How to make a magic wand at home: the tips of a smart mom

It never occurred to you adults how to make a magic wand at home? Remember your childhood and the tale of Cinderella, where a fairy, godmother of a hardworking girl, gathered her pupil to a ball. One wave of a thin accessory in the hands of a beautiful woman - and the carriage is filed, and the dress is on, and the mice turned into beautiful horses.

Surely you dreamed of having such an amazing object at home that in the blink of an eye you could turn from a sleepy baby into a charming Barbie, whom the most expensive people on earth are happy to watch. But years have passed and you are already celebrating your child’s birthday. He is already three years old. From this age he dreams of magicians and wizards, princesses and dragons, kings and knights. Harry Potter becomes an idol, and his image is so real that the child begins to ask how to make Harry Potter’s wand himself to become a student of the school of sorcerers?

how to make a magic wand at home

A smart mother, before she takes out a long pencil, a skein of thread or a pointer that remains in memory of her school years, will show her child many pictures where magic wands are not so complicated to make as those used by beginning Hogwarts wizards as beautiful. Of course, she could spend her free evening and make a magic accessory herself, but, thinking about how much her child would be interested in answering a peer’s question: “How to make a magic wand at home?” - will offer the baby to become its ideological leader.

Children see the world in their own way, pondering each incident and worrying about the main character's tales as if they themselves took part in a knightly tournament or ran away from the troll escaping from the dungeon. Phrase: "How to make a Harry Potter wand?" - for those who go to kindergarten, not just the words of a child who wants to receive a treasured toy. This is an amazing world of adventure in the walls of your own home or on the playground.

Do you know that the Ollivander family from the UK started their magic wand business back in 382? True, the secret of the magic spell is lost, but this is not so important, because each child can invent it only for himself. While there are colored pencils in the house , it is not necessary to take time from parents, tormenting them with the question: "How to make a magic wand at home?" It is enough to wrap them with a thread for yarn, cut out of paper and paint with felt-tip pens the stars, which are easy to attach with tape on one of the ends of the pencil to create a creation that resembles a magical object.

how to make harry potter wand

You can pick up a branch in the park, but who will grind it when neither the parents nor the child can handle the woodworking machine. But the smart mother has hot glue, which is easily squeezed out of a special gun. With its help, you can turn an ordinary blank for pointing into a wonderful thing.

How to make a magic wand at home?

  1. Apply hot glue to the workpiece.
  2. Using tweezers, insert small beads into it.
  3. As soon as the temperature of the glue decreases, roll the pointer in your palms and give the shape to the stick you would like to see.
  4. Sprinkle on the desired sections of the beads.
  5. Wait a few minutes: as soon as the glue has turned into a hard coating, take out paints and use brown and burgundy shades.

how to make a magic wand like harry potter

The whole process takes no more than 20 minutes, so in a few days you can equip all your child’s friends with magic accessories so that they don’t ask the question: "How to make a magic wand, like Harry Potter?" - and did not look faithfully into the eyes.


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