RC “Festival Park”: overview, planning features, the developer and reviews

Moscow is not just the capital of Russia, it is a multi-million city that attracts many. It is here that hundreds of thousands of provincials come annually in search of a better life. Therefore, there is nothing strange and surprising in the fact that in Moscow there is a huge demand for real estate. Here new residential buildings and even whole microdistricts appear, where the best living conditions are created. Many love the north-west of Moscow, the area of ​​the River Station for silence, tranquility, and striking pacification. If you have been dreaming of living here for a long time, pay attention to the Festival Park LCD. Within the framework of this material, we will talk in more detail and in detail about the complex, emphasizing its advantages and pointing out the disadvantages. And the reviews of happy residents of new buildings will ensure the objectivity of the review and help to draw the right conclusions.

about the project

"Festival Park" (LCD, "River Station") - a project of housing, thought out to the smallest detail. The complex is surrounded by parks and cascades of ponds. A place that has become accessible to all residents of the capital.

lcd festival park

Entrance groups and floor space - a feature of the project, its feature. All of them are designed in a modern design, while they are as convenient as possible for each tenant. Panoramic glazing fills the lobby and lobby with a pleasant and diffused light. The color scheme is represented by a noble beige-brick range.


Four residential buildings from 31 to 34 floors, erected using monolithic technology - a guarantee of quality, reliability and durability. Modern ventilated facades made of porcelain stoneware complement the image of a luxurious complex, while fulfilling its main function - getting rid of condensate and providing the internal space of houses with an optimal microclimate. Comfortable 1,562 apartments from one to four rooms are waiting for new residents, where both newlyweds and a large family with children will be happy to accommodate.

festival park lcd river station


For construction of the Festival Park residential complex (Moscow), the Left Bank district of the capital was chosen, located just a few minutes walk from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station. From an environmental point of view, this place is one of the best. There are no large industrial enterprises and busy highways with multi-level interchanges, which guarantees peace, tranquility and regularity of life for all residents. Around the houses there are numerous parks and squares with ponds, which are a favorite place for walking. Near the new buildings is the embankment of the Khimki reservoir, as well as the Friendship Park and the famous Festival Ponds.

LCD festival park center invest

The area has an amazing cultural atmosphere, largely provided by the location of the world's only Academy of choral art.

Transport accessibility

The excellent location made it possible to provide excellent transport accessibility to all residents of the Festival Park (Center-Invest) residential complex. The complex has a two-level parking lot, where all residents can leave their car. The nearest metro station Rechnoy Vokzal is just a few minutes at a calm pace. Nearby is the exit onto the Leningradskoye Shosse, through which you can quickly get to the TTK, the center of the capital and generally anywhere in the city.


LCD "Festival Park" is located in the habitable area, with already existing infrastructure. In walking distance from new buildings there are three kindergartens and two secondary schools. Within walking distance are modern medical centers, clinics, cafes, bars, restaurants, service industry organizations that modern Muscovites are accustomed to using in their daily lives. The project provides for the construction of playgrounds and sports grounds not only for children, but also for adults, here it will be possible to organize picnics, family holidays.

LCD festival park Moscow

The first floors of the buildings will be reserved for commercial organizations: banking and post offices, laundries, dry cleaners, shops and cafes - not a single resident will feel a lack of service sector organizations.

Apartments, layouts

The apartments in the Festival Park residential complex are luxurious, which is confirmed by all residents and experts. The developer really managed to catch the current trend and the idea of ​​potential buyers about comfortable housing. This is how roomy halls with a wardrobe, kitchen-living rooms appeared, where you can assemble large friendly companies, as well as spacious isolated rooms. A choice of apartments ranging from 42 to 125 square meters in the LCD "Festival Park". Apartment prices start at 3.8 million rubles.

lcd festival park prices


All apartments in the Festival Park residential complex are finished with White Box finishing - a real present from the developer, which allows you to save time and devote it to your family and friends. White ceilings and walls will be an excellent background for the decorative design of the space, filling it with homemade trifles, accessories and save you from “rough work”. It is enough to bring furniture, decorate the rooms with textiles, as the space is filled with home warmth.

Opinion of residents

Some buildings have already been commissioned and settled, which means that residents already have a definite opinion about the Festival Park LCD. The reviews focus on a well-chosen location for the construction of such a large-scale project. There really is where to roam. The developer managed the impossible: to rebuild in Moscow, near the TTK, a residential complex where it is cozy, comfortable and incredibly spacious. The environment from parks and squares fills the air with freshness and pleasant coolness.

LCD festival park Moscow

Impressive scope, luxury, combined with comfort and coziness. All entrance groups, floors are tastefully decorated. Getting into the entrance, you certainly do not feel like a resident of a huge anthill, you feel at home from the doorway - the inhabitants share their impressions. Everything you need is right in the yard: modern playgrounds, tennis courts, walking paths, benches for seating. Residents certainly do not experience a shortage of shops and entertainment venues. Well, if you want to spend time in the city, you can always use the subway or any other public transport. And, of course, chic spacious apartments in which you want to be, meet friends, raise children and just live - is this the main compliment for a modern residential complex?

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