What personal qualities should be indicated in the resume?

It is difficult to imagine a job these days, the candidate for which would not have to provide a resume. This document, which the applicant compiles independently, describes his education, work experience, main achievements, skills and knowledge. But is it necessary to indicate personal qualities in the resume, and if so, which ones?

To begin with, personality

personal qualities in the resume
potential employee for most companies is of great importance. Firstly, because the success of all the activities of the enterprise often depends on his ability to obey and lead, independently seek solutions to problems and get along with the team. Secondly, for many professions it is personal characteristics, the nature of the applicant are leading and necessary to perform this type of work. Such specialties include all classes related to communicating with people: teacher, educator, consultant, nurse, rescue service employee.

What personal qualities in the resume will make the best impression on the potential employer? First of all

personal qualities in a resume example
sociability (if you have to communicate a lot ), the ability to resolve conflicts, find a way out of difficult situations, an active life position, initiative. The qualities indicated in the summary should be true. Of course, self-flagellation and underlining of flaws are useless, as self-praise is inappropriate. You should try to be as objective as possible, not go to extremes. Negative personal qualities in the resume are not indicated. But with the positive, you should also be restrained: the employer does not need your detailed self-portrait. What he needs to know about you, he will find out with the help of psychological tests, during an interview, during the trial period. Personnel department employees pay attention to the general style of your behavior and communication, to manners, and not just to what personal qualities you indicated in your resume.

qualities indicated in the resume

An example of a list of those properties that it is desirable to mention can be made independently by analyzing job advertisements. Also think about which character traits — of your own — that can be especially attractive to your potential employer. Sociability and a creative approach will only increase your chances if you apply for a position, for example, a sales representative. But for an accountant, such personal qualities in a resume are more likely to frighten away the employer. But such traits as independence of thinking, ability to quickly solve problems, responsibility, and analytical thinking are positively perceived . Whatever a person does, these qualities characterize him as a reliable employee. Initiative, creativity, endurance will also help in any profession. In addition to character traits, try to describe in your resume your special abilities. For example, if you pretend to be a manager in a textile company and know how to sew or want to sell measuring equipment and at the same time are well versed in navigation or like to design, be sure to indicate this. If you are not only a professional, but also with interest and enthusiasm for what the company specializes in, this will be your additional advantage.

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