Georgy Tevzadze: biography

Georgy Tevzadze, a favorite of many racers and street racers, as well as a drifter, was born in Georgia in 1987 and passed away at the age of 26 in the passenger seat of his car.

Shortly before the accident, Georgy Tevzadze, whose biography is filled with many interesting tricks, managed to get married. What makes this car accident even more tragic.

georgy tevzadze

It is known that George from an early age (13 years) was engaged in drifting and had great plans for the future. Unfortunately, one cannot find out something more detailed about George. He did not like to share the facts from his biography and was generally a taciturn person.

Future plans

Acquaintances of Georgy Tevzadze or those people who simply saw Georgy’s car on the Internet and roads, were divided into two “sides”. Someone was delighted with his mastery of driving and demonstrating the level of car ownership. And someone, on the contrary, considered these actions inadequate and irresponsible. Most people considered George’s behavior dangerous for those around him.

But still knowing this, George very often said that he was not going to scare anyone. He recorded videos for the Internet only in order to become popular and to be noticed by filmmakers, because since childhood he dreamed of acting in films.

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In addition to the dream of becoming a famous film actor, his plans included opening a driving school in Georgia. His driving school would not be ordinary, it was an extreme driving school. In general, extreme driving schools can be rarely found, but they are very necessary, because they help motorsports find a way out of any difficult situation for both experienced drivers and beginners who just got behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, George Tevzadze will no longer be able to bring these plans to life.

Hero Achievements

Racer Georgy Tevzadze has succeeded quite well in the auto world. He was very well known among extreme driving enthusiasts. The videos of George Tevzadze gained a huge number of views on the Internet among fans who were fond of drift. The content of the videos was varied, but, of course, everything was automotive.

In his commercials, George demonstrated dangerous maneuvers on public roads. In addition, he stood at the origins of the creation of an extreme driving team called “Driving Thirst”.

George Tevzadze biography

Fatal car accident

Georgy Tevzadze crashed on June 22, 2013. He died in the passenger seat. At that time, his friend and ally, who managed to survive, was driving the car.

The accident was so strong that nothing was left of the car - just a pile of scrap metal.

George died in a car accident in Georgia, the accident occurred in the city of Batumi. The driver (his friend) lost control and at full speed flew to the side of the road and collided with a tree. The main blow fell on the side where George was sitting, it is also reliably known that the driver was not intoxicated and was absolutely sober.

Erik Davidovich Kituashvili became a witness to this accident. According to him, he saw a sober driver sitting behind the wheel of a BMW M5. Eric claims that George and his friend almost reached the “finish”. Everything went “wrong" literally 40 meters before him - they were skidded and crashed into a tree at full speed.

After the accident, friends and acquaintances tried to help George. They tried to get him out of the car, not knowing whether he was still alive or not. Everyone was at a loss until the ambulance arrived, which confirmed the most deplorable expectations.

After the incident, Eric Kituashvili went to the hospital to find out about his condition, since at the scene of the accident, the doctors didn’t let anyone near the victim, but before his arrival, George was transferred to the morgue.

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What does society think about this?

The opinions of people are divided. Someone says that it was expected that sooner or later everything would turn out like this, and does not feel any compassion. Someone believes that this is a big loss for motorsport and motorists. For fans of George, this was a big loss.

For most, the loss of a man like Georgy Tevzadze is a real grief. Do not repeat his mistakes, be more careful and attentive on the roads, do not exceed the speed, because the most valuable thing you have is your life.


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