Simple and effective tips for restoring a page in classmates

In the spring of 2006, the first social network,, was launched in Russia, which in just a few months turned into the most popular site for entertainment and searching for acquaintances, and quickly reached quite high attendance rates - about 10 million users. Such popularity is easily explained - everyone wants to find friends, acquaintances, colleagues, university and school friends who were once lost. It was this opportunity that became the fulcrum on which the creator of the site, Albert Popkov, relied.

But, along with popularity and fame, the site has become a good place for gaining scammers who easily break into pages, and then ask to restore them by sending money to an account in web money or on the phone. There are more and more such scammers, so many users are faced with the problem of how to restore the page in classmates so that they can continue to communicate with friends. It should be said that here the problem, most often, must be solved by the users themselves, which is very disappointing, given the scale and popularity of the site itself.

One of the most common tricks of online scammers is to send an SMS to a short number in order to ostensibly reduce the possibility of spamming from your page. Not a single social network, including classmates, does not pay to enter your page. Therefore, such actions clearly indicate their illegality. Recovering a hacked page in classmates is then very simple. You should contact the administration, which will solve all problems and allow you to log in with a new username and password.

The most interesting thing in this situation is that people, realizing that this is a divorce, still send messages to the specified number, with the hope that the code will still be sent. But, of course, there will be no code at all, therefore, the money went to the attackers, and the problem remained unresolved. Most often, you do not get to the real page of a social network, but to an exact copy of it, which was created by scammers in order to receive money. How to restore a page in classmates and go to this site? Everything is not as difficult as it seems. You need to find the virus that was sent to your computer with a fake site code. To do this, go to drive C in the Windows folder -> system 32 -> drivers -> etc. This is where you can see the “Hosts” file, where all changes are saved. In order to remove everything unnecessarily, you should open it through a notebook, where you can delete unnecessary entries.

It often happens that the attackers or the users themselves accidentally delete their page on the site. To restore a deleted page in classmates, you must first contact the site administration. If you just don’t remember your password for the site, you need to click the corresponding menu button and an e-mail with a new password will come to your e-mail, which you can change after entering the page. More often than not, recovering a deleted page from classmates is not possible. There is only one way to create a new one.

Many people today care about another question. They are not trying to understand how to restore the page in classmates, but rather, they want to delete it. It does not take much time or effort. To delete your account, you just need to go to the section “Edit personal data” and select the function “Delete your profile from the site”.

The creation and prosperity of social networks that help to find friends and acquaintances once lost, has led to the emergence of an increasing number of intruders who are trying to make money on their fellow citizens. How to restore a page in classmates - becoming one of the most popular questions on forums and chat rooms, which shows that the illegal business of scammers is still booming. Do not fall for tricks, and then you will never have this question.


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