Kronstadt - a motor ship of increased comfort

If you have long dreamed of making a cruise on a boat, but everyone postponed this event because of finances, now you can afford it! Kronstadt (motor ship) is ready to offer tours from 3 to 19 days along the rivers of Russia. Naturally, such a trip will cost much cheaper.

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Motor ship "Kronstadt"

So, the ship itself was built in 1979 in Germany, so it is European-reliable. It can develop a relatively low speed - up to 26 km / h, which allows you to fully enjoy the scenery passing by without haste. The ship is designed for 272 people, so everyone who wants to usually have time to purchase tickets.

Today in good condition is the ship "Kronstadt". You can see the photo below to see for yourself. The ship is equipped in accordance with all safety measures, moreover, it has modern equipment. The ship is four-deck, plus the upper deck is open, therefore it is called "Solar". On warm summer days under the sun on this deck you can even sunbathe if you wish.

Kronstadt motor ship

The main difference of the Kronstadt vessel (motor ship) is that it also offers medical services. So, you can take advantage of specialist advice, take a massage, physiotherapy exercises, oxygen cocktails and much more.


It is very important to choose a suitable accommodation for yourself when you go on a cruise. The motor ship "Kronstadt" provides cabins for different needs and with different prices. So, on the vessel there are luxury rooms, single, double and triple rooms. In all rooms the sleeping places are located in one tier. Also, the price depends on which deck the room is located on. Apart from luxury cabins, everything has been done quite simply in the rooms, however, each room has a separate bathroom, and it is also possible to store food in a common refrigerator.

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For some categories of passengers on board discounts are provided, there are also child fares. In general, prices start at 8400 rubles for a three-day trip and from 69 500 rubles for 19 days on the road. Please note that these amounts include not only cabin rental and meals, but also city tours. If we talk about luxury cabins, then here the price can overcome the mark of 100 thousand rubles for a long voyage.

Note that no matter what conditions you choose, in any case you will receive top-level service. So, for breakfast the team organizes a buffet, and for lunch and dinner, starting from the second day, travelers can choose their own menu. In fact, it is very convenient, because in most cruises tourists are invited to eat on the general menu.

Entertainment and additional services

Kronstadt (motor ship) offers its customers not only accommodation, but also entertainment. So, during the voyage, tourists expect landings and excursions in large cities, as well as various events.

Kronstadt is a motor ship that has all the amenities for visitors. So, guests can use the conference room, restaurant, two bars, one of which is suitable for dancing, and the second offers a beautiful view, as well as Wi-Fi Internet.

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An important difference between the ship is the presence of a children's room and an interesting program for kids, because it plays a huge role for tourists with young travelers.

Excursions and stops in large cities and not so bored on the way do not let you get bored, as well as visits to monasteries. For example, during the longest journey, Kronstadt (motor ship) enters such large cities as Cherepovets, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Perm, Cheboksary, Yaroslavl, Kizhi. Moreover, in some settlements, tourists can independently choose the places that they want to visit. Tours can be both walking and bus.

Reviews about the ship

Over the years, many tourists have already chosen the Kronstadt motor ship. Reviews of the vessel itself, cabins and services can be found on the network in the public domain. So, you can usually find both negative reviews and positive ones, but this is definitely not about these tours. Almost all guests praise the staff, as well as the cleanliness, prices and excursions. With the exception of perhaps minor shortcomings, for example, someone did not like the bartender or the radio, tourists are completely delighted with the trips and actively share their impressions. So if you have a desire to sail along Russian rivers, then it is definitely worth paying attention to this ship.


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