How to increase views on YouTube to 100,000: all effective ways

Everyone who has their own channel on YouTube asks themselves the question of how to increase the number of views on YouTube. Channel owners want as many people as possible to watch their video.

And these people can be understood, because the more people watch the video, the more popular the channel will be. With the number of views, the user's income grows - well-known advertisers pay attention to the videos that have the most views.

This article will cover a few tips that will answer the question of how to increase views on YouTube.

A short title will draw attention to the video

The title to the video should be bright, attractive and intriguing. The user should have a strong desire to watch this video. For example, if a video about how someone, as a child, played in a puddle, then you can call it "Disaster in a puddle."

intriguing headline

The title attracts attention and, at the same time, does not reveal the details of the video.

Detailed and competent description for the video is the key to success

Before you upload a video to your channel, you should add a spectacular description to the video, which will tell about the content.

If the video is about how to pickle fish, then you can write that in the video you can see how to make a delicious and tasty fish. It should be written that in the video all the smallest details of the preparation are revealed, and the necessary ingredients are indicated in the exact amount.

Such a detailed description will not only allow the user to understand what the video is about, but also adapt the video clip for search engines on the Internet.

Use tags

So, how do you increase your views on YouTube? In the description of the video, write all the possible and most popular keywords and phrases.

Let's get back to the same pickled fish. For this video, the tags are suitable: "fish", "pickle", "mackerel", "delicious", "juicy" and so on.

tags and description

It’s not necessary to use words that relate to this video. You can use tags that describe similar videos. For the video from the example, you can add the following tags: perch, trout, fried and others.

Tags will help the promoted video appear more often in search queries, which means that the video will gain a lot of views.

Share the video with a lot of people

What else can be done to increase the number of views on YouTube? Once the video has been added to the channel, you should share it with the others. The sooner people find out about the new video, the more people will watch it. Time in this situation is very important! If you start talking about a new video only a week after its appearance, then, most likely, they simply will not pay attention to it.

The new video must be watched by the maximum number of people during the first day. This is an important step in the promotion of the channel, which must be done immediately.

social networks

But to whom to report the video? You can tell colleagues, relatives and friends about him. Send them a link via SMS, email or social networks. Write to these people that you need to know their opinion about the video, and that this video will be useful to them. The more convincing the message is, the more likely it is to watch the video.

You can also add a video to your own site, if available.

Leave a comment under all watched videos on other YouTube channels

There is the same competition on the Internet as in real business. Only on the World Wide Web can you use each other's YouTube channels for mutually beneficial purposes.

You should leave comments mainly under videos that are similar in theme to videos on a promoted channel. You can write an ad for your video that catches the attention of users.

leave a comment

The comment left should be treated with special attention, because the owner of the channel where the recording is made may not like the advertisement. As a result, he will complain about the comment and mark it as spam. The best option is to agree with the owner of the channel to place his advertisement on his channel.

Use annotations

Annotations allow you to place a small ad in the form of an inscription on the video. By clicking on the annotation, you can go to the video of interest. You should not use annotations too often, because they can close the image and interfere with viewing. An ideal option would be to use annotations at the beginning and end of the video.

Edit video

So, how do you increase your views on YouTube? Make the video dynamic! You need to open the video editor and remove unnecessary and uninteresting moments from the video. People love it when the video image is constantly changing.

video editing

Add sound to the video. To do this, you can use the special library, which is located on YouTube.

Use third-party sites

Find sites that are similar in topic to the video. Talk with the site owner about the possibility of posting a video on this resource. You can offer the site owner a partnership: in exchange for posting a video, you will advertise its resource on your channel.

Increase the number of subscribers to your channel

Each subscriber receives a notification that the owner of the channel has added a new video.

Ask people to subscribe to the channel at the end of the video, or create an annotation that encourages you to subscribe.

Ask people to like the video and share it on social networks

At the beginning and at the end of the video, ask users to like the video and share it.


Recall that this does not take much time, and the content author will be pleased.

Buy video views

Prior to this, it was considered how to increase views on YouTube for free. Now we describe how this can be done for a certain amount of money.

Just note that the purchase may violate the terms of use of "YouTube", which will lead to the blocking of your account. In addition, there is a risk of contacting scammers.

You should carefully consider the service on which you buy views. Good service ensures that:

  • videos will be watched from beginning to end;
  • videos will be watched from a personal computer, and not from mobile devices;
  • views will grow slowly and gradually (that is, an increase in the number of views should look natural);
  • after some views, users will leave comments, likes and dislikes.

How to increase the speed of watching videos on YouTube?

In the paragraph above it was written that it is undesirable for users to watch videos from a mobile device. And this has a good reason. Anyone who watches video from an Android 5.0 device (or higher) can change the video playback speed.

How to increase the viewing speed on YouTube:

  1. Open the video.
  2. Click on the menu in the player window.
  3. Select "Playback Speed".
  4. Change speed.


To summarize on the topic "How to increase views on YouTube?" It is worth noting several important points:

  • The video should have a short and effective title;
  • all videos should be interesting to people;
  • you need to talk about your channel wherever possible;
  • do not forget to leave comments on "YouTube" (preferably interesting and catchy);
  • Respect all YouTube users.

With an increase in the number of views, you should not think exclusively about this. The main goal is to attract the audience and entertain it with interesting videos. As soon as the people are interested, views will increase exponentially.


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