Beautiful unusual manicure: a photo of original ideas

When you want something new, it is not necessary to go to the sea, you can just do an unusual manicure. Neil stylists who work with fashion designers constantly make small discoveries. Such an innovation was the 2013 show from the "fashion bully" Jean Paul Gaultier. He invented the phalanx ring, which is worn on the first phalanx and imitates a nail.

The idea was developed, and soon various options for such rings from other fashion houses appeared. Famous pop artists began to wear them, emphasizing vivid images. Now, such rings complement the manicure of many celebrity people. As always happened, the couture idea transformed into a ready-to-wear fashion.

Workshop "Metal Design"

With the advent of the fashion for metal manicure, the nail industry began to offer all kinds of tools to simulate gold, silver, platinum, steel, iron, copper and bronze. Metallic varnish appeared, a color coating with a lot of shimmer. Masters began chasing and casting in manicure. Unusual design is relevant in 2018. It is characterized by the inclusion of metal elements that only emphasize the gentle tones of manicure.

The video shows a step-by-step implementation of such a design. This time, metal parts represent chains. They are attached to the nails with gel polish, worn perfectly, do not hurt for anything and allow you to perform any work. Foil molding complements the look.

Nail bracelets

The continuation of the metal theme was an unusual manicure "Bracelets", the so-called baubles, which love to weave schoolgirls out of beads. Korean craftsman Yang Kung Park uses thin strings with pendants to decorate nails. It can be letters or hearts. This design looks best on long black nails, the bracelets on which are made of gold threads and chains.

This drawing has its own principles: the lines depict a bracelet worn on the fingers, and therefore should be located from nail to nail. Some threads are tighter, they will be even. Others sag a little, the suspension will look good on them. It can be drawn or glued to a metal part.

Friendship bracelets

Against a calm nude background, gold bracelets also look good. On a white background, it is better to draw colored bracelets using rhinestones and threads for design in a checkered, polka dot and striped pattern.

Confetti all year round

How is this possible? Japanese confetti are not similar to European: they are of different colors and sizes of foil figures: stars, hearts, circles and sticks. They are successfully used in design, and they call such an unusual manicure “Kamifubuki”.

Design is based on the size of the figure. Poured with top gel, it looks like a luminous picture. It is best to choose a dark background for kamifubuki. The combination of large and small confetti of the same type creates a volumetric effect. They reflect light only in one plane, so a composition of three large confetti will not always shine, but only at a certain angle. Sometimes it is such an effect that is needed - for example, when using magnetic varnish as the background.

Kamifubuki on the nails

To completely cover the nail kamifubuki, first put large confetti on the center of the nail, then medium size - on its side faces, then fill all remaining open areas with small ones. It doesn’t matter if the confetti overlap. They will not look messy under a layer of top gel.

Negative Space

Is it okay to leave an unpainted nail section good or bad? Maybe this attitude to design will look messy? All questions will be solved by an unusual manicure, the photo of which is located below. This style is called “Negative Space” and is characterized by areas of natural nail left in the design.

Nail, if healthy, has a special color, and this natural tone is ideal for the skin of its mistress. Designers leave a portion of an open nail, thereby including it in the composition. However, this is not enough. To make everything look harmonious, most of the nail bed should have a decorative coating.

Negative Space

Perform complex lines with a stencil or clean with a brush dipped in solvent, the required area. Strange as it may seem, very simple shapes look the most advantageous - a triangle, square or strip. Monograms, besides being difficult to fulfill, seem to be painted with a pink gel.

Sharp nails

After several years of minimalism, the fashion for long nails finally came. This time a stylet shape. In everyday life it is often called “sharp nails”, and this is indeed so. Stilettos are a fully modeled shape, these are artificial nails that have a steep C-curve and a very sharp tip.

The advantage of stylet is a sturdy construction that is not easy to break. An added bonus is a large surface for design. Beautiful unusual manicure on stilettos looks luxurious. Applying fashionable techniques this year and using phalanx rings, you can easily become an icon of style.

Sharp nails

Often these nails are made with acrylic because of their high strength. Then they perform the design with gel varnishes.

Shaggy nails

At one of the fashion shows, Yana Arnold presented fluffy nails covered with pieces of fur. The idea was picked up by many companies specializing in nail design, released artificial velor, flock. Previously, they covered various surfaces, but they did not apply to nails.

A flock is made of artificial fiber, most often acrylic, and glued to nails in various ways. One of the most common is the use of a dispersion layer of gel polish.

The most unusual nail design

Under the flock, the appropriate background is selected: dark gray - to gray fur, black - to black. Nails of natural natural colors look very impressive: beige, white and red.

The most unusual manicure

During the development of nail art, competitions were held on various topics that needed to be embodied in manicure. These compositions are worthy of museum preservation. On ten nails, the masters sculpted acrylic figures, united by one theme. Often models could not use their hands so as not to damage the design. Often acrylics connected the nails on both hands, and the model hardly slept at night. But the main thing was achieved - nail art is recognized as a real art, which is subject to everything.

Butterfly nails

One of the new forms for nails is the “butterfly”. This is a decorative form, which, however, is pretty well worn thanks to a properly built architecture. If you want to please yourself, nothing is better than doing such a manicure. Wings can be painted as you like, for example, under a real butterfly. Then it would seem that these lovely creatures sat down to rest at their fingertips.

Butterfly nails

Now, nail art artists are creating a design for the catwalk and putting forward unusual manicure ideas that, after some time, are brought to life in ordinary beauty salons by ordinary nail file and lamp workers.


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