TIR Trucks: What Does It Mean? Rules for the carriage of goods by TIR

Many of us very often saw the TIR inscription on trucks , but very few people know how this abbreviation is deciphered and what it basically means. This article will talk about what TIR means on trucks, and consider each nuance in detail.

Subtleties of passing state control

Initially, we say that the state control takes place as follows: when the supervised object leaves Russia, then the Rostransinspektsiya inspects the car first, then the customs officers, and then the border guards. In those cases when the controlled car enters the borders of Russia, then first of all it will fall under the border control, then the representatives of the Rostrnasinspektsion work with it and in the end - customs officers. An important nuance that immediately needs to be closely monitored: each subsequent controlling link cannot begin to perform its immediate functions until the previous state control body has finished its work.

tir on trucks what is it

Decoding of the international abbreviation

So TIR on trucks - what is it? Translated into Russian from French, these three Latin letters mean "international road transport" (TIR - Russian-language analogue of the abbreviated designation). Simply put, TIR is a brief indication of an international system that allows, according to a strictly established procedure, the transportation of a wide variety of goods with the crossing of state borders between countries, which, in turn, have acceded to the relevant international agreement. That is, in order to understand what TIR means, it is necessary to indicate the presence of the United Nations Customs Convention on the international transport of goods. To control the described system, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) is used. Nowadays, 67 individual states of the planet and the entire European Union have joined this system.

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International Road Transport Book (TIR)

The inscription TIR on the trucks also means that the goods in this car are registered in the TIR Carnet - a special document with tear-off forms (sheets), each of which is seized during the passage of the next customs inspection (each checkpoint has the right use only one sheet of book). Generally speaking, all this means that the truck has an internationally recognized customs document, which gives the right to the cargo owner to move it across borders according to a simplified inspection procedure.

Forms of books are sold by those organizations that have been approved in each country participating in the TIR system. If we talk about the Russian Federation, then this is the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP), which is located in Moscow. How to obtain and issue a TIR Carnet, how much money will be required to spend it, a list of required documents for registering a book - all this is in the sphere of influence of ASMAP and is regulated by it. All details on this issue can be found directly on the organization’s website.

TIR Carnet Features

Considering the question: “What does TIR mean on trucks?”, You should carefully study the TIR Carnet in more detail.

This document looks very similar to a large-format notebook, which has:

  • Mustard color cover.
  • Cargo manifest made in yellow.
  • Tear-off sheets with roots, printed in pairs in white and green.
  • Protocol sheet.
  • The bookend of the cover itself and its tear-off part.

Each such book is assigned its own serial number, consisting of seven numbers and a pair of Latin letters. It is important to keep in mind that this document has a limited validity period, which can be seen on the stamp affixed to the cover.

what does tir mean

Features of transportation on TIR

Having examined in detail what TIR means for trucks, we indicate: before starting the trip, a TIR carnet is issued in one copy for one car, which is valid until the end of the trip. During the transportation of goods, customs officers of those countries whose borders the car crosses, check only the integrity of seals established earlier. After such a check, if violations of the integrity of the seals are not detected, the customs officer uses one sheet of the TIR carnet and fills in all the columns of the corresponding spine remaining in it. Thus, TIR transportations are rather strictly regulated. In particular, the procedure for filling out the TIR Carnet is also indicated, which can be found thanks to special instructions issued, including in Russian.


The Association of International Road Carriers is fully responsible to the recipient for the fulfillment of the guarantees taken on the safety of the transported goods and is legally responsible for the activities of those carriers that use TIR Carnets.

In cases where there are fully justified claims against one of the carriers, ASMAP fully takes care of all issues, and only after that it understands the violator of the rules and takes appropriate measures to it on the basis of current legislation.

However, it should be understood that the TIR inscription on the trucks does not mean at all that the customs will not have the right to open the transported cargo and check it. If there are certain reasons, the customs officer of any state, the border of which this vehicle will cross, can carry out full control of the cargo.

Cargo manifest information

Since many are interested in: “TIR on trucks - what is it?”, It’s also worthwhile to carefully consider a document such as a cargo manifest. It contains the following information:

  • Information about the sending country and the receiving state.
  • Customs sending the goods, and the border authority receiving it.
  • List of passed customs points.
  • Product name, HS code , total weight, number of seats, etc.
  • A list of those documents that accompany the cargo, and an indication of their numbers.
  • Registration number of the vehicle carrying the cargo.
  • Numbers of established seals, stamps and other customs marks.

The execution of all these documents is best entrusted to the appropriate specialists, who are often available at customs points.

what does tir mean


The inscription TIR on trucks, the significance of which we consider in detail in this article, indicates that the CMR consignment notes will be necessarily attached to the goods. These documents are prepared in at least three copies. Each of them is certified by the sender and the carrier. The original document remains with the sender, and the other two forms are moved with the goods being transported.

After completion of the transportation process, one of the copies that is held by the carrier is certified by the receiving party and given to the carrier. The new owner of the cargo is left with the last copy of the document. The accuracy of the data and the completeness of its filling is the responsibility of the one whose seal will be in column number 22. This point deserves special attention: in all copies of invoices, the data must be absolutely identical.

International Shipping Rules

What does TIR mean in terms of the procedure for issuing permits for road carriers to carry out international cargo movements? Let's consider in more detail.

To date, all these actions are governed by special provision No. 505 of May 24, 2012. The main points of the provision are:

  • The applicant must have vehicles that belong to him and satisfy the requirements of these standards.
  • Competent persons must be responsible for international transport.
  • The carrier is required to have an insurance policy.

The issuance of a permit for the performance of road transport of international importance requires:

  • Filing an appropriate application for a certificate.
  • Verify ownership of the vehicle.
  • Have documentation confirming the state registration of the vehicle.
  • Have an insurance policy.
  • Providing documents attesting to the professional compliance of the employee.
  • The presence of an inventory of the attached package of documents.

The applicant submits all the above documents to the local Rostransnadzor unit at the address of his personal registration.

tir carriage

SafeTIR System Description

As long-standing practice shows, absolutely every computer system is subject to the probability of malicious, unauthorized entry from outside, and therefore it needs proper protection. The international transportation system TIR also fully felt all the “charms” of the work of modern attackers, and therefore there was a need to ensure their own security.

TIR on trucks (what this is, we consider in detail in the article) is not just an inscription, but a symbol of a high level of security of international transport activity. In 1995, the Administrative Committee of the system decided to create a special monitoring system for the use of TIR Carnets. This program is called SafeTIR.

A little later, the International Road Transport Union produced an auxiliary computer tool called “SafeTIR in real time”, which allows you to quickly send to the IRU all the information on the completion of the TIR operation. After receiving all this information, it becomes available to absolutely all participants of the system, so that they can quickly check each TIR Carnet.

what does tir mean on trucks

Transportation and their declaration

The pre-declaration system (TIR-EPD) is currently supported by 31 states, including the Russian Federation, where you can often find TIR by truck (which we already figured out by this sign on the car ). Early submission of information makes it possible to significantly speed up and facilitate the subsequent clearance of goods and their control at customs points, which also contributes to a significant increase in the throughput of these customs posts.

The early declaration system has the following advantages:

  • It is provided free of charge.
  • It guarantees complete data confidentiality.
  • It can transmit the required information about cargo transportation immediately to several countries.
  • Simplicity and safety of use.

This system allows customs authorities to:

  • To guarantee the receipt of information exclusively from registered road carriers.
  • Ensure the veracity of the TIR book indicated in the declaration.
  • Provide information on upcoming shipments in advance.
  • Check the validity of TIR Carnets.

For international trade relations, this system makes it possible:

  • Reduce possible risks.
  • To simplify the crossing of customs cordons.
  • Reduce the cost of transportation.

Russian realities

Today you can often meet TIR on trucks. What does this mean in practice? Unfortunately, relations between the IRU and Russia have been strained for quite some time.

what tir stands for on trucks
At different times during the period 2002-2015, disagreements sometimes reached such a critical level that they threatened to completely curtail even the slightest cooperation between these participants. Last summer, there was a slight improvement in the current situation, but no one can fully predict what this will lead to in the end. From all this we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Certain customs points of the Russian Federation will certainly turn their attention to the TIR system and carry out maintenance of these vehicles on the basis of approved agreements. But the list of these customs posts, although agreed upon by the parties, is still not finally approved at the government level in the country, and therefore no one can give any guarantees of the stability of interaction.
  • As a matter of fact, at any time various rather serious problems may arise on the state border of Russia, through which numerous trucks follow. TIR on trucks (what it is, a photo of such cars and other information on the topic is described in the article) may also be a problem that no one can now predict. Or, conversely, the difficulties that exist today may also disappear. However, this probability, of course, is somewhat lower.

Thus, none of the current officials and public servants is able to fully predict how relations between the Russian Federation and the IRU will develop in the future. We hope that thanks to this article you were able to get to know the meaning of the TIR inscription on machines and the preferences that it gives to all participants in this system.

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