Arena Pro 8500: instructions and customer reviews

Car enthusiasts who spend a lot of time behind the wheel actively use additional electronics, which greatly simplifies the life of the driver. These are video recorders, navigators, radar detectors and rear view cameras. As a result, using all these devices at the same time, you can hang the entire windshield. However, there is a way out of this situation, because a lot of devices have appeared on the market, which are a combined device that combines the capabilities of several devices at once. A very striking representative of such combo devices is the Arena Pro 8500. This device combines so many devices that nothing even comes to mind anymore, and everything works fine.

Arena pro 8500

What is the Arena Pro 8500?

This model combines the function of several electronic devices at once, namely:

  • DVR
  • radar detector;
  • Navigator
  • screen for rear view camera;
  • multimedia center with mp3 and radio support;
  • mirrors.

The last opportunity is not a joke at all, because the Arena Pro 8500 video recorder is made in the “mirror” form factor. The most important feature of the case is that it is not mounted on a mirror with ties, but instead of a regular mirror. Mounts can be very different for any car, there is also a universal mount if you could not find the right one for your car.

video recorder mirror arena pro 8500

In the off state, the mirror element perfectly fulfills its role. You can look in the mirror even at the same time using additional features, since the screen does not occupy the entire working area of ​​the device.

Installed system

The filling of the Arena Pro 8500 is slightly different from similar devices from other companies. Most often, such devices use the Android platform, but the manufacturer of this device went a more classic way. The Arena Pro 8500 Mirror Video Recorder runs on the Windows CE operating system. This is not a familiar operating system for a desktop computer, but a special version for mobile devices. This technology has its pros and cons.

Advantages of the operating system:

  • The firmware of the device is optimized to work with the functions for which it is intended, without unnecessary frills that overload the system;
  • a closed operating system is least likely to be infected with viruses and malware;
  • fewer system crashes and freezes.

arena pro 8500 radar detector

Disadvantages of the operating system:

  • the inability to expand functions due to the installation of additional programs;
  • less functionality in comparison with devices on Android;
  • sophisticated system for updating programs and maps.

Externally, the system has a convenient shell. Here you will not see either the branded “Start” key or the system icon. The menu is most conveniently formed for working with the touch screen.


The most useful device, without a doubt, is the DVR. As a DVR, the Arena Pro 8500 works well. Video quality - 720 x 480 pixels with a frequency of 30 frames per second. Viewing angle - 135 degrees. This is enough to cover the entire roadway and even the curb. Night recording is possible, but the quality is not the highest, only the area illuminated by the headlights is visible, but even then no more than 5 meters. It’s difficult to distinguish the roadside. Car numbers are read without problems.

Thanks to the integrated GPS receiver, the speed of the movement and the coordinates are reflected in the video. This is very useful during road accident proceedings.

Radar detector

A huge advantage of this model is a full-fledged radar detector, which has the ability to find all possible cameras:

  • X-rays
  • K-rays;
  • Ka-rays;
  • Ku-rays;
  • Laser.

In addition, thanks to GPS, the Arena Pro 8500 radar detector can detect stationary traffic light cameras that are not detected by the usual detector, and also allows you to find low-power models that are visible only at close range. With such an arsenal, the user can safely move along the highway and not be afraid that he will accidentally receive a fine for speeding.

For convenience, the Arena Pro 8500 radar detector has 2 operating modes: “track” and “city”. Using these modes increases the efficiency of the radar detector and protects you from false positives, which can be a huge number in the city. A warning about the radar located in front is carried out in Russian, which is undoubtedly very nice. When moving below the permitted speed, the device displays only an alert on the screen, without annoying voice prompts.


Arena Pro 8500 uses CityGid software as a navigation system, which does its job well and regularly updates maps of Russian cities. With precision, the Arena Pro 8500 is doing just fine. When driving along dense central streets, the navigator does not go astray and always displays the location on the desired street. The device finds satellites in 15-20 seconds. Despite the absence of an external antenna, this model has no communication problems when driving through tunnels and overpasses. Loss of satellites is a rare occurrence, which happens except with long movement through a deep tunnel.

Arena pro 8500 reviews

As for the accuracy of the cards, there are some minor complaints. Sometimes the navigator specifically conducts a route that is blocked due to repairs. These are, more likely, claims to the navigation program, than to a device. But there is a mode of monitoring traffic jams and traffic conditions. This requires access to the Internet, which in this model is carried out only when connected to a cell phone or smartphone. The connection must be on “bluetooth” and there must be support for Internet access on this smartphone. This mode works well, but at rush hours, no, no, and even leads to a busy street.

Rear View Camera

Complete with a mirror there is a rear view camera that can be connected and installed on your car. This is a wired camera, which copes pretty well with its purpose - it helps when parking in reverse. In the Arena Pro 8500, the operating mode with the rear view camera is implemented on the same principle as on other similar devices, as well as in the standard functionality of some machines. The camera connects to the reversing light, and a picture automatically appears on the screen.

If desired, you can easily connect another camera model to the device, for example, a built-in license plate frame or other body element. Thus, you can continue to use the proposed functionality.

Arena Pro 8500 Mirror

Device installation

To install this model of a mirror-recorder, it is enough to change the regular mirror and extend the cable under the car skin. Directly to work, you need to connect only one wire, which combines the power and video from the camera. If the device is connected correctly, it will automatically boot after starting the engine and record in DVR mode. The screen may be turned off, and you will look in the mirror without being distracted by anything.

arena pro 8500 dvr


The Arena Pro 8500 leaves a positive feeling for use. Yes, the ideal device is still far away, and models have already appeared fresher and more interesting, but one cannot be taken away from this mirror - it has a full-fledged radar scanner and can warn the driver not only about cameras recorded in the database, but also about other obstacles on the way.

Already quite a few fans have appeared with the Arena Pro 8500. The reviews are completely positive, and this is the best proof that the manufacturer has not in vain launched it on the market. This tool can be safely recommended for purchase for yourself, as well as a gift to a good person.


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