Most Common Failures Of Diesel And Gasoline Generators

Nowadays, diesel and gasoline generators are actively used in many areas. The condition of the entire facility often depends on their proper and uninterrupted operation. In order for the devices to fully function, they, like any equipment, need preventive measures for technical inspection. This avoids the majority of breakdowns and the need for repair work, especially at high loads and intensive work.

In the case of simple breakdowns, many cope on their own. If serious malfunctions are found, their elimination should be entrusted to trusted specialists with the necessary experience, relevant knowledge and high qualifications. Most often, serious breakdowns of gasoline and diesel power plants are the result of a previously unresolved problem.

strong> Independent inspection

Before starting work, it is necessary to conduct an independent inspection of the equipment. This recommendation applies to all installations. First of all, pay attention to the integrity of the generator housing. It is checked for cracks and other possible damage. This procedure is carried out before starting a malfunctioning or malfunctioning generator.

If the external condition of the case does not cause concern, diesel generator can run. In the event that there are no visible faults, but the generator does not work well, the cause may be wiring faults: poor condition of the contacts in the conductors or their complete absence.

If the diesel generator works, but it does not give out voltage, then the problems may be hidden in the brushes or contacts. An important point: when checking the status of any electrical part, it is necessary to completely disconnect the equipment. If after checking the brushes and contacts of the diesel power station the situation remains the same, the problem may be in the voltage regulator. Assess the condition of the generator stator and rotor winding.

Understanding the causes of poor diesel and gasoline generators , it is worth paying attention to the mechanical problem, which may lie in the defective bearing located in the generator cover.

The problem can be in the bearing itself (it could wear out, it could jam or it would crumble), as well as in its seat in the cover. A seat could develop over time, and this, in turn, leads to the fact that the rotor “sags”. During operation, rotation occurs, in which the active iron of the rotor and stator will constantly rub, which will invariably lead to rapid wear.

With an independent inspection of the device, it will not be difficult to replace such generator parts as the bearing and the cover with your own forces.

strong> Diagnostic method

It is quite difficult to unambiguously determine the causes of generator breakdown, since they can be different. Only a very small part of the problems can be fixed independently. In most cases, this will require not only qualified specialists, but also professional repair equipment. In this regard, the best option would be to conduct timely diagnostics, which will subsequently avoid serious problems. For diagnostic measures, certain time intervals are provided, which are associated with the hours worked by the generator.

The wide experience of professional masters will allow you to conduct a thorough check to identify possible malfunctions, without missing any nuances, regardless of the power of the unit.

It is worth noting that the manufacturers for each model of a diesel power plant provide and indicate the optimal frequency of testing. This must not be neglected so that there are no problems leading to serious damage.

By purchasing a diesel generator from a trusted and reliable supplier and entrusting its installation to specialists, you can avoid a large number of breakdowns that occur during improper operation.

strong> Types of malfunctions

The most serious problem that arises during the operation of diesel and gasoline power plants is the engine overheating. The reason for this in many cases is incorrect installation of equipment. For generators in which the uninterruptible power supply system is not equipped with a special container or casing, the most important point is to ensure full access to it. In addition, it should be noted that all fastenings of the conductive system should not be rigid.

Another serious malfunction that manifests itself during the operation of the generator is the excessive consumption of fuel. This and unstable operation at low speeds, and poor start at low temperatures.

In diesel power plants, it is necessary to regularly change the oils and check the condition of the coolant, which will avoid many breakdowns. At the same time, supplies should be of good quality. Without a timely oil change or fueling, the generator simply will not start or will stall during operation. To check the oil level in the system, there is a special dipstick.

An important aspect is the cleaning of the air and oil filters, and spark plugs should also be replaced or cleaned of soot , especially during heavy duty diesel power plants. If there is no spark, the fuel mixture will not ignite.

It is necessary to periodically inspect the generator, which does not require special knowledge or practical skills. At this time, loose or loose parts can be detected.

Another very serious breakdown that entails costly repairs is the burnout of the generator winding. This is due to the connection of equipment to the power plant, the load of which is higher than the declared maximum in the passport.


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