Shift method of work (shift). "Stakhanov": feedback about the employer who provides shift work

Now, when it’s especially difficult to find work, many specialists are exploring alternative employment opportunities. Men and women with physical strength and endurance are increasingly interested in job openings involving shift work. The conditions voiced by employers usually look very seductive. The shift method is a special form of the labor process that occurs outside the place of permanent residence of employees when their daily return to the place of permanent residence cannot be ensured. Employees are paid for accommodation and travel to the place of work.

Many are familiar with the outsourcing company, which offers, at first glance, a very profitable shift - “Stakhanov”. Reviews about the enterprise are different, but the idea of ​​the conditions of cooperation can be quite clear.

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About company

Stakhanov LLC carries out various activities for legal entities by the forces of its employees related to production, construction, and storage management. The main objective of the company is not only to find qualified personnel to complete the order. The company positions itself as a supplier of turnkey entrepreneurial solutions.

Experts of the company "Stakhanov" without fail go to the production and trading bases of customers. They carefully study the intricacies of business processes in the enterprise in order to understand:

  • How well the company has a raw materials supply system.
  • Is the production process efficiently debugged?
  • Are the resources at the disposal of the enterprise rationally used?
  • Is the customer company provided with qualified personnel.
  • Is it possible to reduce unproductive expenses or get additional profit due to the competent organization of the sales process.

Stakhanov LLC engineers are trying to understand what tasks the client sets himself and how to accomplish them in the most optimal way. For example, if a customer needs specialists for building a house, an outsourcing company is ready not only to pick up installers, engineers, movers. It organizes, at the request of the client, the entire construction process.

Instead of hiring and supervising new loaders to work in the warehouse, Stakhanov LLC will offer to review the entire logistics and organize the processes of storage of materials, their movement, accounting. As a result, losses, damage and shortages of goods are minimized, materials are transported as soon as possible.

The list of company services also includes:

  • drawing up regulations, their implementation, support in working condition;
  • development of job descriptions for staff;
  • creating maps of areas of responsibility.

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Company History

The main employment method adopted by Stakhanov is shift. The reviews of many job seekers indicate that both men and women are very wary of the young age of the outsourcing firm. Five years seems too short to establish itself in the market. However, many large and well-known enterprises readily use the services of Stakhanov. Among them:

  • petrochemical holding "Sibur";
  • Isomag
  • GK Magistral;
  • hypermarket chain O'key;
  • Mondi company;
  • Gloria Geans clothing store chain;
  • Fix Price Company;
  • Symrise Rogovo
  • Ilim group;
  • Loreal Corporation.

An outsourcing company, as you know, was established in 2010. In 2011, the company began implementing large-scale construction projects in Syktyvkar and Nevinnomyssk. Since 2012, Stakhanov LLC has been actively participating in many tenders to provide companies with personnel. Currently, the company has branches in 100 cities of Russia. In each of them the necessary conditions for working on a rotational basis are created. According to the estimates of the personnel service of Stakhanov LLC, the company has employed more than 5,000 specialists since its foundation.

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Customer Service Scheme

An outsourcing company, having determined the needs of the client, seeks and hires specialists in its staff to perform specific types of work. The responsible party in the employment relationship is Stakhanov LLC. The customer’s company uses the services of personnel, but does not enter into labor relations with it. Accordingly, the client is spared the extra tax burden. By increasing the scope of activities, the customer of the company "Stakhanov" does not expand its staff and does not increase the burden on accountants and personnel services.


Often you can find reviews on the company "Stakhanov" on the Internet. Watch as a method of work is now becoming especially popular, experts are willing to exchange opinions. Judging by how actively discussing an outsourcing company, the company "Stakhanov" is looking for and hiring new employees very often. Is it really?

If you look at job sites, you may find that many of the job openings are already closed. There are only 30-40 active job offers in Russia. However, the list of vacancies is constantly updated. The personnel service of the company records in the information database the data of all applicants and contacts them as necessary.

Currently, there is a promotion: an employee of the company who brings friends to Stakhanov’s staff receives a bonus of 2000 rubles. for each specialist hired by his recommendation. However, the selection is tight. Many interview candidates are refused.

What is important to know when setting off for a meeting with recruiters of Stakhanov LLC? Working on a shift (reviews confirm this) requires great physical strength, health, and endurance. Therefore, the company prefers candidates with these qualities. For the same reason, the staff of Stakhanov LLC is more likely to receive men than women.

The following specialists are most in demand:

  • installers;
  • pickers;
  • Stickers
  • markers;
  • movers;
  • cleaners;
  • drivers.

In any case, they will refuse to accept a job if the candidate has or has had a criminal record in the past, including canceled.

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Apparatus employed

At first, many people are not attracted to the service to which the Stakhanov company invites. The shift has different reviews, including comments that living for a long time away from your home is not easy. Many miss family. There is also a lack of amenities in everyday life.

However, there are specialists who are very successfully recruiting new personnel. For those who have not previously worked with outsourcing companies, in the end it seems a very profitable business shift. "Stakhanov", the reviews of which are presented in the article, considers its task to be better for the customer than the client could do it for himself. Human Resource Managers successfully advertise “warm” jobs. According to applicants, recruiters receive bonuses for each hired specialist, and are also required to fulfill the plan to attract newcomers to the company’s staff.

If you carefully study the vacancies offered by the company "Stakhanov", among others, you can find offers for hiring managers for mass recruitment. The duties of a specialist include:

  • receiving incoming and outgoing calls;
  • mass recruitment;
  • placing ads on the selection of specialists in the media;
  • conducting group and individual interviews.

The salary of recruiters, as reported in the ads, is from 25 thousand rubles. Includes salary and interest. Accordingly, we can conclude that directly in the staff of "Stakhanova" there is a group of specialists responsible for the search and selection of personnel.

It is also interesting to learn from residents of cities in which shift work and reviews are relevant in the Stakhanov company. Yekaterinburg is one of the largest centers of production and trade in Russia. In the Stakhanov branch in this city, quite often there are vacancies related to the search and selection of personnel. What is especially curious, in Yekaterinburg from time to time, assistants are also required to help recruiters. Their responsibilities include:

  • resume search;
  • maintaining databases, filling out reporting documents;
  • organization of interviews;
  • advertising in the media.

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Job application

Registration for work, as stated on the official website of the company and in the job descriptions, takes place the day after the interview at Stakhanov LLC. Shift (reviews indicate this) can really begin immediately after meeting with the employer. Specialists are sent to one of the company's facilities and settled in a hostel. However, the signing of employment documents may be delayed. As the reviews of many employees say, a contract of employment was not issued to them or they received an important document at the end of the shift. Workers are indignant, since on the part of the employer this is a clear violation of their rights.

The opinion of employees about work in the company

Almost all members of the large staff of the company “Stakhanov” admit that due to the long duration of the shift (up to 60 days) they have to live outside for too long. On the one hand, there is the opportunity to visit different cities. On the other hand, not all employees withstand such a rhythm. Many miss their family and suffer from the frustration of life.

What are there about how shift work and reviews go on at Stakhanov LLC? St. Petersburg is the city where most of the vacancies are offered by an outsourcing company. In addition to movers and pickers in the Northern capital of Russia, operators of salesrooms are often required. There are a lot of people who want to work out the shift in St. Petersburg. However, the employees of the company "Stakhanov" share their experience that, having at their disposal one day off per week, they usually spend it in economic worries. To view attractions, as a rule, there is not enough time and finances. Nevertheless, St. Petersburg remains one of the favorite places of work for most candidates.

You can find very diverse ones about how shift work and reviews work in the Stakhanov company. Voronezh, for example, is also the place of presence of the company. As a rule, construction specialists are required here. The working day lasts 12 hours and longer. There is practically no free time to rest and recover.

For many applicants, it seems that the main city where they work at the Stakhanov company is shift work, Moscow. Reviews are quite disappointed when it turns out that on duty, you often have to move. In Moscow, shifts are often appointed. However, contrary to the expectations of employees, earnings here are no higher than in other cities.


How well paid is work in an outsourcing company? Labor costs vary slightly in different cities. From this point of view, an attractive settlement for work in the company LLC Stakhanov is Samara. A shift, reviews of which, although not too good, is paid with remuneration in the amount of 40 thousand rubles. per month and more. Such amounts attract young professionals. Therefore, many of them seek to join the ranks of the employees of the Stakhanov company as soon as possible. In Samara, loaders, pickers, storekeepers, warehouse operators are especially in demand.

Approximately the same conditions are offered in neighboring cities, as reported by the Stakhanov company reviews. Tolyatti is also one of the settlements where an outsourcing company actively offers its services. It often requires pickers, movers, drivers.

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Judging by the announcements, the pay at Stakhanov is high. You can earn from 20 thousand rubles. for 45 shifts or more, depending on the mode of operation. The calculation is made at the end of the shift. Advances in the amount of 1000-1500 rubles are paid weekly. This money, as a rule, is spent by employees on everyday needs - food and providing their own life. According to the reviews of workers, these amounts are quite enough if you manage them sparingly.

Too many employees of the company "Stakhanov" argue that the company does not fulfill its promises of remuneration. Despite the fact that the descriptions for many vacancies indicate the sizes of monthly “fees” from 30 to 60 thousand rubles, the average salary of an employee of the company is only 10-15 thousand rubles. Why is this so? According to reviews, the company sets very strict indicators for the volume of work. Reaching them is almost impossible. As a rule, employees fulfill 40-50% of the plan. Based on this, the company "Stakhanov" reduces wages. Monthly income of 20-25 thousand rubles. for an employee of the company is considered a record large.

You can earn a little more by participating in the shares of the company. For example, at present, Stakhanov LLC pays an employee a bonus of 1-2 thousand rubles if he brings a friend to the company’s team.

It is also important to mention the necessary costs associated with getting a job. You will need to pay for the design of a medical book (3500 rubles) and overalls (2000 rubles) from your pocket.


The company has a strict system of fines in the form of deductions from salaries. Any mistake or misconduct leads to the fact that the salary is reduced. What are the sizes of penalties?

  • The average fine for errors / damage is 3,000 rubles.
  • The fee for clutter in the workplace (which does not always occur due to the fault of a particular employee) is 5,000 rubles.
  • The fine for a mess in a residential area (where 10 or more people live) is 5,000 rubles.
  • Fee for absenteeism - 5000 rubles.

Who exactly determines and fixes the fact of violation? Of course, the company where the shift is practiced is Stakhanov. Employee reviews are unanimous in that it is not clear when the violations occurred and how they were recorded. The reasons why fairly large amounts of money are recovered from workers seem far-fetched to many. For example, if the cart with the goods falls, the goods are marked as defective due to the fault of employees.


Lunch of employees is fed by the Stakhanov company in production canteens. Dinner and breakfast are at your own expense. Nearby in dormitories, colleagues are dumped on food and prepare food together. According to reviews, about 300-500 rubles are spent on food. per person per week. Experienced employees recommend future colleagues to bring several thousand rubles with them, since they do not pay advance payments in the first working week. Newcomers have to buy products at their own expense.

In the kitchens in the dormitories there is a serious lack of utensils. Often you have to cook food in the same pan and boil water for drinks. Experienced "Stakhanovites" recommend taking an electric kettle with them.


In each city, the company provides employees with housing. Most often, "Stakhanov" rents rooms in dormitories. The employees of the outsourcing company live side by side with the workers of other enterprises. There are cities in which apartments are provided for living, less often - small cottages. It is important to be prepared to live in the same room with a large number of people (up to 20 people).

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An unspoken rule established between employees: the one who has a day off, does household work - cleans the room, prepares food.

The living conditions are poor. Many employees complain that they are not provided with a bed. Offer to share beds for two or go to bed on the floor. Some employees, in a hopeless situation, buy folding beds at their own expense. In the rooms, as reported in the reviews, there is an unpleasant smell.

Many dormitories have poor water supply. There is no hot water, but cold flowing rusty. Restrooms do not work. In places of residence there are insects (bugs, cockroaches). Bed linen is not provided, it must be taken with you.

Mode of operation

There are several options for a work schedule with a shift duration of 30, 45, 60 days. The longer an employee stays at work of his own free will, the more generously his services are paid.

The working day usually lasts 12 hours or more. Absenteeism for any reason is severely punished. You can’t come to work in 45 days only once. If there is a second, they say goodbye to an employee. The company pays for the hospital reluctantly.

During the watch-keeping period, the day off is usually 1 time per week. The inter-shift break is not more than 2 weeks. For family people, this is too little.

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Now you know what an outsourcing company is, in which the main method of work is shift work - Stakhanov. The reviews will help you make an informed decision about whether to work with this employer.


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