How to dye jeans black at home

Jeans have long been the items of the basic wardrobe of all fashionistas and women of fashion, without them it is difficult to imagine a casual look. Combining them with exquisite shoes, a classic jacket and jewelry, you can create an image for a date, an exhibition or any celebration. But as part of this material, we want to talk about how to paint jeans in black. Some time ago, fashionistas and women of fashion possessed all the subtleties of dyeing such a fabric, today more modern, accompanied by minimal labor, joined the traditional methods. It is about them that we will talk.

How to dye jeans black

What you need to know

Each modern housewife will be able to paint jeans black at home; this does not require special skills. But before starting work, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures:

  • Analysis - the decision to stain the denim should be balanced: analyze all the pros and cons of the procedure, prepare for a negative outcome. It should be understood that staining at home is a risk, roulette, the result can be both positive and negative.
  • Composition of the fabric - natural fabrics, such as cotton, are the most malleable in dyeing. If your jeans are represented mainly by synthetic fabrics, the result of dyeing may not meet your expectations, you will have to repeat the procedure many times to get a saturated bright shade.

How to color jeans in black

  • Original color - it must be taken into account. If you decide to recolor white jeans in a black shade, in the end you will get jeans with a grayish tint. That is why, to get an expressive color, it is better to choose tones that are close in combination.
  • Protective equipment - working with dyes, arm yourself with rubber gloves, which can be purchased at any hardware store.
  • Compliance with the recommendations - on the packaging with the dye, the manufacturer leaves recommendations and useful tips, so to get the maximum result, you must strictly comply with them.

Preparatory Activities

Many people wonder whether it is possible to dye jeans black or update a shade that has lost its saturation. Of course, you can only approach the work you need to be more responsible. To obtain the desired staining result, the thing must be prepared.


How to paint the jeans black, so that the shade is smooth and saturated? For this, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate all contaminants from the product - to wash it with the help of modern means. And hereโ€™s whatโ€™s important: for washing, never use rinsing agents or conditioners, which, due to their density, can complicate the process of further dyeing.

How to dye jeans black


To dye blue jeans black means to dye the entire product completely, including the label where the basic information about the product and the intricacies of caring for it are indicated. That is why it is better to cut the label before washing: if necessary, it can be re-sewn after the staining procedure.


Blue is a classic shade of denim, but if you are dealing with other colors, such as terracotta, blueberry or green, you will have to use bleach. Give preference to an effective, but gentle bleach that does not affect the fiber structure of denim. Can't choose? Ask the consultants in the store for help - they will help you to choose the best option from the whole variety presented.


The surface where the staining will be done must be covered with old newspapers, you can use pieces of wallpaper, ordinary plastic film, which can be purchased at any construction and hardware store.

Remember that correctly prepared preparatory measures are 75% of the success of subsequent staining.


How to color jeans black if we are dealing with red, green or orange shades? This is a very common question. So we already mentioned that it is better to bleach the product first. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve the selected bleach in water in a ratio of 1: 1. For these purposes, it is better to arm yourself with a deep capacity: a bucket, a basin. You should not use the capacity of the bath, as bleach can not affect the surface in the best way.

Black jeans at home

Then we place the product in the prepared solution (if you use white jeans as the basis, the concentration of the solution can be reduced). The bleaching procedure lasts 1.5-2 hours, and every 20 minutes it is necessary to change the position of the product for uniform processing. After bleaching, rinse the jeans several times: do not worry if they get not a snow-white, but a yellowish tint, the dye will paint over all this.

What to use for coloring

Of course, itโ€™s much easier to go and buy jeans in the necessary shade, but no one guarantees that you will find a model that fits your figure perfectly. That is why coloring of old favorite products is so popular at present. Having updated the shade, giving it depth and expressiveness, you will get a product that will look like new. So how can you color your jeans black? We want to bring to your attention several proven methods.

Dye the blue jeans black

Special paints

Surely you have seen more than once in hardware stores special powder paints for denim. Few people know that with their help you can paint the product in the washing machine. How to paint jeans black with paint at home? You only need to strictly follow the established instructions indicated on the package. Most often, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • we turn the jeans inside out, see the optimum washing temperature indicated on the label;
  • put it in the washing machine, falling asleep on top with coloring powder;
  • set the desired washing mode and start the machine;
  • after completion of the staining process, rinse the product in water with the addition of vinegar - it will help to fix the shade and protect it from subsequent washing;
  • repeat machine wash, but using ordinary laundry detergent.

How to paint jeans black paint

Looking for an answer to the question of how to dye jeans black at home? It is important that you first follow the instructions on the powder packaging. There are dyes that can be placed directly in the packaging in the drum of the washing machine - carefully read the instructions again before using the dye.

Hair dye

Yes, you can update the shade of jeans with hair dye. If it is problematic to find a special dye for denim in your city, go to the nearest supermarket or cosmetic store - here you will find a variety of shades. How to dye jeans black with hair dye? Everything is extremely simple:

  • pour warm water into the basin and breed hair dye in it;
  • we immerse the jeans in the solution so that it completely covers them, and leave in this condition for 1 hour;
  • after the specified time, first rinse the jeans in running water, and then in a solution with the addition of salt and vinegar.

Dye for fabric

And here is another old proven method that, in truth, will have to tinker with. If you want to know how to dye your jeans black with fabric dyes, continue reading on.

Can jeans be painted black

Before the painting process, it is necessary to dilute the paint in a container of water, it is better to choose a basin or bucket, then put jeans in a solution and put in this form on the fire - boil for 1.5-2 hours. And here you need to be extremely careful: constantly stir the jeans in order to get a uniform shade. After completing the dyeing process, rinse the jeans well and fix the result with saline or vinegar water.

To summarize

As you can see, updating the shade or completely changing, transforming your jeans is quite possible at home: for this you do not have to resort to the expensive help of professionals. We strongly recommend that you carefully approach the choice of bleach to prepare the product for coloring, as well as the choice of the pigment, dye, on which the result of the work done depends on a lot.

Well, of course, strictly adhere to the instructions indicated on the package, you should not experiment, because otherwise you will not just not get the expected result, but will finally ruin your favorite jeans.


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