Do it yourself garden shredders

Now in stores there are a lot of equipment used on the garden plot. What has just not been invented in the world - and motor blocks, and trimmers, and lawn mowers, and automatic sprayers! However, listing the list of useful tools and instruments, we did not notice such a useful thing as a wood and grass chopper. It will come in handy if you have at least a couple hundred acres of land or your own lawn. But the price of such devices is sometimes too high, and the owners have a need to make garden shredders with their own hands. We’ll try to figure this out today.

DIY garden shredders

How to make DIY garden shredders: instructions

It should be noted that devices such as choppers have almost the same operating principle as simple food processors. The whole process of processing wood and grass takes place in a cylindrical container, where sharp knives, rotating in a circle, grind the product to the desired state. Therefore, you should not have any difficulties in constructing this tool.

At the first stage, it is necessary to weld the frame for the device. To do this, prepare several steel pipes and, using electrode welding, connect them together. By the way, the frame can also be taken from a conventional Soviet-era vacuum cleaner.

DIY chopper

Now let's touch on the main part - the engine. As a power plant for the grinder, you can use both a gasoline and an electric motor. However, many still prefer to use gasoline, since it is more suitable for gardening work in terms of economy. Electrical devices consume at least 3-4 kilowatts of electricity per hour. Therefore, this is not the best option for a power plant. To save time, you can take the finished motor from some other mechanism, for example, from a chainsaw. The purchased engine should be fixed to the device frame, and you can connect it to the structure using a conventional belt and a car pulley.

Circular Saws

Doing the chopper with your own hands, do not forget to purchase a set of circular saws. Do not save on them, as poor-quality tools on the first day can simply become dull. The diameter of metal discs can be the most diverse - from 6 to 10 inches. We advise you to purchase the entire kit at once, so that the chopper can work not only with branches, but also with many other waste products. When you make garden shredders with your own hands, remember that the disks must be mounted on a steel axis using a plastic washer. They should not be installed directly on the mechanism. The diameter of the steel axis should be about 2-3 centimeters.

wood chopper


Everything, at this stage, the question of how to make garden shredders with your own hands can be considered closed. In addition, it is not bad to attach a stop bar to the finished device - so that during processing the branches rest against it.


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