Norway Fjord Cruise: itinerary, attractions

Norwegian fjords are considered the most beautiful natural attractions. Unique landscapes are popular with tourists from all over the world. Everyone can go on a cruise on the fjords of Norway, visit unusual places and enjoy the fresh air. This article provides a list of the most popular destinations, as well as a brief reference on the best cruises and their cost.

What is a fjord?

Fjords are sea bays that penetrate very deep into the land, which is why they are surrounded by rocks, forests and other natural objects. They are located in the western part of Norway. Fjords owe their appearance to the powerful movement of the earth's crust in the region of the Scandinavian Peninsula and the North Atlantic, which resulted in the formation of deep faults and cracks. Due to the fact that they were below sea level, salt water quickly filled them. Norwegians believe that each fjord is unique. This is manifested in the shade of sea water, microclimate, landscape and the "character" of the bay. According to reviews, the fjords are really very different from each other.

Geiranger Fjord

Located on the territory of Sunnmere, Geiranger Fjord (Norway) is considered one of the most beautiful natural sites of its kind. Travelers in their stories about the trip here note that the local landscapes are breathtaking. Everyone can go fishing, go rafting, go on a little kayaking or take a horseback ride. A cruise on the Geiranger Fjord in Norway will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is surrounded by beautiful villages, past which cruise ships sail.

Geiranger Fjord Norway

In addition, on the territory of the fjord, surrounded by forest thickets, there are picturesque waterfalls, for example, “Groom”, “Bridal Veil”, “Seven Sisters”. There is a legend explaining their appearance. According to her, once a Viking came to get married to his sisters, he held a veil in his hands. The girls were so beautiful that he froze in amazement and turned into a waterfall. On a nearby cliff there is a Fata, and on the opposite bank are Seven Sisters.

The popularity of the natural attraction is also due to the fact that the Geiranger Fjord is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sogne fjord

The second longest in the world is the Sognefjord, which can be found on the map of the province of Sogn og Furan. Since it is considered the deepest object of its kind in Europe, it is often referred to as the “King of the Fjords”. Tourists in their reviews note that they are offered the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the sights both from land and from the bay. When embarking on a cruise, get ready to visit traditional Norwegian villages, a local museum, a national park and a church.

Not far from Sognefjord is the Justedalsbreen Glacier, which is considered the largest in Europe. In addition, here is the Flåm Railway, which you should definitely find time to visit. It is widely used for tourism, as it runs at high altitude and is considered one of the most spectacular railway routes in the world.

Oslo Norway Fjord Cruise

Luce fjord

Fjord cruises in Norway allow tourists to spend time surrounded by nature. For example, the route along the Lucefjord includes visits to the cliffs of Kierag and Prekestulen, which are considered the most popular attractions in the country. According to reviews, during the cruise offers unusual views of the mountains. In addition to all of the above, travelers can climb to the top of the Prekestulen rock and visit the House, which offers tourists an overnight stay in the summer.

Above the Lysefjord is the Kierag Plateau, which offers breathtaking views of Norway. According to reviews, every tourist should be there. The plateau gained great fame thanks to the "pea stone" - cobblestone stuck between the rocks at an altitude of 1 km above the ground, which can be climbed without the help of climbing equipment. People come here to get adrenaline and take amazing pictures.

Oslo Fjord

One of the most beautiful fjords is Oslo Fjod, about which tourists leave rave reviews. On the territory of the sea gulf there are about a thousand tiny islands. There are wonderful Norwegian cities on the coast. In the description of the cruise on the fjords of Norway, you can read if their visit is included in the price of the trip. Most often, liners moor in Drammen and Halden.

Norway Fjord Cruise Description
  • Halden is a settlement founded in the second half of the 17th century. He is known for the fact that at different times famous artists and architects lived and worked in it. Their works are exhibited at the Oslo National Gallery. According to reviews of tourists, special attention should be paid to visiting local attractions - Torget Square, Immanuelskirke Church, as well as a granite obelisk located in the city center.
  • Drammen is Norway's largest and cleanest port. In ancient times, the Vikings lived here, and now the city boasts that most of the people living in it adhere to a healthy lifestyle due to the high prices for alcohol and tobacco products and expensive tickets for public transport. Tourists who have been here advise to climb the summit of Mount Bragernes, visit the Kjosterljuve canyon, take a look at the old Marienlist manor, and visit the Count's Palace and the City Museum. You can see all these attractions as part of a Norwegian fjord cruise.

Hardanger Fjord

If you believe the reviews of travelers, in the spring season it is best to go on a cruise along the Hardanger Fjord. The fact is that it was during this period that the most beautiful views of the natural landmark open: tourists get the opportunity to admire the flowering trees. By the way, according to numerous reviews, it is in this region that sweet cherry grows, which has the best taste.

A cruise on the fjords of Norway, the route of which necessarily passes through the Hardanger Fjord, will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated travelers, because noisy waterfalls, mountain peaks falling into the sky, snow-white glaciers amid emerald greenery are breathtaking.

Norway Fjord Cruise itinerary

Nereus Fjord

The narrowest, but still picturesque Nerei Fjord got its name in honor of the Norwegian patron deity of the sea, known as the Njord. Along the coast are small settlements. Tourists in their reviews note that when you look at a natural attraction, you get the feeling that the water surface enters into a confrontation with mountain ranges.

West fjord

During a cruise on the fjords of Norway (you will find reviews about these natural sites in our article), you can explore the West Fjord, which is considered both an estuary and an open bay. For centuries, they have been fishing and, to be more precise, cod.

The “attraction” of the fjord is unusual - killer whales that live in its waters. According to reviews, a large number of tourists come here to see the marine life. By the way, experienced travelers are advised to go here in the summer, as in the spring and autumn the fjord is blown by cold winds, which can ruin the impression of a holiday.

Porsanger fjord

The length of this fjord is about 120 km. It begins at the village of Lakselv, which is very popular among tourists, judging by the numerous reviews about it. People who go on a cruise on the Porsanger Fjord can go fishing, visit the national park called Stabbursdalen. Travelers note that the nature in this region is almost virgin.

Tronhames fjord

When choosing a voucher for a fjord cruise in Norway, get a ticket for a trip that passes through the Trondheim Fjord.

Norway Fjord Cruise

The natural object got its name in honor of the city of the same name. An amazing feature of the fjord is that it rarely snows. Because of this, a unique ecosystem has developed in the estuary: scientists know more than 90 species of marine fish that live in the waters of the bay. According to reviews, a vacation here is ideal for those who want to enjoy peace and quiet. True, you need to consider that a rich commercial area is located on the coast of the fjord, so the cost of land excursions can greatly affect the affordability.


A special place among the Norwegian fjords is the Sturfjord, which is 110 km long. It is unique because it is divided into two parts at a certain site, forming two other fjords. Despite this, there are practically no reviews of the natural attraction, since it is not very popular among tourists.

Travel time

If you want to go to Norway, check out the travel dates. Cruise ships go sailing in May - September; in the rest of the months, you won’t be able to admire nature, since most routes do not work in winter. During this time, the weather will change. May is the coldest month. When you purchase a voucher for Norway in May, be prepared that many routes will be closed. However, traveling this month will be the cheapest. Despite this, experienced tourists are not advised to go on a cruise on the fjords of Norway before June, if you want to visit all the attractions located on the territory of this state.

Fjord cruise norway reviews


The cost of the voucher directly depends on the planned route. The most expensive tours include a trip for the Arctic Circle or the opportunity to see Svalbard. They will cost 150 euros (11.6 thousand rubles) per day. If you want to stay in popular ports, the cost of a cruise on the fjords of Norway will be significantly lower: from 40 to 60 euros (about 3-4.6 thousand) per night. However, such prices are quite rare for the region. On average, tourists pay 90-100 euros (6900-7700 rubles) per day on a liner.

According to tourists' reviews, sea cruises are ideal for people who do not have a large amount of financial resources, but want to visit Norway, because the prices in this country cannot be called affordable, but the cost of cruises is quite acceptable. Please note that you can avoid unnecessary expenses if you pay a service fee that allows you to eat on the liner.

Tours from Oslo

Most tourists go on a tour called Geiranger and Norway in Miniature. This Oslo fjord cruise from Oslo combines a coastal trip and an excursion called "Norway in Miniature." The cruise is ideal for travelers who are limited in time and have a clear idea of ​​exactly which attractions they want to see. You independently make a route, the duration of the cruise is from 4 days. The cost of the ticket is 7420 NOK (60 120 rubles) and more. In addition, you will have to independently purchase tickets from Moscow to Oslo.

Norway Fjord Cruise Price

Tours from Moscow and St. Petersburg

You can go on a trip to Norway from Russia, from the largest cities of our country. Tours to Norway from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as a rule, have an extensive route and often include visits not only to the Norwegian fjords, but also the sights of other countries. For example, tourists who have purchased a ticket to Princess Anastasia for 8 nights will see 7 ports, namely: St. Petersburg in Russia, Tallinn in Estonia, Stockholm in Sweden, Oslo, Bergen and Flom in Norway, as well as Helsinki in Finland. The cost of such a trip will be 43 thousand rubles or more, but you will not have to pay extra for flights Moscow - Oslo or St. Petersburg - Oslo.

According to reviews, a trip on the same ship for 11 nights includes, in addition to the above ports, a visit to Copenhagen in Denmark and the Sognefjord in Norway. A ticket costs about 53 thousand rubles.

Very popular is the tour to Norway from Moscow called “3 capitals + Glacier + 4 fjords”. The trip lasts 9 days and 8 nights. As part of the tour, you will fly from Moscow to Stockholm, visit Frederiksborg Castle, go to Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Neroy Fjord, stop at the viewing platform of the Brixdale Glacier. The route runs through Geiranger Fjord, Alesund, Lillehammer. Then you will return to Stockholm and make a return flight to Moscow. The cost of the tour is about 54,000 rubles.


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