Potter's wheel: a useful hobby

Clay is a natural material, so tender and supple. They say that the manufacture of clay products gives a person peace of mind and peace. Therefore, clay modeling on the potter’s wheel has long gained popularity and over time, interest in this hobby not only does not wane, but, on the contrary, is constantly increasing.

Potter's wheel

If you decide to devote some time to developing this hobby, then the first thing you need to do is to get a potter's wheel. You can buy it in specialized stores, where there is everything necessary for a full pottery occupation - a circle, different grades of clay, tools and even a kiln for firing products from this natural material. So, we get a potter’s wheel. Its price ranges from 21,000 to 60,000 rubles. Novice ceramists should not spend money on expensive equipment. You don’t know yet whether you like this business or not. To get started, buy a cheaper model - it’s enough to master the craft. In addition, purchase stacks and thin wire to cut the finished product from the potter's wheel. Instead of wire, you can take the thinnest string from the guitar.

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Now we turn to the question of clay. Learning to make the right mixes for clay is not so easy, so we advise you to purchase ready-made mixes first. Cook it according to the instructions. Do not forget about one important point - before you send clay to the potter’s wheel, you need to kill it. On the table, roll the clay into a sausage, tear in half in such a movement as if you were squeezing the laundry and throw it on the table with force. Connect them again and repeat the manipulations about 20 times. Only with this kneading clay will be homogeneous and sculpting.

You can start sculpting. Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed. It will take a lot of time until you master at least the basic techniques of modeling clay. It’s good to pre-take creative courses or a master class in this direction.

Roll a piece of clay into a ball, put it on a potter’s wheel in the center of the disc. Press to the surface and turn on the device. Make sure that the clay is located strictly in the center. Using your hands, start shaping your workpiece. If desired, it can be turned into a jug, vase or pot of any shape. During operation, do not forget to wet your hands with water.

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Try to make your first work small. It is much easier to fashion a small ceramic product than a large one. Try to start by making a saucer. To do this, put a small disk of clay on a potter's wheel and begin to form a plate. Press the clay a little harder than when making jugs and pots. Using your fingers, carefully form the raised bezel.

After mastering the basic techniques of this difficult matter, you can give free rein to imagination. Yes, at first it’s hard, everything doesn’t work out the way you intended, but after a while everything will become much simpler. And it’s likely that the potter’s circles will become your favorite tools with which you can bring to life various ideas - both simple and complex.

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