Nail Art: Interesting Ideas

Just plain glossy or matte manicure today already seems boring. Moreover, modern nail art allows you to experiment in every possible way in this direction. Nowadays beautiful designs on nails have become fashionable again. Again, girls give preference to actual prints, murals, original designs. With the advent of new technologies, techniques and materials, it is not a problem to perform beautiful drawings on nails at home. Most often this applies to extended marigolds. Nail design with a picture has stepped over to a higher level. Well, plunge into an interesting description of the most modern techniques and ideas for performing various images in manicure.

monograms on nails

Design features with a pattern and basic execution techniques

Nail extensions made it possible to diversify the decor and painting of plates. Just like clothes, makeup, manicure requires its new trends. Each season, manicure fashion includes its latest products. Gel nail polish with a brush will be done by a master in the salon. But there are many simple tricks that make it possible for beginners to perform simple images on plates.

Masterpieces with a brush on the nails are made with water-based acrylics. Professional craftsmen in the salon master the technique masterfully. A manicure with a pattern on the nails with gel polish is worth a lot of money. The drawings made in the cabin with the help of special liners are translucent, delicate, as if from under the artist’s brush.

If you want to make drawings on nails at home, then try to apply one of the following techniques:

  • Perform striped manicure with self-adhesive strips. An ordinary brush will not make it possible to make straight lines.
  • Take advantage of the smooth transition from one color to another with small dots. You can use dots or hairpin.
  • Make a chaotic pattern with different varnishes with a toothbrush.
  • Use crumpled cling film or a toothpick to draw.
  • For cryptic images on nails, use water-based paint.
  • Make the necessary outlines with ordinary adhesive tape.
  • Use special stickers, stickers, stencils and stamps.

The most fashionable nail design with a pattern

Most of all for experiments with drawings, spring and summer are suitable. It is during this period that girls want to wear bright clothes, go to the beach or party. Such drawings sometimes have a reckless appearance. The most fashionable at the moment are the following motives:

  • The image of food. You can often observe on the nails appetizing burgers, melting ice cream, pasta, candies, muffins, sweets.
  • Plant motifs in the form of unusual leaves and trees, the image of exotic trees: palm trees, cacti, vines.
  • Fruit theme with sunny oranges, juicy watermelons, ripe cherries and fragrant raspberries.
  • Using vignettes of various shapes and complexities.
  • Geometric manicure with triangles, squares, stripes.
  • Floral theme in complex and simple forms. There are still buds not budding and blooming roses with dew drops on the petals.
  • Images of simple portraits, urban or rural landscapes.
  • Young people prefer animated motives.

Fruit theme

fruit on the nails

Girls are always waiting for the summer, the time when the warm sun finally peeks out, bright berries and juicy fruits appear in abundance. Actual decoration of many seasons is considered to be drawings on nails with varnish in the form of fruits. The image of an orange or strawberry is not so difficult to make. Some are able and pineapple, kiwi, watermelon. To do this, it is important to have varnishes of various colors or acrylic paints. Show your imagination and get chic nails. Those who do not know how to draw at all are advised to buy special stickers (fimo) with the image of fruits. The set contains already mentioned images of fruits, as well as cherries, pears, apples, etc.

A fairly common decor is the image of strawberries. To do this, you will need red, pink, black and green varnish. Pale pink varnish cover all the nails. Then draw a berry on the nameless and middle nail. Cover it with black dots. Add the green roots. Fasten everything with a topcoat. Here's a step by step drawing on the nails with the image of ripe strawberries.

Spring and summer drawings

summer manicure

In the spring, with the awakening of nature, one wants something unusual, tender. Many girls choose delicate flowers with rhinestones for their nails. After all, spring is still associated with a wonderful International Women's Day. How can one not depict tulip buds, snowdrops or crocuses on their nails. A little later, the girls want to admire the blossoming branches of apple, sakura and lilac on the nail plates.

Some girls choose a design with a pattern in solid colors, for example, pink or blue. Most often, a drawing is done only on the ring finger, sometimes also on the middle finger. A gentle and sophisticated accent in a spring manicure with a pattern is done with the help of several rhinestones. No one will be indifferent to the image on the plates of fluffy mimosa or chic magnolia. The most tender spring manicure is considered to be a design with unblown buds or bright orchids. A turquoise, lilac, pale blue color is suitable for him.

The most delicious and beautiful can be combined in a summer manicure. Immediately come to mind drawings of marine subjects. These are all kinds of stripes in the form of a vest, anchors, palm trees, the sun, shells. We have already talked about fruits. Now about the beautiful. What could be more beautiful than a fluttering bright butterfly or a romantic ladybug! It is in the summer that everyone will like the juicy greens. Everyone is accustomed to yellow, pink, white patterns on the nail plates. And what about yellow-green or just green flowers. Of course, charming daisies will not leave anyone indifferent. It is quite possible to emphasize with the help of one leaf on the nail. Very often, simple drawings are made not on monophonic coatings, but on gradient transitions. For summer, the transition from blue to blue or from yellow to green is suitable.

spring design

Autumn and winter motives

Fashionable autumn manicure is performed in muted colors: green, brown, orange, yellow, burgundy. Often such nail art is complemented by a golden color and thematic drawings. Autumn images are represented by maple leaves, oak sprigs, mushrooms, acorns, raindrops, umbrellas. Often in the fall, they choose images of dogs, cats, owls, paws for drawings. Twigs and leaflets in orange, yellow and gold are most familiar for autumn.

Winter nail art is a great way to decorate your nails with drawings and convey a frosty mood. There are a lot of design solutions for winter decoration of nails. They immediately show fluffy snow, frosty patterns on the windows and a festive atmosphere with garlands, balls, sparkles, snowmen. Images of Christmas trees, snowflakes, mittens, sweaters, deers, fur hats, Teddy bears, Santa Claus will immerse us in a carefree childhood. Most often, on short nails, drawings for winter are made in the form of snow (white dots or stars on a blue background).

Images of persons, paintings, cities

city ​​on the nails

Someone like to do the same design on the nails, for example, a jacket. Someone should not make a bright decor because of corporate ethics. What to do if you really want to make drawings on nails with gel polish? Do not abandon the original manicure, because the choice of images on the nail plates is quite large. Even travel lovers will calmly satisfy their cravings. After all, experienced craftsmen will be able to depict miniatures with Paris, London, New York on their nails. Movie fans can choose a favorite frame from a movie for drawing. Art lovers even make paintings on nails. A flower theme is the most favorite among girls. Draw violets, poppies, pansies. It is important that the flowers are not large. Most popular roses. Many people like birds, dandelions, fish, hearts, notes.

abstraction on the nails

Abstract images and geometric motifs.

Young girls are more and more popular with geometric shapes and abstract patterns. Triangles, squares, stripes, circles on orange, lemon, lavender varnishes look especially bright. From abstract images, a number of points twisted in a spiral, the flight of a comet, various monograms, stains are selected. Here, stamping came to the aid of the girls (drawing drawings with a special silicone stamp). Such stencils and patterns allow you to make not only abstract, but also openwork patterns.

A manicure in a cage resembling a Scottish fabric looks pretty interesting. Geometry and abstraction are pretty simple to perform, but the result is a stunning result. The current trend is an animalistic motive. Most often, women of fashion use a leopard pattern or print under snake skin.

manicure with rhinestones

Chinese painting

Experienced masters in special courses learn to make more complex drawings on the nails with the help of Chinese painting. This method of drawing is also called the “double-stroke technique" when two colors of paint are drawn onto a special flat brush. Then, using different techniques, they brush the nail plate with a brush, getting very colorful patterns. Chinese painting allows you to create specific flowers on nails, natural landscapes, animals, exotic birds. Europeans really like Chinese art. Many people want to make voluminous drawings on white nails or other light shades. Such images are very vibrant and realistic.

It’s impossible not to admire such drawings! Bright butterflies, multi-colored orchids, weightless feathers, blooming roses are obtained as living under the skillful hand of a master. Realistic nature pictures are created using smooth color transitions. Chinese painting allows you to do whole works of art on female nails.

complex painting

Drawings on short nails

Recently, the trend of natural manicure is gaining momentum, fashionistas are not in a hurry to build up their long claws, and they cover their nail plates with gel polish. The trend of patterns on short nails is gaining momentum. It turns out that small plates allow you to create exquisitely simple, elegantly expressive, extraordinary bright images. We offer you several options for designing nails with a pattern that amaze with its unusualness:

  • The combination of gradient and geometry. The lilac-violet gradient with black figures looks very nice.
  • Emphasis on one or two nails. It can be a flower with rhinestones, an unusual petal, a feather, a heart.
  • Application of airbrushing. Such a manicure can be done in one color scheme, for example, using malachite, dark and light green, light green.
  • Geometric design in gray-black-blue color. On each nail you can make a figure of different sizes.
  • Unusual flowers in blue or green colors.
  • Design with confetti or intricate stripes.
  • Nail decor using the effect of dew drops.
  • Use of multi-colored foil.
  • Stylish execution of marble manicure.
  • Image of an eye framed by rhinestones.
  • Design with a beautiful peacock or pink flamingo pattern in nude colors.
  • White birds and angels on beige varnish.
  • Delicate flowers on thin stems combined with a matte finish.
  • Inscriptions on nails, iconic letters, hieroglyphs.
  • Cute cats and bunnies for young fashionistas.

Simple nail art

rosettes on nails

And now we offer you to get acquainted with the simplest techniques for performing drawings on the nails at home. They will help you come up with new design ideas with images:

  1. Striped pattern. Buy self-adhesive strips for nail art. Apply a base coat to your nails. Paint the plates with varnish of the chosen color. Use self-adhesive stripes to shape geometric shapes. Do not cut the ends of the strips. Paint the nail plates and strips with a darker varnish. Wait for the varnish to dry out a bit, remove the strips. You will get a beautiful striped decor. Apply a finish coat to the plates and wait for it to dry.
  2. Sponge drawing. Sometimes it is sponge that is used for nail art with gel polish. It turns out a beautiful gradient, smooth flowing from one color to another. To begin, apply the main color on the nails. Apply a slightly different varnish on the edge of the sponge. Press with a sponge on the edge of the marigold. You should get a smooth transition to a different tone. Fix everything with a top coating. In this way, you can draw trees on the nails. A sponge will help form a crown, and draw a trunk and branches with a brush.
  3. Water manicure. This technique allows you to create a marble effect on the nail plates. Take a few varnishes of different colors, a toothpick, a cotton swab and a small container of water. In a container of water, drop a few drops of varnish in different shades. As a result of this, concentric circles should expand, expanding under the influence of drops. With a toothpick, make beautiful stains on the surface of the water from the varnish. Now dip each finger into the water with stains of varnish. Carefully remove your fingers and wait for the coating to dry. Acetone liquid remove excess varnish around the nails. Fix the nail art finish.
  4. Drawings with adhesive tape. Blanks made of scotch tape make like a stencil. Take a piece of scotch tape, draw the desired image on it, cut it with a blade. The simplest thing that can be cut is a heart, a flower, a leaf, a pattern. Glue the template on the nail plate, paint over the desired color. Wait a bit and remove the stencil. The template does not need to be glued in the center, it can be done in any part of the nail plate. Such self-made stencils of scotch tape allow you to perform beautiful curly drawings.

Not everyone can perform real works of art on their nails, but don’t be upset - choose strips, dots, peas, geometric motifs, blots, stains. It is quite simple to carry out original monograms with a needle or an orange stick on the plates.

If you decide to go to the salon, you can choose for your picture a real canvas with a finished plot and compositional center. The master will think over all the nuances of the shades, elaboration of the volume and detailing. Often, nail art specialists use an unusual trend when the drawing is not done on one nail, but stretched from one nail plate to another. All this is complemented by special materials to give texture and volume. Often use powder, paste, sand, structural gels and enamels. It looks pretty impressive using volumetric jewelry - rhinestones, stones, broths, peas and pearls. Inspire the ideas of drawings in nail art, come up with your own decor, create masterpieces!


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