Motor ship "Athanasius Nikitin". Description of the vessel, navigation and reviews of tourists

The motor ship Afanasy Nikitin is a three-deck vessel built in the city of Komarno (former Czechoslovakia) in 1959 at the shipyard Národný Podnik Škoda Komárno. It is named after the famous Russian traveler, who described his adventures in the book "Walking Over Three Seas."

motor ship Athanasius Nikitin

This cruise ship was made according to the standard project 26-37, otherwise called the "October Revolution" type. At first, the ship was called "Mir" and was on the balance sheet of the Volga River Shipping Company. But in 1975 it received its new name. Since 2006, the ship "Athanasius Nikitin" belongs to the company "Gama". All the years of operation travels along one route. This is a transfer from Moscow to Astrakhan and back.

Vessel characteristics

The length of the ship is 96 meters with a width of 15 meters. Draft - 2.4 meters. The ship has three diesel engines that allow it to develop a decent speed - up to 25 km / h. Its carrying capacity is 298 tons. Holds up to 248 passengers. Work on the boat 50 people team.

ship schedule Athanasius Nikitin

Overhaul of the ship was completed in 2008. Over two years of reconstruction, the furniture was updated, the equipment and technical equipment of the vessel were improved, and new navigation equipment was installed.

What is on the deck of the ship?

On the upper deck of the ship "Athanasius Nikitin" is a restaurant, luxury cabins and category I. There is a spacious cinema hall and a solarium, where there is a place for sunbathing in the fresh air on hot days.

On the middle deck, in addition to many cabins, tourists can read an interesting book in the reading room or plunge into the world of art in the music salon.

On the main deck there is another large restaurant and a buffet next to it. There is also a galley and a lounge.

motor ship Athanasius Nikitin navigation

On the lower deck of the ship "Athanasius Nikitin" there are cabins and a medical center where you can turn for assistance. Reception is conducted by a professional doctor and nurse.

Cabin Categories

Luxury cabins are located on the boat deck, have two rooms with large panoramic windows. The room has air conditioning and a refrigerator, shower and toilet, couch, comfortable large bed, video double. This is the only type of cabin with a TV. In the rest there is no such luxury.

Junior Suite differs from Suite by the presence of one room. In addition to the TV, the amenities are still the same.

Category I cabins have one upper extra bed. There is also a shower and a bathroom.

Cabins of the second category of comfort are designed for three or four guests. There is no toilet and shower in the cabin, all amenities are common on the territory of the main and lower decks. In cabins there is only a washbasin with hot and cold water.

The schedule of the ship "Athanasius Nikitin"

A cruise ship runs on routes from the capital to Astrakhan, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod or Yaroslavl from May to the end of September.

Flights from short-term tours to multi-day tourist trips are calculated. On the way from the beginning to the end of the route, the ship makes stops in the most beautiful cities of the country. These are Samara and Ulyanovsk, the beautiful Kazan and Saratov, Rybinsk and Makaryevo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl.

motor ship afanasy nikitin reviews

When choosing a cruise, tourists should think in advance of the route, the number of days on the way, decide how many times you want to eat in the restaurant. A choice of two or three meals a day is offered. Also carefully monitor the discounts and various promotions organized by the cruise director.

It is also important for determining the price of an early booking cruise. So if you are planning a trip on the ship "Athanasius Nikitin" navigation in 2018, you can already study the schedule and book cabin places for your trip. On the official websites of the ship there is already a schedule, and prices, and routes.

But, before choosing one of the many motor ships cruising along your chosen route, it is necessary to analyze the reviews about tourist services on this vessel, as travelers describe their stay on it, what they liked and what left unpleasant memories. With this we will help to understand the article.

Cruise Reviews for This Ship

About trips on the ship, many respond warmly. I liked the food in the restaurant, although many say that the food is simple, without any culinary delights, but very tasty, the portions are large, fresh rolls are baked. So the food reviews are excellent.

Many in the pluses note the fact that the excursion program is not included in the payment of the cruise. After all, many are not traveling for the first time, some of them have already been. Therefore, when the cruise director begins to accept applications for excursions on the first day of the trip, you can either completely refuse them, or choose those that people have not been to. This is a very convenient system.

Tourists also note the fact that every evening the restaurant’s interior turns into a bar, where you can sit and listen to live music with a glass of wine or eat delicious ice cream.

Every day on the ship "Athanasius Nikitin", according to tourists, the guide on the radio tells the story of places past which the ship floats. All celebrate professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the topic and location.

From negative reviews, you can find several statements on the little things. For some, the shower water did not merge well, while for others, the lamp above the bed did not work.

But in the end, even these travelers had a positive impression of the trip. So if you have not yet decided on a cruise on Mother Volga, then plan it for navigation in 2018.


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