How to make do-it-yourself board games: ideas, instructions, and photos

Board games are a great way to spend time with the whole family. You can make such entertainment easily and quickly from improvised materials. A handmade game made of wood will become an original and memorable gift.

How to come up with an interesting game

how to make a board game out of paper

In fact, the question of how to make a board game with your own hands should not be difficult. In order to invent it, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Already existing entertainment is enough to pass the time with family and friends. You need to take some classic game as a basis and try to repeat it. The uniqueness of the finished product will give manual execution and time invested in the thing, the work of the master.

The main thing is to determine the age of the players and their number. If the fun is intended exclusively for children, then it is worthwhile to fulfill it in the most vivid and beautiful form. The content should be tailored to the individual interests of the child, then the baby will be happy to spend time with entertainment.

What can I make a game of

board games for children

Materials for making entertainment are very different. You can do children's board games with your own hands, both from paper and cardboard, and from felt or wood. It turns out to be very interesting when materials different in texture and color are combined.

Good fun for children can come from a metal candy box. The bottom of the package must be glued with paper pictures, and as animals, objects and buildings, you can take felt figures with sewn-in magnets. Such toys will be kept on the field, and the box itself is easy to store and take with you on trips or for a walk with the child.

board games for children

The photo shows a good example of how to make a board game with your own hands - a puzzle. You need to take popsicle sticks and stick a picture on them, wait for the glue to dry. Then gently cut the pattern with a paper knife. On the back of the sticks, you can stick pieces of Velcro fasteners, then wooden puzzles will be conveniently mounted on a felt substrate.

Board games for children

There are some easy ways to make a paper board game for children. They will only need paper or cardboard, pencils, felt-tip pens, a ruler - a stencil, scissors and glue.

To make cards for a game that develops a child’s memory, you need to cut an even number of rectangles of the right size from thick cardboard and apply paired drawings to them. Such cards can be used not only in entertainment "Memori". They will also be needed for popular activities such as Imaginarium or Crocodile. In some games, for example, in the "Chest", instead of the usual playing cards, you can also use children's cards with pictures.

how to make a board game out of paper

A very interesting entertainment for a child can be dominoes. The principle of entertainment is known and understandable to everyone, so questions should not arise about how to make a board game with your own hands. If you use self-adhesive multi-colored paper, then the chips can be made very quickly. On children's cards it is better to draw multi-colored geometric shapes, so you can teach a child during the game. For those who are preparing to go to first grade, you can make dominoes with letters and numbers.

how to make a board game out of paper

Try to repeat the famous and simple game "Ladders". To do this, simply draw a paper on the squares, number them. Then, each decorate and draw the stairs in random order. The role of the chips can be played by small toys made of chocolate eggs, figures from a popular designer or just cute trinkets.

What can a board game board be made of?

wooden board games

To make a do-it-yourself board game as a unique holiday gift, some crafts, drawing, and imagination skills are needed.

An ordinary wooden table, with due effort, can be turned into a very large and beautiful playing field. We recommend that you know in advance the preferences of the hero of the occasion. When creating an original gift, be sure to take the time to learn the rules of the game.

The game can be made in the form of a bag made of felt or any other fabric. This format will be very convenient for travel and entertainment on the street. The bag is very convenient to carry and store all accessories in it. The gift will delight both adults and children.

Board games made of wood

wooden board games

Working with a tree requires certain skills and experience. But even with a minimal set of skills, you can make interesting and beautiful games. As a basis, you can take an ordinary chopping board.

In the image, a well-crafted plywood sheet is inked and coated with a thin layer of transparent protective varnish. The game is very simple and understandable, not even a set of rules is required, it is enough to find a couple of playing cubes and colorful figures that play the role of chips.

wooden board games

It’s more difficult, but doable, to make such a variant of β€œTic Tac Toe” as in the picture. It will take nine identical wooden bars and a frame exactly in size. Details can be covered with stain or colored paint, on one side of the cubes draw zeroes on the other - crosses. An interesting game - the gift is ready!

wooden board games

Masters of woodcarving can safely take on more complex projects. In the photo you see a game originally from hot Africa, it is called kalah or mankala. Archaeologists believe that it is older than chess. For a complete set you will need a set of bright, colorful pebbles, a couple of cubes and a beautiful glass for storage.


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