How to understand that your husband cheated on you? What to do about it?

Unfortunately, cheating on a husband is not uncommon for most couples. Moreover, novels on the side can be both systematic and completely random (for example, adultery happened while intoxicated, on a business trip, with friends). There is another type of men: they consider the presence of constant lovers to be the same indispensable attribute of their life as the presence of a car, for example (the comparison is insulting, but this is the reality).

how to understand what your husband cheated on you

At the same time, not a single normal man (if we are talking about a real feeling that suddenly flashed) does not want to destroy his family and will try to hide the fact of deception in every way. Even when the wife begins to suspect something, he climbs out of his skin to justify himself and prevent the truth from being revealed. But each spouse would like to know how to understand that your husband cheated on you. This will allow her, without waiting for the confession, to bring the wrong to the clean water and take appropriate steps.

How to understand what your husband cheated on you: signs

Men are just as different from each other as women. And to say that they all somehow behave the same way when they want to hide their adventures would be wrong. But all women's media, like a carbon copy, replicate the same signs of treason. Perhaps there is some truth to this: the human psyche is so arranged that at the time of danger it is common for all people to behave approximately the same. How to understand that your husband cheated on you? According to the general opinion, by such signs:

husband cheated on with girlfriend

  1. Frequent cases of lack of home.
  2. Systematic and incomprehensible telephone conversations. To the question: โ€œWith whom?โ€ a clearly uncertain and confusing answer arrives.
  3. Various pretexts under which he strives to escape from home. Especially should be alerted by the increased number of meetings, business trips and business dinners.
  4. Obvious โ€œtraces of crimeโ€: the smell of perfumes, traces of lipstick, nails, lips, incomprehensible SMS, etc. He may give justifying arguments, but all this definitely indicates treason.
  5. How to understand that your husband cheated on you? This is a change in mood. It doesn't matter which way, but this should alert.
  6. His look. Take a closer look at his eyes: if he does not look directly, his eyes run or he takes them aside - this is also one of the signs of deception.

Husband changed: how to behave with him

You know for sure that your spouse cheated on you. Any woman experiences heavy emotions at the same time. But then the question arises of what to do with it, that is, how to live on. After all, as before, it seems to be impossible anymore, but how differently? A cheated wife is especially hurt when she receives double betrayal - if the husband cheated on his girlfriend. Some are so worried that they are even ready to take their own lives. But we must always remember that everything passes, and this will pass. Therefore, gather strength, do not lose human dignity and

husband changed how to behave
Be honest and open with your husband (and girlfriend, too). Announce to him about your pain, feelings, violated feelings. Tell how it feels to you now that your world is destroyed. But try to do it without tantrums, and in a calm (as possible) tone. Believe me, the husband will be at a loss, because he expects predictable scandals, accompanied by reproaches, threats and curses. And your behavior will โ€œknock him out of the saddleโ€ and act like a cold shower. Maybe for him it will be a lesson, but this situation will forever remain in the past. And if not, why do you need such a person at all?


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