Sectional doors do it yourself. Sectional doors: photos, drawings, installation

Previously, the garage was a simple shelter that provided protection from the effects of atmospheric precipitation and hacking of the car; there were no special devices in it. But in recent years, much has changed. Now, instead of traditional swing type gates, it is often used lifting, distinguished by convenience and manufacturability. The following types of lifting mechanisms are produced:

  • whole;
  • sectional;
  • roller shutters.

do-it-yourself sectional doors

The most popular design are sectional doors, which harmoniously fit into any garage building and allow you to save free space. We will find out what sectional garage doors are, consider the process of their manufacture and installation with their own hands.

Design and principle of operation

The main goal in the development of sectional doors was to increase the maneuverability of the canvas while maintaining its thermal properties and burglary resistance. Gates of this type, gradually rising to the ceiling, create good thermal insulation of the garage.

The canvas consists of sandwich panels connected by hinges. Its movement is provided by the torsion system (drums, shafts, cables). The web is balanced by a spring mechanism, and its fixation is carried out by guides that are installed along the ceiling and frame. Reduction of resistance is achieved thanks to the rollers attached to the sides of the panels. Since these rollers are made of polyamide - a wear-resistant material, the gates rise softly and silently. In the process of movement, the web is refracted, all the flaps are laid in the horizontal direction.

To reduce the load, which is created by the weight of the gate, balancing springs are used, which makes it easy to lift them using the handle mounted on the canvas. To protect the cables from breaking, the design provides for ratchet couplings. The lock is placed so that it is convenient for the driver to use it. In most cases, sectional doors are equipped with a retractable crossbar and a cylinder mechanism. Ease of use is achieved through automation. In order to enter the garage, there is no need to get out of the car. The transmission mechanism is responsible for closing the automatic gate.

sectional garage doors

Along the perimeter of the doorway, it is possible to install additional elements - built-in sensors that respond to movement and stop the gate, protecting them from damage.

In the absence of electricity, sectional doors can be opened with a special key designed to unlock the mechanism. In this case, the drive is switched off, control is performed in manual mode. Sectional garage doors must have a manual lock. It will be needed in case of emergency.

Basic kit for making gates

Manufacturers of sectional products produce kits, using which you can independently assemble the gates and save money. All models of sectional mechanisms are universal, suitable for installation in any garage.

Work must be performed in accordance with the instructions that came with the kit. Choosing a basic kit, you need to decide what power the engine will be used for installation in the door drive mechanism. Sectional doors, the photos of which you see, are made on the basis of one of the basic sets, which manufacturers of such mechanisms are engaged in creating.

sectional door photo

Preparation for installation

Before starting the assembly, care must be taken to ensure that the necessary space remains around the doorway:

  • on the sides of the opening - 450 mm;
  • to ceiling - 300 mm.

If you decide to create a sectional door with your own hands from finished parts, prepare such tools for assembly work:

  • assembly tool kit;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer drill;
  • drills with a winning nozzle;
  • measurement tool (tape measure, level, etc.).

Gate assembly process

If you do not want to make sectional doors with your own hands, assemble them from a ready-made set of parts. First you should start preparing the opening. If the garage structure is made of lightweight foam concrete blocks, it must be strengthened with a metal frame. Next, the installation diagram must be transferred to the opening. To accomplish this task, markings are made on the walls, noting the places where the main load-bearing nodes will be fastened, namely the guides for moving the canvas.

sectional door sizes

When installing all the supporting elements, it is important to adhere to the order established by the instructions. After completing the first task, they proceed to the next one - assembling the door leaf. Usually it is carried out from the extreme lower lamella. If, after its completion, the upper section of the sash does not fit well with the โ€œlatchโ€ of the gate, the upper brackets must be adjusted.

Then you can proceed to securing the gate control units and auxiliary elements, such as deadbolts, locks, handles, and then to the installation of balancing springs. They should be adjusted so that the hoisting cables always remain taut. The final stage is the mounting of the sensor to limit the movement of the web. After carrying out all the necessary work, check several times whether the sectional door moves easily. Photos of finished structures are presented below.

Do it yourself

You can not purchase a kit for the manufacture of gates, but create this design on your own. This option is suitable for those people who have skills in the field of construction and have enough free time. It is important to understand that such work is complex and painstaking. To create a sectional door with your own hands, you must perform the following actions:

  • make a welded frame (with it you will fix the canvas);
  • install strong guides;
  • using the corners, weld the vertical guides, then make horizontal ones;
  • take the frame and weld the brackets to it to install the rollers;
  • keeping a small angle, arrange the guides;
  • Install the counterweight mechanism.

Accessories for sectional type mechanisms

It is necessary to exclude the possibility of manufacturing an unreliable design and take into account the compatibility of spare parts. When implementing the task it is necessary to use only original drawings of the gate. It is not recommended to create structures from used parts.

gate drawings

You can use useful additions - systems that prevent the torsion spring from breaking, breaking the cable and pinching your fingers, as well as additional accessories.

The nuances of installing a garage door

Installation of sectional doors, the instructions for the implementation of which is attached to the basic set, must be carried out without gaps in compliance with the maximum possible density.

To prevent the web from jamming, the vertical guide must be installed with high accuracy.

Providing adjustment and fixation of the sectional mechanism, use pads of various thicknesses made of metal.

Install sectional doors that are ideally sized for your garage.

installation of sectional doors instruction

Is it worth it to make sectional doors yourself?

Sectional doors are a complex structure that not everyone manages to create on their own. Such garage doors are less reliable than structures created from factory parts; their service life is almost impossible to foresee. Mechanisms of the sectional type, made with one's own hand, are not particularly safe. In the event of an emergency, people may be injured, and car damage may also occur.

A reasonable way to save money is to assemble sectional doors from cheaper factory parts according to the original drawings, taking into account their versatility and compatibility.

If you want to create a sectional door with your own hands, make sure that the finished structure is reliable and safe, and do not start work until you are well versed in this matter.


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