Want to learn how to guess on cards?

They say that to guess on the cards, you need a special talent - “connection with the subtle world”. This is partly true, fortune-tellers always need to rely on their intuition, otherwise there is no way to understand the interpretations. But accessing a regular deck of 36 cards can be very simple. There are even special fortune-telling, designed for non-specialists: you mentally ask a question, remove one card from the deck and look at its value.

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To get a detailed answer to your question or predict the future, fortune telling is needed. There are a great many hands, and in some of them the values ​​of the cards will not be the same as usual. Guessing on the cards is worth those rules that are more suited to your temperament. Check the reference book, practice as often as possible, and you will select your most suitable alignment, learn the values ​​by heart.

But guessing tarot cards yourself is worth it, unless you are going to devote part of your life to them. Some of the Tarot decks are even capable of independently influencing the fate of their owner, and in order to interpret their meanings, one must get acquainted with astrology, runes, medicinal plants, mythology, etc. But this deck can say even more than you would like to know.

How to guess cards on love

You can make a alignment with the person whose attitude to yourself you want to know. If your cards do not fall into alignment, it means that this person does not think about you at all. When there are a lot of cards of “your” suit, this is a good sign for a joint relationship. And everything in the middle just requires you to have intuition and good knowledge of maps. After all, you, in fact, are trying to penetrate other people's thoughts.

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Many professional forecasters say that guessing on the cards to predict the future is not worth it. They will not tell the whole truth, and you will be too interested in the result. It is better to ask a friend for help, so she laid out the cards for you, and you will read their values.

How to make fortune telling the most accurate

how to read cards on love

Buy a new “unplayed” deck of cards and a couple of books in a convenient format on how to learn how to read fortunes on cards specially for predictions.

For predictions to be true, fortune-telling must be taken seriously. No need to consider it a kind of entertainment.

In ancient books, they suggested fortune telling in a non-residential premises (for example, in a barn or in a bathhouse), where there were no mirrors, and the fortuneteller had to dissolve hair and remove all pins from the clothes. Now it is difficult to comply with these conditions, but if you conduct a certain ritual before divination, for example, light scented candles and cast spells, it will be easier for you to tune into communication with the subtle world. Fortune telling on maps is better alone, in the evening, but not right before bedtime (nightmares may occur).

You can not lay out cards on church holidays, it is better not to guess on Sundays. But the holy week is the best time for any kind of fortune-telling .

Never ask the cards the same question in a row if their answer did not satisfy you the first time. Better repeat the divination the next day.

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