Feng Shui for a career: we make out a workplace

The career sector in Feng Shui is located on the nearest wall of the room, if you look at it from the front door. This place is located just between two other areas: travel (assistants) and education.

feng shui for career

The career sector needs to be intensified by anyone who:

  • seeks to change jobs and find a suitable occupation for everyone;
  • wants to start rapidly moving up the career ladder;
  • wants to find a job;
  • longs for any changes in the sphere of his activity.

Ideally, your workplace (both in the office and at home) should be located on the north side of the room or office. And sitting facing north is even better. It is advisable to have a blank wall behind your back. If there is a window in it, all your energy will โ€œfly awayโ€ to heaven. But the location with the back to the door is considered even more unsuccessful - it is also called the "knife in the back." The employee will gradually lose his energy, self-confidence, his colleagues can substitute or betray him.

mascots feng shui for career

You can use a variety of feng shui mascots for your career. Firstly, a variety of aquariums, decorative waterfalls and fountains. Here they will be most welcome, because the career sector has a connection with the elements of Water. If you cannot buy such decorations or simply have nowhere to put them, you can solve the problem differently: hang pictures, photographs and posters on the walls with the image of seas, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, etc. In addition, you can activate the element of Water using various objects with smooth wavy shapes.

It is impossible to imagine Feng Shui for a career without important little things that allow you to clean the energy of the room. These are various figures from glass, mirrors, and also crystals. Even with an unfavorable arrangement of the sector, through them it is possible to neutralize the flows of negative energy floating in the room.

Effective helpers for you will be objects of dark colors. They can be black, dark gray, dark blue , etc. The main thing is that these things do not cause negative emotions and harmoniously complement the overall picture.

There are a few other important things to consider when studying feng shui for a career. For example, all kinds of computer cables and telephone wires should be hidden behind skirting boards. Like any other visible pipes, they symbolize the outflow of money.

career sector by feng shui
So that creative energy does not go nowhere, but constantly surrounds you, it is best to place various bright objects (blue, orange, red, etc.) near the computer. Another option is to place a small globe on the desktop, which, as you know, is a symbol of knowledge. All this will provide you with an influx of creative fresh ideas and help you successfully implement them.

But as for the phone, it should be located depending on which hand you write. For righties - on the right, and for lefties - on the left. A hand constantly crossing the body (right, reaching to the left, and vice versa) will block the flow of positive energy.

And, of course, it is important to remember that all this is just a physical shell. Feng Shui for a career primarily involves changing your attitude to work, which should bring not only money, but also sincere pleasure.

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