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An organization called the call center plays a huge role in advising the public. This is a very popular area of ​​activity today. The main thing is to know all the features and nuances that can only relate to such an association. It is not that simple. After all, call centers have many destinations. What should I pay attention to first of all?

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A call center is a place where employees work "on the phones." More precisely, this is the place for processing calls. Here, people inform customers (including potential) through voice communication channels and process incoming calls.

At the moment, call centers are very widespread. Without them, it is difficult to imagine most companies. This organization can be a separate company or just a small "branch" of any corporation.

In order not to get confused, we can conclude: in call centers they work with voice communication. The process performs a variety of functions. There are also contact centers. In addition to calls, they work with Internet resources (e-mail, social networks, feedback forms ), faxes and regular mail.


What can be obtained from this organization? What is her purpose? The answer is not as simple as it seems. After all, the services of the call center are diverse. It is difficult to single out only one area of ​​activity. This is simply wrong.

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Previously, the call center was intended to provide advice. But over time, the range of services has expanded. Now we can distinguish among the main activities of such organizations the following items:

  • advising clients (current and potential);
  • questioning;
  • coordination of companies with customers;
  • informing about promotions / services of various organizations;
  • sales;
  • conducting promotions;
  • performance of the hotline function;
  • technical customer support.

The so-called telemarketing began to be in great demand. This is the implementation of telephone sales, that is, the offer of services to current or potential customers. Usually, in this case, the organization that represents this or that product contacts the call center. It is promoted by the described association. Most often, large corporations have units that serve as call centers. It is very comfortable.

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What are they

What else should you pay attention to? Call Center is a multifunctional center for processing voice information. The main directions of his activities are already known. But now you need to understand what call centers are. They can be completely different and use a variety of technologies to carry out their activities. You can highlight at the moment:

  • corporate center;
  • outsourcing association;
  • home center.

Each item has its own distinctive features. They help determine which option to process voice data to choose. What do these organizations include? What features do they have?


An outsourcing call center is a place for processing voice information of an individual corporation. Operator training takes place here, after which services are offered to various companies. In fact, such a center is an intermediary between the seller (corporation) and the organization.

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Usually it consists of a large number of subordinates, aimed at mass service. If the company simultaneously requires the work of 20 operators or more, it is advisable to contact an outsourced call center. It is convenient and efficient. In practice, such associations are very common, they are in great demand.

The call center number, if it is not an “offshoot” of the corporation, cannot be recognized. Operators are represented on behalf of the employer. Therefore, sometimes there are complaints that the organization receives dissatisfied messages about the importunity of companies.


The next option for call centers is corporate. By them it is customary to understand the units that exist within a given organization. Most often, this model is used in small companies where the work of a large number of operators is not required.

Usually such a center is costly. The bulk of the money is allocated for the purchase of equipment, as well as for staff training. It is recommended to create corporate call centers when you need the work of several operators. In practice - up to 20 people. Otherwise, it is proposed to contact outsourcing centers for processing voice information.

At home

But that is not all. Recently, home call centers have begun to appear more and more often. It’s not so hard to guess what it is. Similar "organizations" are created exclusively at home.

A home call center is a separately trained operator who works at home. This option is suitable for small companies and individual entrepreneurs who do not have any subordinates. From the equipment you need only a computer and a headset with a microphone. Minimum cost, maximum efficiency.

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A home call center can also benefit large companies, although this is rarely seen in practice. After all, it is difficult to control such an employee. Despite this, remote call centers are in demand. Most often, this type of work is used to hire employees for part-time work.

Communication equipment and facilities

Of course, call centers need to be provided with some equipment. In the case of the home option, everything is clear - you can only be content with a computer and a microphone with headphones. But what if there is an outsourcing or corporate association?

Similar. To work, you need only the so-called workplace. Usually for an operator it consists of:

  • personal computer;
  • Phone
  • a microphone;
  • Headsets
  • a desk with a chair.

This is enough to ensure the employee’s performance. Not always even telephones are at hand. Indeed, in this case, the call center can be called a contact center. Most often, these concepts are not distinguished.

Call center operators work in many ways. They have only one means of communication - a computer (or telephone). But here are programs designed to work with calls, more than enough. This can be a variety of utilities or familiar to all "messengers" with voice support. Skype became very popular. As soon as you install software designed for the operation of call-centers on your computer, you can start calling customers.

About the work of the operator

What is it like to be employed in a place for processing voice information? How happy is this profession?

It all depends on which center you work in. There are no complaints about homework. Especially if you work for yourself. But in corporate and outsourcing associations, the picture is changing a bit.

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In general, the position of "call center operator" receives good reviews. This is not a bad job, conditions are usually provided comfortable, office. But only the work of such subordinates is not easy, because every day you will have to constantly communicate with customers. If you offer any goods and services, most often you have to listen to the dissatisfaction of customers that they are worried about.

It turns out that you can work as a call center operator when you are ready to communicate a lot, and also if you have high stress resistance. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to master the profession.

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