grow up to 15-20 people.

We can say that the office is the only segment of the organization that has a direct connection with all other segments of the company at all stages of work


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