Do-it-yourself pen holder: convenient organizer from improvised materials

Even if it is not customary in your household to have a lot of stationery, and the children have long grown out of school age, you probably will find several pens and pencils stocked up for domestic needs. Where are they stored? They just lie in a drawer at the risk of pouring ink suddenly flowing into its bottom? Or stick out of a plain pot of mayonnaise or fruit jelly? Perhaps the time has come to organize the storage of stationery and to make a special accessory for them. An original do-it-yourself pen holder made of available materials will be a great decoration on your desktop at home or at work.

Fashionable jars

do-it-yourself pen holder

If at heart you are still sure that the best storage for pencils and ballpoint pens is an ordinary can, reconsider your views on the design of the product. Are you really pleased to contemplate industrial transparent plastic or an unremarkable tin? A stand for pens, made literally from scratch with your own hands, can consist of just such a jar - just add the unique decor and fashionable colors to revive the ugly container of your stationery. Tin cans can be dyed and entwined with fluffy yarn or stylish twine, plastic can be pasted with variegated clippings from glossy magazines. Not only paper and yarn will work: for decorating such coasters, threads of any kind, fabrics and artificial felt, rhinestones, beads, and even some decorative elements originally designed for nail design are great. Who knows, suddenly a real artist lives in you, and you do not give him a single chance to prove himself in business?

Practical avant-garde

Oddly enough, many household items can make a wonderful pen holder. With your own hands, make an extraordinary storage by sticking pencils into a brush for cleaning clothes or in the holes of an ordinary vegetable grater. In the latter case, each item will have its own place, and you will no longer have to look around the house for a single pen that is not in the set.

Natural materials

wood coasters

If you prefer natural raw materials and the natural shades inherent in natural materials, you will surely like wood coasters or cork stands. They are made according to the same principle. Find a piece of wood that is suitable in shape and size or a few round cork parts and drill holes for stationery in the chosen base. If you use a cork tree, you will need to glue several parts together. As a result, you will get an unusual accessory for storing pencils and similar trifles, made in the style of "rustic chic" and reminiscent of the relationship of man with nature.

Fantasy flight

You are surrounded by countless objects and materials - and from each you can get a unique stand for pens. With your own hands you can tie a special cover for a simple canned pea can - what is not an idea for those who can handle knitting or crocheting? Children and teenagers will certainly appreciate the coasters braided with multi-colored rubber bands β€œFanny Lum”, and more conservative relatives and friends will be surprised if you glue old or unnecessary colored pencils or markers on glass or tin jars. Removable decor can be made by stringing large mottled buttons on ordinary textile elastic bands.

paper pen stand

How about making an organizer for stationery from a magazine or diary? Even your old large format notebook will do, especially if it no longer has space for new lines. Just rip out as many whole pages as possible, stack them and cut two holes. Place two small tin jars inside the stack. Find a suitable bottom for the organizer (a piece of thick cardboard is suitable) and put pencils and markers inside the jar. Such an unusual stand for paper pens will surely attract the rapt attention of your friends or colleagues.

Dare - your imagination will certainly tell you how to create a truly unique thing.


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