What should be puzzles for children 2 years old?

Puzzles are fun for the whole family. By the way, they can be collected starting from the age of two. True, special models are provided for kids.

Puzzles: get to know each other better

Puzzles are a popular entertainment for children and adults all over the world. In fact, this is a puzzle, which is a picture cut into individual parts, elements. Their number can vary greatly. For example, puzzles for children 2 years old usually consist of 2-6 large parts, and adult puzzles can include several thousand small elements.

Puzzles - a game that provides a calm measured leisure. Many adults, having loved to draw pictures in childhood, have retained a passion for this entertainment for their whole lives.

Puzzles in 2 years - is it too early?

Wrong parents who consider puzzles entertainment for older preschoolers and schoolchildren. You can start playing already from two years, and some crumbs master this type of activity even earlier.

The very first puzzles for two-year-olds are large bright pictures cut into 2 parts. When the child understands the principle of connecting parts into a single whole, the number of elements can be increased to three to four. Then the process, as a rule, goes faster, and the child learns to assemble puzzles from a larger number of components.

puzzles for children 2 years old

Sometimes adults doubt whether it is advisable to purchase developmental puzzles for children 2 years old. Reviews of parents indicate that most children love to collect pictures. Having mastered this skill at a young age, children continue to play puzzles with pleasure, training a number of important skills.

Useful entertainment

According to the unanimous opinion of psychologists and teachers, developing puzzles for children of 2 years old - the game is not only exciting, but also very useful. What exactly is its beneficial effect?

developmental puzzles for children 2 years old

  1. The development of fine motor skills . Going through the details of puzzles in their hands, turning and connecting them together, the kids train fine motor skills, which, in turn, contributes to the rapid development of the child's speech.
  2. The development of mindfulness and perseverance . To collect even the simplest picture, the child needs to make some efforts: sitting still, concentrate, guess how to connect the details. By the way, jigsaw puzzles for children 2 years of age and older are especially recommended by children who are hyperactive and hyperactive who find it difficult to sit still and focus on something. Subsequently, the passion for puzzles will help children to be more successful and patient in their studies.
  3. The development of thinking : logical, spatial, figurative. During the game, children learn to correlate the resulting picture with the sample, to understand what the whole and its parts are, to better navigate in space.
  4. Relieving psychological stress . Psychologists have proven that this process has a beneficial effect on the nervous system (this applies to both children and adults). Relaxing with puzzles is a great activity before bedtime, during which nervous tension is eliminated. After that, it will be easier for the child to fall asleep.

What should be the puzzles for kids?

So, parents want to buy developmental puzzles for children 2 years old. The photo or picture to be collected should be clear, bright and large. The following points are also important:

  • Elements must be durable and easy to connect with each other. Most of all for the smallest kids, elements made of wood or durable cardboard are suitable. When purchasing wooden products, you need to make sure of their safety: the parts must be processed flawlessly, be smooth, without splintering.
  • In order for a child to play a game of interest, the complexity of the puzzle and the number of details in it must match the capabilities of the crumbs. If the baby succeeds in collecting the picture, this will arouse his growing interest in the game. Conversely, a puzzle that is too light is likely to cause the crumbs boredom and displeasure.

educational puzzles for children 2 years old reviews

  • Kids prefer simple, familiar images, so the best puzzles for children of 2 years old are pictures of animals, birds, familiar objects, famous cartoon characters, fairy tales. It is important that the pictures are clearly and well drawn.
  • It is important to remember: for safety reasons, children under the age of three are not recommended to give small parts for the game.
  • It is worth buying a few puzzles for the baby so that the interest and excitement in the game are not lost, so that the effect of novelty is always present .

Parents note

It is not enough just to buy the puzzle and give it to the child. At first, the baby will definitely need the help of an adult. It is important to show the principle of compiling a picture from parts, then help the child assemble the puzzle, encourage and prompt. You need to understand that a certain amount of time will pass before the child can play with pictures without the participation of strangers.

It is also worth immediately accustoming the children after the game to carefully clean the parts in the box. After all, the loss of even one element will lead to the fact that the picture does not fully fit.

educational puzzles for children 2 years old photo

Bright and exciting puzzles for children of 2 years old are not only interesting, but also very useful game, developing various skills and abilities in a child. Such a hobby will have a beneficial effect on children's mental development at an older age.

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