Biography of Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur

Samantha Jane Stosur is a famous tennis player from Australia. She is the most titled Australian tennis player. The winner of the US OPEN Grand Slam tournament in 2011 alone. She is also a finalist at the 2010 Grand Slam in France alone. During her career, she won 34 titles. Most of them fell in doubles.

Consider the biography of tennis player Samantha Stosur.

Australian tennis player


The future star of Australian tennis was born on March 30, 1984 in the city of Brisbane. The athlete has Polish roots, since her grandfather was born in Poland. At the age of six, the girl and her family moved to Adelaide, since her home in Brisbane was destroyed by a severe flood. It was in Adelaide that she began to play tennis. Parents tried their best to provide a daughter, therefore they were constantly at work. In turn, the girl tried to give all the best in training. Samantha has an older brother, who attracted the girl to regular tennis.

Grand Slam Tournament Performance

The first steps in tennis

Samantha Stosur played at the first professional tournament at the age of 14. For the third season of performances, the Australian tennis player was able to win ten titles at ITF tournaments. And already at 16 she made her debut in the qualification of the Grand Slam tournament in her native Australia.

In 2002, a debut at the WTA tournaments. The first competition took place in Gold-Caste, where the Australian defeatedly lost the first match. Only in the next season Samantha won for the first time. It is noteworthy that the first victory fell on the Grand Slam tournament in Australia, where the girl reached the third round of competition. After the end of the tournament, the athlete entered the TOP-200 rating.

Career in adult tennis

After success at the Grand Slam tournament in Australia, Samantha began to constantly improve the quality of her performances. So, in the next season, the Australian reached the semifinals at the tournament in the same Gold Coast. After it reached the quarterfinal stage at the tournament in Acapulco. And on Indian Wells, an Australian tennis player made it to the fourth round of the competition. As a result, at the end of the season, the athlete was in the first hundred of the world ranking.

Samantha Stosur

Already in the next season, at the Grand Slam tournament in the USA, Samantha was able to win the first doubles title. Companion was Lisa Raymond.

And in 2006, thanks to the victory in the Grand Slam tournament in France and the finals in Australia, the tennis player took first place in the world doubles rankings. In the same year, at the Grand Slam tournament in Australia, Samantha reached the fourth round.

In the next few seasons, the Australian tennis player began a recession in the game associated with Lyme disease. However, this did not stop Samantha is in the first hundred of the world ranking. Two years later, at Wimbledon, the Australian gets the victory in the tournament in doubles.

Victory at US OPEN

In 2009, alone, Samantha reaches the third round of Wimbledon. The Australian tennis player did not achieve much success alone, preferring pair tennis. The next two years can be called the peak of a career. First, in the native Grand Slam tournament in Australia, in 2010, the athlete reached the fourth round of the competition, and in the Grand Slam tournament in France, to the finals.

This allowed the Australian tennis player to confidently gain a foothold in the top ten world ranking. And already in the next season, she first reached the final stage at Wimbledon in doubles. After, alone, Samantha won the first and last Grand Slam tournament of her career.

At the Grand Slam tournament in the USA, an Australian tennis player defeated the current first racket of the world - American Serena Williams in the final. By the end of the season, Samantha was able to take fourth place in the world ranking - the highest position in singles. Also, the Australian tennis player made her debut at the Final tournament in singles. However, she failed to win that tournament. The Australian reached only the semifinals, where she lost to Czech Petra Kvitova in three sets.

After a successful 2011, the career of a tennis player began to decline. Over the next seven years, Samantha was unable to show anything outstanding, leaving only until the third round at Wimbledon in 2013.

2018 also cannot be entered into the asset of the Australian tennis player. For example, at a tournament in New Haven, an Australian met with Arina Sobolenko. Samantha Stosur lost that match. Surrendered almost without a fight, winning five games in two sets.

Tournament victory

Tournament Performance

During her long career, the Australian tennis player won 32 WTA titles, won six times in Grand Slam tournaments and won twice in the Final tournament. Most of all victories came in doubles and mixed doubles. Samantha won only nine titles in singles.


Samantha Stosur in 2006 was able to rise to the first line of the world ranking in doubles. As for the loner, then in 2011 the Australian conquered fourth place, thanks to the victory in the Grand Slam tournament in the United States. At the moment, the Australian tennis player is at 72 positions in the world ranking.

Personal life

Samantha Stosur tries not to talk about her personal life in an interview with reporters. Therefore, she Samantha remains a mystery to her fans and fans.


She tries to spend her free time from sports with her beloved dog, whom she rarely sees because of constant departures. Samantha also loves shopping, watching feature films and spending time with her close people and friends.


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