What to do when hair falls out with a bulb?

Not all girls were awarded with long and thick hair by nature. Many suffer very much from hair loss and try by all means to prevent this process. However, some methods do not always help if there are serious malfunctions in the body or a lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you have very hair loss, what should I do? What to do Do not panic, but use the tips from this article.

Hair falls out with a bulb

You have probably already purchased quality hair products. Shampoos, balms, conditioners and masks should only be professional and help against hair loss. In addition, it will be great if you use tools that accelerate hair growth.

Hair falls out on the head

But, despite the fact that you use all of the above, hair falls out with the bulb. What to do in this case? First of all, find out the reasons for the loss.

1. Hormonal

A special hormone that is in our body accumulates in the scalp, and its excess causes hair loss. Men have more of this hormone, so they often have alopecia or baldness. An important role is played by heredity. In women, hair loss can begin with puberty, after childbirth, with menopause. If there are diseases of the ovaries, thyroid gland, then the hair falls out with the bulb. In order to prevent this, you need to be examined and begin treatment, as well as nourish the hair with masks.

Very hair loss, what to do

2. Chemical

If you lose hair on your head, it may be due to environmental pollution, taking medication, exhaust fumes. Antibiotics also provoke hair loss. Therefore, think a few times if you should take such pills.

3. Stress

As you know, stress and negative thoughts complicate our lives and badly affect the body as a whole. Due to constant nerves, natural processes are disturbed in it, hair falls out with the bulb, which can lead to baldness.

If you have such a serious problem, and your hair falls out in buns, immediately go to a trichologist to get an examination, otherwise there is a risk of losing all your hair. And if this is not so offensive for men, then for women it is a real tragedy. Your doctor may recommend that you take a course of hormones and your hair will begin to grow again.

How to prevent severe hair loss

1. You will need onions. Preparation: grate the peeled onion on a fine grater, squeeze the juice, rub it thoroughly into the scalp. Put on a plastic hat, wrap your head in a towel. Yes, this mask may smell, but that's okay. But it is very effective, do it in a day, and your hair will stop falling out.

2. Another way. You will need burdock oil. Preparation: it is sold in all pharmacies, it must be heated in a water bath and rub into the scalp. Hold on your hair for about an hour, then wash your hair.

Here is what you need to do if the hair falls out with the bulb. And do not forget to visit a doctor!

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