Private kindergarten in Zelenograd "Domovenok". Waldorf upbringing methodology

Each parent is faced with a problem such as choosing a kindergarten for their child. The desire to give your child the best education makes you hard to evaluate every preschool educational institution. Qualification of teaching staff, educational literature, reviews of other parents - each criterion is important. In this regard, many prefer private kindergartens. In Zelenograd, such kindergartens are also present.

Private kindergartens. Advantages and disadvantages

First you need to understand - what is a private kindergarten? How does it differ from ordinary state preschool institutions? For a clearer picture, compare two kindergartens.

Criterion Name





Scheduleuntil 19:00until 20: 00-21: 00
The number of children in the groupup to 25 people (by law)up to 8-12 people
Queue for admissionthere isNot
NutritionThe range is limitedPerhaps an individual menu
Individual approachImpossible due to the large number of childrenAvailable
The presence of highly qualified specialists of a narrow focusNot always (psychologist, speech therapist)Yes (psychologist, speech therapist, defectologist)
Training adjustmentImpossiblePossible at the request of the parents and / or features of the child

Having carefully studied the table, we can make a hasty conclusion that private kindergartens are better than state kindergartens in everything. But there is one drawback, which for many will be one of the main ones - cost.

Private kindergarten Zelenograd

Of course, all kindergartens in Zelenograd are paid (as in other cities). If parents pay about 6,000 rubles for studying in a public preschool institution, then staying in the walls of a private kindergarten will cost 26,000 rubles (minimum).

Waldorf kindergarten. Description of the features of education

Have you ever heard that there is a Waldorf kindergarten?

The founder of this educational methodology is Rudolf Steiner - a truly great philosopher and teacher. Many immediately have a completely understandable question, why is the technique itself called "Waldorf"? It's all about the name of the city in which the school was first opened, teaching students according to previously unknown rules. Inspired by a new look at parenting, many people became followers of Rudolf Steiner. Further, historians disagree, who first opened a kindergarten that works according to the Waldorf system? Some experts say that Rudolph himself discovered, while others are sure that a philosopher who was keen on studying various methods of education opened a preschool educational institution. However, this discrepancy is not particularly important when choosing a place in which the child will be trained.

paid kindergarten Zelenograd

What are the features of the technique created by Rudolf Steiner? Surprisingly, the philosopher believes that every child is a personality and everyone needs an individual approach.

The next feature is the complete absence of both praise and criticism. Rudolf Steiner believed that a child who received praise for a certain action would continue to carry it out under the pressure of receiving subsequent positive feedback from the environment, which is incorrect. Why? The thing is that this is how the child forgets about his desires, obeying the principle of "done - praised."

How then to raise a child? Is he really indifferent to everything he does? Of course not! It is necessary to exclude the authoritarian type of communication with the child, and identify its features, its personality. This is precisely what the educator's work is aimed at.

There is a huge amount of information on the features of raising children according to the Rudolf Steiner system. But are there similar kindergartens in Zelenograd?

Zelenograd kindergartens

"Brownie" - a place where childhood lives

There is a kindergarten in Zelenograd, where training and education takes place according to the Rudolf Steiner system. The cozy atmosphere, the necessary teaching materials and open communication with parents make this garden very comfortable for kids.

Another positive point is the year-round work of the educational institution. The cost of training is from 14,800 rubles, depending on certain conditions for the child to be in the kindergarten. The address of the kindergarten in Zelenograd is Moscow, Zelenograd, Bldg. 106 and bldg. 1561.


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