Aqualife Sauna in Cheboksary: ​​features, services and reviews

Aqualife Sauna in Cheboksary is a great place for relaxing relaxation and improving health. Here you can spend time with benefit for the soul and body, both in the cold and in the warm season. Healing stones with unique therapeutic properties, infrared radiation and massage treatments will significantly improve your well-being, raise your mood and recharge your batteries. Each client can choose a room and services, depending on personal preferences and price category.

Useful and pleasant stay

Aqualife Sauna in Cheboksary is a great place where you can not only enjoy relaxing treatments, spend time with friends and relatives, but also improve your health. The positive effect is expressed in the following:

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Improving the blood circulation process.
  3. Muscle tissue relaxation, reduced discomfort.
  4. Prevention of myocardial pathologies, strengthening the walls of the vessel.
  5. Getting rid of skin problems.
  6. Removal of toxic compounds from the body.

Regular visitors of the Aqualife sauna in Cheboksary can appreciate all the advantages of such procedures.

hotel in the complex

Clients are offered to rent vacation spaces. The minimum stay is two hours. On the territory of the sauna there are three rooms (large, medium and small), as well as VIP rooms equipped with a jacuzzi, water slides for children and a waterfall. Each hall has a swimming pool in which there is a filtration system, lighting and an area intended for relaxation.

The rental price varies between 800-2200 rubles, depending on the time of day and the category of premises. The sauna is open twenty-four hours a day. It is located at 39A Leninsky Komsomol Street.

The main advantages of the institution

The main advantages of the Aqualife sauna in Cheboksary include the following:

  1. The presence of a wide selection of lounges.
  2. The infrared cabin, which is located in a large hall, has healing properties and helps to remove harmful compounds from body cells.
  3. The pool in Aqualife (Cheboksary) is equipped with a waterfall, geysers and a backlight system that allows chromotherapy to help eliminate the symptoms of neurological pathologies.
  4. The sauna uses stones that have a therapeutic effect.
  5. There is a bar on site where visitors can buy refreshments.
  6. The lounges are equipped with DVD equipment. Visitors are also offered a hookah.
  7. The complex has a water purification system manufactured using modern technologies.
  8. Clients are provided with the services of a professional masseur.

Additional leisure options

The Spa-Aqualife Center in Cheboksary, located on the territory of the sauna, is a great place to maintain health and care for your appearance.


Employees of the institution (hairdressers, manicurists and cosmetologists) are always ready to offer their services to guests. Those who wish can make massage treatments, a haircut, a nail design, depilation or a face mask.


On the territory of the Aqualife sauna in Cheboksary there is a hotel with comfortable rooms and a cozy, pleasant atmosphere.

hotel room

Guests are given the opportunity to rent a room for a moderate fee, use the services of SPA center specialists and massage procedures specialists, as well as visit the jacuzzi, bathhouse and enjoy swimming in the pool. Clients of the hotel complex are invited to visit the cafe and try homemade dishes. Hotel rooms are designed by one or two customers. Some rooms are equipped not only with beds, but also with sofas. Accommodation prices range from 1400 to 2400 rubles.

Rest in a hotel complex on the territory of the Aqualife sauna in Cheboksary is a great opportunity to devote time to your appearance, improve your health and mood.

Customer opinion about the institution

Positive feedback prevails about the quality of services in the Aqualife sauna in Cheboksary. Visitors claim that they liked the cozy atmosphere, the interior and the modern equipment of the relaxation rooms, and the cleanliness of the rooms. The staff, according to most customers, is polite, attentive and friendly, responsibly treats their duties.

The guests of the restaurant also say that the level of service in the SPA-center is high. They appreciated the quality of work of masters of a beauty salon (manicure specialists, hairdressers).

beauty saloon

The presence of a car park is also one of the positive characteristics of this complex.

However, there are negative reviews about the operation of the complex. For example, some customers noticed such a lack of facilities as the lack of a mini-fridge and air conditioning in the hotel rooms. For guests only fans are provided, which staff provides upon request. But in general, the complex has earned a lot of positive reviews. Customers are satisfied with the work of the staff, and the interior, and the quality of services.


Aqualife sauna in Cheboksary is very popular among city residents. It provides its customers with ample opportunities for a comfortable stay and a pleasant pastime.

pool with water slides

Healing stones, a cabin with infrared radiation, comfortable rooms, massage sessions, a swimming pool, services of beauty salon specialists and a mini-hotel - there are all conditions for strengthening health, relaxation and good mood. Many guests claim that they are regular visitors to the sauna. They are quite satisfied with the level of service and say that the quality of services is worth the money.


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