Secrets of the masters: how to learn how to do somersaults

It's no secret that masters are not born, they become in the process of lengthy and grueling training. Of course, for some people making a backflip is easier than a “steamed turnip”, but most people don’t have the slightest idea what it is or how to learn how to do a backflip.

First of all, if you have firmly decided to overcome your fear and, having learned how to learn how to do somersaults, begin to achieve your goal, remember some safety precautions. To begin with, learn to do somersaults, and be extremely careful and remember that your legs should be in a group. Masters claim that the key to the successful implementation of this element lies in the strength and training of your legs. Also do not forget about insurance. The floor is best covered with soft mats, and if you exercise at home, and there is no such possibility, then you can use an ordinary blanket. Having carefully prepared for the execution, when the decisive moment comes to perform this trick, you will confidently move forward, forgetting about all your fears and insecurity in yourself and your strengths.

How to learn to do front flip:

From a technical point of view, the front somersault is practically no different from the technique of performing an ordinary somersault forward. That is why, having sufficiently trained in the performance of somersaults, you can safely proceed to perform a somersault forward. The main thing is insurance and self-confidence. However, there are various types of front flips, from the simplest in the grouping to the most complex swing with a 180 degree turn. Of course, no one forces you to perform the most difficult tricks, because for this you need to train hard so that even the most complex elements seem elementary to you, and you confidently overcome all obstacles to success.

Also remember that it is best to perform the front somersault with a small take-off, raise your arms up before a support push, and, having already pushed off with two legs, group together, pulling both legs to your shoulders, and knees should not be brought together to avoid the possibility of a traumatic landing. And if something doesn’t work out the first time, don’t be discouraged, because hard training will certainly help you achieve unprecedented success in such a difficult task as learning to do somersaults.

How to learn to do arabic somersault:

People who are familiar with this technique firsthand say that it’s very easy to perform the Arabian somersault, the main thing is to learn how to correctly perform all the individual elements of this kind of somersault. However, as in any other sport, it is necessary to show patience and endurance, because you probably will not succeed in doing such a somersault the first time. However, in order to learn how to learn how to do somersaults, you need to consider the following points:

Arab flip performed with a snap. That is, you begin the execution of this element with a normal walk, slowly turning into walking with bouncing up from the right or left foot. After choosing the right pace, speed and altitude, a vault is performed , while you need to turn the body to the right by 90 degrees, ideally. At the same time, grab your legs with your hands on your knees to perform a “scroll”. Then you open up and land. Depending on the height of this element, the landing can be mitigated by hand. However, remember that you need to land on your toes.

The success of any of the flip elements depends on the accuracy and strength of the support push. That is why, in order to avoid various injuries, it is best to practice somersaults on sand, earth or grass, if you do not have the opportunity to do this in specialized sports halls.


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