Do-it-yourself PVC boat repair

Boats are an invariable attribute of all real hunters and fishers. Without them, it would be impossible to get to the most remote corners of our country, to catch grayling in protected rivers, to admire the stunningly beautiful sunrises where the human foot had not yet gone before.

pvc boat repair
As you know, nothing ever lasts, and therefore, repair of a PVC boat may be necessary for everyone. Note that we will talk about boats exactly from this material, since today it is the most common and promising.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) itself is quite durable and resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to the effects of an aggressive chemical environment. And therefore, boats from it are stable in popularity.

Unfortunately, he does not tolerate open flames, long-term storage under inappropriate conditions, and sharp-cutting objects.

Some tips

The positive fact is that the repair of a PVC boat at home is quite simple, since the material is malleable and ductile. Starting the process, it is necessary to deal with the nature of the damage: measure the diameter of the burnt hole or the width and length of the cut.

pvc boat repair

Having determined the nature and location of the defect, we proceed to the collection of the repair kit, without which the repair of PVC boats is impossible. There are kits that are sold at specialized outlets. In addition, you need scissors, rollers and a solvent, pencils and a sufficiently powerful hair dryer.

Guide to action

Firstly, you need to cut it yourself or pick up a patch from the kit. You must always remember that its size should be three to four centimeters larger than the diameter of the damage. The edges of the defective area must be very thoroughly cleaned of any contaminants and degreased. If this is not done, repairing the PVC boat will be a waste of time: the patch will come off, you have to start all over again.

Pure gasoline, acetone or pure alcohol is suitable for this. Having laid the prepared material on the gap, it is outlined with a pencil. Glue is applied to the patch itself and to the edges of the damaged material.

pvc for boats
Application is carried out twice, the interval between manipulations should be 10-15 minutes. To do this, use special glue that can be used to patch PVC. For boats, it can be purchased in the same shops for fishermen or hunters, but often similar products are sold in those establishments that sell materials for plastic windows.

Having laid the boat on a firm and even surface, they roll the patch onto the gap, and then warm this place with a hairdryer for several minutes. It is believed that the repair of the PVC boat is completed after three days of drying. If the holes are torn (or through), then patches are placed on both sides.

Misses a valve?

If the problem is due to the fact that the valve passes air, then it will have to be completely replaced. This procedure is not too complicated - it is carefully unscrewed and replaced with a new one. But in this case, we still recommend contacting a specialized service center, where they will do everything better.


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