How to remove blueberry stains: the best ways

Summer is the time for fruits and berries. When, if not in the summer, enrich your body with vitamins and minerals. But the problem is one careless movement, and juice stains may appear on your clothes. Of course, you can get rid of dirty clothes, find a reason to update your wardrobe. But what about the beloved things? In the framework of this material, we will talk about how to remove stains from blueberries, consider the most effective methods.

How to remove blueberry stains

General recommendations

Blueberries are a natural dye that is actively used to process tissues. This only confirms how active blueberry juice is and how difficult it is to remove stubborn stains after it. Most housewives, even the most experienced, are convinced that the thing that got the blueberry juice is completely spoiled. But we will tell you about how to remove blueberry spots, preserving the pristine appearance of things.

Small secrets and small tricks will help to keep your favorite dress, T-shirt and even upholstery from furniture. So, as soon as a stain from blueberry juice appears on the fabric, you must immediately begin to eliminate it. Remember that an old stubborn stain is much more difficult to eliminate.

How to remove blueberry spots

Do not worry if the blueberry stain does not disappear from your clothes after the first wash. Blueberry spots are among the most complex, and removing them takes patience and time. It will take at least 3-5 machine washings to restore the original appearance of the product.

In order to prevent the spread of stains, to protect the adjacent tissue area, treat it with ordinary cosmetic soap, preferably grated: it can be washed off quite easily. And here is the important thing: in no case do not use laundry soap for washing. The acid-alkaline environment that forms when soap and blueberry juice come in contact is destructive in this case: it only fixes the stain.

Handy home remedies

So how to remove a blueberry stain from clothes? To get started, use those funds that are likely to be in the arsenal of every modern housewife.

  • Lemon juice.

For these purposes, it is better to use freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with table vinegar in equal proportions. In the resulting solution, moisten a piece of soft lint-free cloth or gauze, and then treat it with a stain. After that, wash the item in warm water.

  • Dairy products.

We are trying to find the answer to the question of how to remove stains from blueberries. So, in such a difficult matter, dairy products can also help you. Kefir or sour milk should be poured into a small container, and then dip the soiled thing into it. As soon as the stain begins to lighten, you can get it out and finish the procedure with hand washing, then in a washing machine with the addition of gentle bleach. This is a great way to eliminate blueberry stains from bedding and kitchen towels.

How to remove a blueberry stain from clothes

  • Salt and ammonia.

Many housewives use a mixture of these seemingly simple components to remove complex stubborn stains. At home, salt and ammonia are always at hand, so every modern housewife should like using a mixture of these components. Mix two teaspoons of each component and dilute them in 200 ml of water, apply the resulting solution on a stain and leave it in this state for 20-30 minutes, then rinse the product under running cool water.

Heavy artillery

We talked about how to remove blueberry stains at home, but what if all of the above methods do not bring the desired result? Here it is necessary to think about the means of heavy artillery.

  • Alcohol.

Soak the spoiled thing in a bowl with water, after treating the stain with medical alcohol. Leave the item in this position for 20-30 minutes, and then wash in the usual way. This method is effective and safe not only for white, but also for colored things.

  • Borax.

Borax is a mineral with which you can remove blueberry spots from almost any tissue, with the exception of only delicate ones. In equal proportions, you should mix the borax with water, apply the resulting mixture to a cotton pad or piece of soft tissue, and then rub the composition into the spots until it disappears. Further actions are no different from the other methods mentioned - wash the product with the addition of bleach.

How to remove blueberry stains from jeans

Print blueberry stains from jeans

Denim is a delicate fabric, removing complex stubborn stains with bleach from its surface is the top of recklessness, because in this case you will remove the pigment with the stain, then your jeans are unlikely to be saved. So how to remove blueberry stains from jeans in such a way so as not to harm or spoil the delicate fabric?

Jeans can be saved from blueberry juice using lemon juice, kefir or any other dairy product, and, of course, alcohol.

To summarize

We tried to answer the question of how to remove stains from blueberries from clothes, we examined the most effective and popular ways. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you deal with pollution easily.


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