Do-it-yourself automatic gates: drawings, manufacturing, wiring diagram

With the automatic control of the entrance gates, their use can be simplified, and most importantly, make the car’s arrival in the garage or on the site as safe as possible. Needless to say, the benefits of an electric drive! Indeed, the opening and closing of the wings can be done directly from the car. And if you need to run into the courtyard of the car on which the guests arrived, there is no need to leave the warm and comfortable room. Just press the button to open the gate.

The cost of factory-made automatic gates is very high, so craftsmen are looking for cheaper options. In our article we will look at how to make automatic gates on your own without acquiring expensive products. Everything that we will use, you can find in your garage or for a penny to purchase at a flea market.

Do-it-yourself automatic garage door

There are three types of automatic designs:

  1. Swing.
  2. Retractable.
  3. Automatic garage door.

Swing gates: features

Swing - the most common, they can be found everywhere. These are two wings that are attached to the side support posts with hinges. They are simple and reliable, but they need to have enough space before entering the courtyard. Otherwise, the sashes will not be able to swing open completely. Swing gates will be in the way in narrow passages. In addition, they have high strength and reliability when compared with other door construction options. As for automatic lifting gates, they have spread exclusively for garages. And swinging is much better than lifting.

But there are swing gates and cons. The most important thing is that there are very high requirements for side posts. If the racks have insufficient rigidity, this will lead to the fact that they tilt over time. As a result, the sash will jam. In addition, this fact can be called a drawback that it is necessary to use two synchronously operating drives. Other gate designs require only one electric motor and gearbox. This is the whole set of automation for gates. True, you will need another power source and mounting wires, as well as sensors to disable the drive.

Retractable structures

These gates consist of a sheet that moves to one side almost close to the surface of the fence. Depending on which surface is the support, the system can be divided into the following types:

  1. Rail. In this design, the flaps are mounted on rollers that move directly along a guide mounted on the carriageway. Such constructions are rarely seen today, since for their implementation it is necessary to make a perfectly flat platform, as well as constantly care for the rail.
  2. Cantilever structures are characterized by the fact that the main door leaf is supported by movable rollers. The latter are installed on a concrete foundation. Moreover, this foundation is located outside the passage. The most reliable systems are gates that have lower roller trolleys and an upper rail.
  3. Suspended structures are mounted on rails located on top. The leaf moves on them on rollers. It is reasonable to install such structures where it is necessary to use a canvas whose height is more than 2 m. It can also be used if there is a large difference in height at the entrance. In the event that there is not enough distance on the sides, suspended structures can be made from two paintings.

The most practical is the sliding structure, since it does not depend on whether there is space before entering the courtyard. The article provides a connection diagram for automatic gates. With your own hands, it is not difficult to assemble it. With minor modifications, it can be used on both movable and swing structures.

Design Features

Now let's talk a little about the cons. The biggest is that you need to equip the foundation. In addition, the design of sliding gates is much more complicated than that of swing gates. Also, you can’t install movable structures in narrow areas, you need to have a margin of at least 5 meters away from the passage. But, despite these shortcomings, it is the construction of the sliding gate that is easiest to automate. And they are quite convenient and reliable.

How to make automatic gates do-it-yourself

As for the garage doors, any of the above structures can be used for their manufacture. And also apply sectional, hoisting-rotary or rolling mechanisms. They are, however, more complex, so it’s unlikely that you can make automatic gates for a garage of this type at home.

What drives to use for automatic opening

In order to convert the rotational movement of the rotor of the electric motor into translational, you can use several methods:

  1. Install the crank mechanism.
  2. Place the rail and gear.
  3. Use the features of a worm or screw drive.
  4. Install chain drive.

Using such kinematic schemes, you can make a reliable and efficient drive even at home. Now let's talk in more detail about which structures are best used for certain types of gates.

Swing Gate System

In order to make swing automatic gates, it is necessary to install lever or linear drives on the wings. Linear are usually made using a helical or worm gear, working on the principle of changing the total length of the working rod. Leverage is a structure that works approximately like a person’s hand moves. The design consists of a pair of levers connected by a movable joint.

Do-it-yourself automatic gate drawings

In the manufacture of automatic gates with their own hands, linear drives are very often used. They can be easily installed on swing gates with doors opening in any direction. In the event that the canvas is hung on brick or stone pillars, it is best to use a lever mechanism. It is not picky about the location of the support.

What drives do in artisanal conditions

At home, linear designs are often made from ready-made actuators for antennas. Sometimes you can find homemade drives with helical gears. Finished products are also used as lever drives. These are drives for power windows or car wipers. If we talk about true homemade products, then you can even come across solutions that use compound levers and gear motors.

Automation for sliding gates

In order to make do-it-yourself automatic gates of a sliding type, you can use a set of ready-made automation. It already has a drive, a control unit, sensors, a gear rack. But if you want to save money, then you will assemble a reliable design from an electric motor, gearbox, several sprockets and a chain (for example, from agricultural machinery or a gas distribution mechanism of a domestic car). In principle, with a special desire, you can even install a flexible multi-ribbed belt.

Preparatory work for the manufacture of swing gates

And now let's talk about how to make swing gates yourself. They are characterized by high reliability, durability, and can also provide operability in any weather. This is ideal if you do not purchase a control unit and actuators in the market. Their cost is several tens of thousands of rubles. That is why such designs are very often "do-it-yourself" do-it-yourselfers.

Automatic gate opening

First of all, you need to consider such factors:

  1. In what place is the gate installed.
  2. In which direction will the sash open.
  3. Dimensions of both leafs.
  4. Type and installation of support posts.
  5. Points and method of mounting drives.
  6. Casement drive design.
  7. How will the cable to the actuator be laid?
  8. How will the food be delivered. It is allowed both directly from the electric network, and with the help of a backup battery.
  9. Features of the design of the latch.

You also need to take into account the features of all those materials from which the gates are made. Only after you answer all the above questions, you can begin to design the design and select the drive.

Sash Size

In order to determine the size of the gate, it is necessary to focus on the maximum width of vehicles that will drive into the yard. If only cars are planned to drive in, then an opening of about 2.5 m is enough. But note: if you sometimes need to pump out the sewage system, then most likely you will need a truck or tractor to drive into the yard. At the same time, it is recommended that the width of the carriageway be increased to at least 3.5 m. Therefore, automatic sliding gates or swing gates should have a width of at least 3.5 m. Only in this case can any vehicle move freely into the yard.

Automatic lifting gates

Be sure to consider whether the car can enter the yard at a right angle. If the road near your yard is narrow, there is no way to make a maneuver, it is recommended that the journey be expanded approximately one and a half times. Also pay attention to whether the sashes will protrude beyond the carriageway upon opening. And in the event that the site allows you to install wide gates, do it. If you make an opening with a width of 4.5 m, then ensure free access to any construction equipment or truck through automatic sliding gates.

What material to choose for manufacturing

Steel pipes of profile section are ideal for the manufacture of a frame. They have a very high degree of strength, and this is extremely important. And with the help of profile pipes, you can make the whole structure very rigid. The article contains drawings of automatic gates. You can make them yourself quickly enough, but there is no need to strictly adhere to all sizes - focus on your site.

In order to fill the main canvas, you can use the following materials:

  1. Polycarbonate cell.
  2. Forging.
  3. Fence or board.
  4. Sheets of metal.
  5. Decking. It is allowed to use both painted sheets and unpainted.

A self-made automatic garage door will look very nice in which several materials are combined. Forged elements and polycarbonate or wood look beautiful. What can I say, the choice of the main material for the manufacture of gates depends solely on what financial opportunities you have. But given that you have already saved on automation and drives, you can spend a little more money on the purchase of expensive stamped or forged products.

Production of support racks

Before you make automatic gates with your own hands, you need to calculate what load they will exert on the racks. As for the supports, they can be made of such materials:

  1. Lay out of brick or stone.
  2. To make of hardwood.
  3. Channel bars and steel pipes are not bad.
  4. If you wish, you can make racks even of reinforced concrete.

As for the choice of material for the pillars, it is imperative to take into account the total weight of all paintings. If the strength is not enough, then the flaps will begin to converge, as a result of which closing the gate will be problematic. At the same time, as you understand, an automatic drive will not be able to work normally.

Automation kit for gates

In the manufacture of swing automatic gates with remote opening , there will be no difficulties, but the design implies that you need to use original sketches. Just do not exactly copy any drawing. It all depends on your imagination and financial capabilities.

What you need when working

In order to build a swing gate, you will need to stock up with a variety of materials:

  • for the installation of racks need metal pipes, brick or stone. If you make the pillars in the form of masonry, you need to prepare metal for mortgages;
  • in order to make a frame of automatic gates with remote opening, profile pipes will be required, the cross-section is not more than 60x60 mm and not less than 40x20 mm;
  • in order to fill the frame, you can use sheets of steel, corrugated board, wood, polycarbonate or forging;
  • hinges to install the canvases on the racks;
  • details of locking mechanisms.

Embedded elements are metal parts that are installed in masonry seams in order to subsequently secure the sashes and other structural details. Elements are made of sheet steel, corners, channels.

To give stability to the entire structure of the rack must be concreted. Under the pillars of brick or stone, build a foundation.

Gate drive

Connection scheme for automatic gates

You can make a drive from parts and assemblies from cars and household appliances. So, for the automatic gate opening mechanism, you can use:

  • gear electric motors creating a force of at least 120 N;
  • power windows;
  • screw type jacks (as for the domestic "classic");
  • actuators for driving satellite dishes.

The remote control system can be made from a simple car alarm or central locking. It is enough to connect the electric motors of the drives through the usual 12-volt relays. You will also need at least two limit switches, a lamp and wires.


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