Do-it-yourself brick stove erection for a bath: features and description of the process

Maintaining a clean body is one of the necessary conditions for a healthy lifestyle. An important role in this process is played by water procedures, which in combination with high temperature also give a good hardening effect. Full-fledged implementation of the process is possible only in the bathhouse. To achieve the required temperature and humidity conditions, an effective heater is needed. The construction of a brick oven with a do-it-yourself bathhouse is a complex and responsible process.

do-it-yourself brick stoves for a bath

Foundation laying

The basis of this design is the cast foundation, the laying of which precedes the start of work. The pit is dug to a depth exceeding the level of freezing of the soil. For different areas, this parameter can range from 0.7 to 1.2 meters and largely depends on the composition of the surface layer. The construction of a brick-made stove for a bathhouse involves the creation of a cast waterproofing foundation on a sand cushion.

The foundation is reinforced with steel reinforcement of a certain diameter. The connection of the rods into the frame can be carried out by electric welding or knitting wire. Concrete is poured into pre-mounted formwork. A device for a bathhouse with a do-it -yourself brick oven is performed after laying waterproofing from roofing material on the foundation, which prevents the destruction of the structure.

Basic construction operations

The base is considered completely ready to start work after the expiration of the period necessary for complete drying and shrinkage. Laying, as a rule, begin no earlier than a month after pouring the foundation. This time can be used to purchase and transport the following building materials:

  1. Fire clay clay brick.
  2. Sand quarry washed.
  3. Refined clay.
  4. Cement grade 500.

A device for a bath with a do-it-yourself brick oven is made on a sand-clay mortar. Its components must be thoroughly cleaned of impurities. Red clay is mined from a depth of not less than 1.5 m and is soaked in water for several days before use. Sand is added to this colloidal solution in a ratio of two to one.

do-it-yourself brick ovens

The simultaneous preparation of a large amount of masonry mixture is irrational. The term of its use does not exceed several hours, after which it hardens and becomes unsuitable for further use. Start laying with the base, which takes the stove to floor level. When performing the operation, it is necessary to strictly monitor the horizontal surface using the building level.

The device of the furnace for a classic bath

The erection for a bath with a do-it-yourself brick oven is mainly carried out indoors. Its design should include the main parts: ash and furnace, grate and chimney. In addition, a metal tank for heating water is installed on the stove, and a heater is placed on top of the firebox. The use of river and sea stones for these purposes is strongly not recommended.

brick fireplaces

Installing stoves, brick fireplaces is a difficult and responsible task. To achieve a certain master level, experience, skill and knowledge are required. You can get them only in the process of working and observing real specialists. However, this is not impossible.


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