White strips on the nails: causes and treatment

white strips on nails

Healthy, beautiful nails always attract attention and serve as an integral part of any image. They can be painted in the most unthinkable colors, draw white stripes on the nails or decorate with flowers, rhinestones, but the main thing is that at the same time they demonstrate health.

Nails, like skin with hair, are very sensitive barometers of the health of the whole organism. If a person is healthy, his body works properly, his hair is strong and shiny, his skin is smooth and silky, without spots and rashes, and his nails are strong, pink and do not peel. And any malfunction in the work of the body is primarily reflected in them. In particular, the hair turns into a โ€œwashclothโ€, white stripes appear on the nails. But such a defect is not just an aesthetic flaw that can be ignored.

Usually, everything happens like this: a person notices suddenly appearing white spots on the nails or strips, but does not pay much attention to them, apart from a serious problem. Ladies hide this cosmetic defect under varnish, men simply do not take it seriously. But this is a completely wrong approach. White strips on the nails - in the science of leukonychia - serve as certain signals that the body sends, trying to communicate that there are some problems in the diet or lifestyle that threaten to turn into serious troubles.

specks on nails

The most common cause of such formations is vitamin deficiency. The body lacks certain substances (calcium, zinc, iron, carotene, vitamin E or ascorbic acid), especially in the spring, when the amount of eaten greens, vegetables and fruits sharply decreases. Most often, this problem occurs in pregnant women and adolescents. If the strips on the nails are arranged in pairs, then there is not enough protein and you urgently need to stop all diets and restrictions, eat more meat, dairy products and legumes. As a rule, the white stripes on the nails disappear by themselves when the diet is normalized. However, if this does not happen, it makes sense to immediately consult a doctor - most likely this is a metabolic disorder and problems in the functioning of internal organs.

The second most common cause is persistent stress, nervous system disorders, and increased irritability. Especially often, white stripes on the nails appear in easily excitable people, who often worry about nothing. In these cases, nervous tension affects the whole body in the most negative way. The only way out is to try to stay calm and take care of yourself.

white stripes on the nails

Well, and, of course, defects on the nails can be caused by chronic diseases. These are malfunctions in the kidneys and heart failure, digestive system disorders, fungal infections. All this must be treated under the supervision of a doctor. And a visit to him should not be postponed. In addition to all of the above, injuries and damage to the nail plate, as well as the use of cheap and low-quality care products, can cause nail damage.

In cases of diseases or deficiency of vitamins and nutrients, you must consult a specialist and monitor your own health. Well, if stress is the cause of the spots and streaks on the nails, then you should better take care of yourself, keep your own nerves under control and try to be calmer. There are many methods for this, you can even start with the most effective of them - with yoga.

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