DIY LED headlights. LED low beam headlights

Every driver wants his car to be convenient, comfortable and unique. External tuning is not only one of the ways of self-expression, it is also an interesting lesson that will emphasize the dignity of any vehicle. For example, make LED headlight tuning with your own hands for each driver in strength. Minimum cost - maximum effect!

Headlight tuning - performance methods

Tuning is a refinement, making changes to the design of the car in order to highlight it or improve some details. It can be both internal (engine, interior refinement), and external (transformation of bumpers, suspensions, bodywork).

DIY LED headlights

Finalization of headlights on cars is a very common type of tuning. After all, it is worth changing the light or shape of the optics - the appearance of the car immediately changes.

There are many ways to refine optical instruments. You can install xenon or LED lamps in the headlights, change or emphasize the shape of the optics, making specific "cilia". But the "angel eyes" - LED rings in the optics - can generally make a splash!

Which way to choose is the business of every driver. It will be the installation of purchased headlights or the completion of regular ones - the car will in any case attract the attention of others. Absolutely any car owner will be able to cope with such work independently. This is a great way to emphasize your personality, as well as save money on a trip to a car dealership.

LED tuning

DIY LED headlight tuning

Recently, the use of LED lamps to refine the optical instruments of a car has become very popular. Most new cars leave the factory with ready-made LED headlights. This can be explained not only by the attractiveness of these small bulbs, but also by their low cost. Making LED headlights with your own hands is much cheaper than buying a ready-made kit.

Benefits of LED Tuning

  • High light output. The light of the lamps is as close to daylight as possible.
  • High vibration resistance due to the absence of a filament.
  • Extended service life (up to ten years and above when using lamps no more than twelve hours a day).
  • A wide range of emissions.
  • Instant on. Using LED lamps, you do not have to wait until they heat up and the light becomes brighter - this happens instantly.
  • LEDs are resistant to temperature extremes. They behave perfectly both at high and low rates.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly (no mercury and ultraviolet radiation).
  • Aesthetic. The size of one lamp allows you to experiment with the shape of optical instruments.
  • The relatively low price of one LED.

led bulbs in headlights

That's why LEDs are so attractive to tuning enthusiasts. Lamps are used not only for refinement and decoration of headlights, but also for interior lighting, dashboard, discs, car underbody.

Do-it-yourself LED headlights

Buy LED optics for a car will not be a particular problem. The market of automotive products represents a wide range of models for every taste and budget. However, such headlights are also made with their own hands.

You can make not only LED low beam headlights, but also fog lights, turn signals, side lights and rear optics.

DIY fog lights

For work you will need:

  • LEDs and resistors (size and color at the discretion of the driver).
  • Insulating tape.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Sealant.
  • Drill for metal.
  • Wire, marker, paint.

Execution order

Before work, the headlight is dismantled from its regular place. Gently heat the hairdryer and remove the old sealant. Reflectors must be painted matt black so that the LEDs are not too dazzled. Markers on the case mark the places and drill holes where the diodes will be inserted. LEDs are connected to resistors - they will save wiring from burnouts and short circuits. Connect the lamps to regular places using wire. After the operation of the LEDs is checked, the headlight can be filled with sealant and installed back.

LED low beam headlights

Instead of LEDs, you can buy ready-made LED lamps or heads. They cost a little more than usual, but they will deliver less trouble. To make LED fog lights with your own hands, you need LED heads, and for low beam lamps are suitable. The manufacturing procedure for PTF is identical to the previous one. The only difference is the case. Suitable as the old from the fog, and any other device.

LED headlights on a VAZ - we make "angel eyes" with our own hands

After the publication of BMW cars, the so-called "angel eyes" became very popular - LED rings in the headlights. This type of tuning is suitable for all cars in which the optics have a round shape. VAZ cars, like no others, are predisposed to such changes.

LED headlights on a vaz

To make angel eyes yourself, you need the following ingredients:

  • Plastic sticks (such as blinds).
  • Sealant.
  • LEDs - 8 pcs.
  • Resistors - 4 pcs. (based on: one resistor per two diodes).
  • Can.
  • Pliers.

Sticks need to be softened. This is done either in the oven or in boiling water. Soft sticks bend around a can. For convenience, use pliers. The tips are cut off a bit so that diodes can be inserted. Under them, you also need to drill holes at the ends of the sticks. LEDs are connected to resistors and installed in the resulting rings. In one hole - two diodes. Small notches are cut throughout the ring so that the diodes shine brighter. Notches must be made 1/3 in the depth of the stick with an interval of one and a half centimeters. Then the headlight is carefully disassembled and the resulting rings are inserted into it, before that, checking their work. After that, the optics are sealed and mounted back. Well, do-it-yourself LED headlights! A little free time and a minimum of materials will make regular optics irresistible.

Alternative optics from a car shop

For those who do not want to "bother" with the manufacture of headlights on their own, ready-made sets of optics can be purchased in specialized stores. Headlights, different in form, purpose, quality and price, will satisfy absolutely any driver. For example, good LED dipped headlights will cost about 2000 rubles per pair. There are more expensive models, there are a bit cheaper. The German brand Hella is popular. High quality LEDs in a modular design are suitable for almost every car. True, the cost of this optics is high - from 3300 rubles. So if there are a couple of extra thousand, then please.

Choosing the headlights, you should be very careful - the market is "teeming" with fakes. Particular attention should be paid to the body and glass optics.

A few words in the end

Car optics is one of its main components. She must always be in good condition and uninterruptedly carry out her work. Properly selected and installed optics - the main task of the driver.

LED tuning will help to refresh old headlights and thereby update the appearance of the car. To make LED headlights with your own hands is not difficult even for a newly made driver. The necessary materials can be purchased at any specialized store, and they will cost several times cheaper than buying new lamps. In addition, making your own headlights is a great way to emphasize your personality.


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