IQ Option: divorce or not? IQ Option: binary options broker

IQ Option - divorce or not? We begin to deal with its history of origin. The broker is the property of the Seychelles company Alta Vista Trading Limited. The short history of the company did not prevent it from achieving amazing success in the world of finance. The broker's success was driven by a whole team of specialists not only in financing and programming, but also in many other areas. Lonely negative reviews are not able to tarnish his almost impeccable reputation.

Certificates and more

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Despite suspicions on the part of traders, the reputation of the company is not questioned by the numerous certificates that IQ Option (IQoption) has. Information and feedback about the broker, although very contradictory, but the company cares about its customers, putting comprehensive transaction security as a priority. Moreover, the company has the following licenses:

  • CySec certificate from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Certificate TSROFR from the Center for Regulation of Relations in the Financial Markets.

Licenses are issued for different companies, as the broker manages two financial organizations simultaneously: Infofield Premier Limited and Investlab Holdings Limited.

Convenient partnership

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The question of whether the company IQ Option - a divorce or not, brings a simple registration form. Becoming a client is very simple, just fill out the form. You can become a member of the legendary society in just a few minutes. After that, full access to your account opens. The focus is exclusively on the interests of customers, there are no dangers here. The trading platform is very convenient and simple. Dealing with the specifics of trading is easy. We choose the amount of investment, a trading instrument and an underlying asset. Next, the percentage of return is set and the option is bought. People who do not have deep knowledge in working with this type of financial instrument say that binary options are a divorce, and โ€œCan I make money?โ€ - This is a question that disappears automatically. On the other hand, experienced market participants are active in this area and provide themselves with decent profits.

Limited choice of trading instruments - advantage or disadvantage?

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The broker IQ Option ("IQ Option") offers a very limited selection of trading instruments, which include the most traded assets. It is unreasonable to look at this fact as a disadvantage, because it indicates that the broker is diagnosing the activities of traders, studying their needs. As a result, the trade format that is most in demand is provided. The broker's range of options is also not very wide. The best Forex broker of the month IQ Option, offering its customers binary options and turbo options, fully satisfies their needs.

The company believes that offering a full range of tools is simply unreasonable. Spending resources on a product that is interested in a small percentage of traders is economically disadvantageous. Asset allocation should be as efficient as possible. This scheme is used by many reliable brokers, you should not test any concerns about this.

What about profitability?

Replenishment of an account with a broker is carried out using one of the many payment systems. Talking about the fact that IQ Option is a divorce does not allow feedback from traders who talk about the possibility of increasing their deposit by about 80% within 15 minutes, but this is only subject to a detailed understanding of the market situation. Thanks to turbo options, an increase in the deposit can be about 90%, which will take at least an hour. In the near future, IQ Option, a reputable binary options broker, plans to launch a new product. According to preliminary estimates, a multi-option should provide the trader with the opportunity to increase their deposit by 1000% within an hour.

Training and more

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The broker offers not only a good base for trading, each trader, having joined the number of clients, can do self-training. The project presented a huge amount of training materials in video format. Only three full lessons can lay a powerful foundation for successful trading. The materials provide detailed information about what binary options are and how to use them to make money. The materials help to learn how to conduct market analysis, provide assistance in making forecasts regarding the future movement of the market. Professional traders can gain in-depth knowledge of trading issues and explore innovative trading strategies.

Separately, you can focus on the section with analytics, where professional participants in the financial market analyze in detail the situation on the market. Not without a section with news, which provides the most relevant information about the latest incidents in the world, which may affect the movement of the schedule. It is impossible to clearly state that IQ Option is a divorce, since the broker offers its services at a fairly high level.


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IQ Option along with its competitors offers customers an interesting bonus program. Traders, having joined the broker community, receive a bonus in the form of a material bonus on the size of the deposit that they entered into the system. All that is required of a program participant is to activate the bonus code. The bonus is determined as a percentage. An additional 20% ($ 20) will be credited to $ 100 . For $ 250 - 40%, for $ 500 - 60%, for $ 1000 - 80%, for $ 2000 - 90%. No review of the honesty of the IQ Option review. Customer reviews indicate that the company fully fulfills all the obligations that it has undertaken. The support service answers all questions almost instantly. There is no delay in withdrawing funds. Work is underway. Finding information about what the company does not pay is very problematic, and if such information is found, it is most likely anti-advertising.

Features of trading with a company

A broker is not just a company offering favorable trading conditions, it is a reliable partner that gives its customers numerous advantages. The following arguments help to objectively judge whether IQ Option is a divorce or a normal office:

  • Innovative platform.
  • Professionally built training system.
  • Access to the most reliable electronic payment systems on the Internet.
  • The minimum deposit is only 10 dollars.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars.


iq option binary options broker

Analyzing information about IQ Option, we can summarize some of the results. The company is not a divorce. The main feuds arise as a result of the fact that more than 96% of traders simply lose, and then leave negative reviews about the company. โ€œBinary options - divorceโ€ and โ€œCan I make money on them?โ€ - these are the favorite phrases of those who could not build a successful career as a trader. Experts of the financial market with quite a lot of experience and deep knowledge in the relevant field easily increase their capital. The company offers an excellent platform for competent trading. The broker helps to go a long way from mastering the basics of trading and ending with the development of its own unique trading system. Almost every client of the company gets a chance to learn how to earn money from binary options trading from scratch.


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