Regressive therapy: what is it and how does it work? Regressive hypnosis

Regressive therapy is a special method by which a person immersed in a state of deep hypnosis finds himself in the distant past. Subconsciously, of course. This is a very interesting technique, many even seeming inexplicable. Therefore, now it’s worth delving into its study in order to understand what it is and how it works.

Age regression

In this case, a person under hypnosis, as if returns to some period of his life. He recalls what happened then, down to the smallest detail - as if reliving those moments anew.

Most often, people come to the hypnotist just so that he “sends” them to childhood. And this is a very interesting phenomenon. In a state of trance in adults who are mentally healthy, those forms of behavior that were characteristic of the early periods of childhood arise. And the perception of the world becomes the same as it was then.

But it is believed that in reality these phenomena are a reconstruction that the psyche of an adult creates. Plus, even in the case of intensive regressive therapy, consciousness maintains a certain contact with reality.

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Age-related regressive therapy is used to solve a variety of psychological problems. This is why it is needed:

  • Search for the causes of the symptom (for example, stuttering or a nervous tick), if there is an assumption that its appearance is associated with some events from the past person. When it becomes clear why it arose, it will be easier to eliminate it through various therapeutic methods.
  • Return to the period when a person was not tormented by a problem bothering him in the present tense. Or at that moment when he successfully overcame it. Thanks to this, a person will be able to believe that he has the abilities necessary to eliminate the problem. Also, this technique can help him understand what it was then that he helped out and contributed to the improvement of his condition. In this case, regressive therapy helps to restore motivation and self-confidence.
  • Phobia treatment. So, for example, if a person is afraid to fly in an airplane, then the hypnotist will help to “return” him at the moment when the flight ended successfully. The patient will survive that state of security and peace and will remember it.
  • Treatment for depression. A person “having returned to the past” will be able to get rid of dysfunctional patterns of behavior. They often turn out to be the basis of a depressive disorder.

By the way, there are times when the regression is spontaneous. And the psychotherapist, on the contrary, has to treat her. In such cases, the doctor teaches to control such experiences and emotions that this phenomenon causes. Spontaneous regression occurs, usually due to some kind of psychological trauma.

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Used tricks

The success of regressive therapy largely depends on how the therapist directs the thoughts of his patient to a specific period of life. He can ask him about that time, tell something about the childhood of other people, or even share personal stories. Here Milton Erickson’s principle applies: “If you want a person to tell about his brother, tell him about yours.”

The following techniques are also used:

  • Contextual suggestion. The therapist emphasizes in his speech words such as “remember,” “return,” “think about the past.”
  • Double bunch. For example: “You can return at a time when you were 5 years old. But it is likely that this will be a later period - 10 years, for example. ”
  • Implied Indication. Let's say: "When you again feel like a small 5-year-old child, you will be able to recall the office in which you studied."

Of course, the therapist operates on the facts clarified during the conversation with the patient. He uses his own memories, because these "memory anchors" are really able to return to the past.

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Patient as an Observer

In some cases, hypnosis treatment is aimed at “returning” a person to a particular period of his life so that he will be an observer of events from the outside. In this case, the person is offered something and the following:

  • Imagine that he watches a movie from his past and rewinds the film.
  • Imagine yourself while viewing an album with old pictures. In this case, the pages must be “turned over” in the reverse order to the past.
  • Introduce the so-called image of the Book of time, in which everything is written down. It is recommended to suggest that it contains drawings or photographs.
  • Imagine a box with things, each of which relates to a particular memory.
  • To form an image of a completely transparent elevator, which seems to descend into the past. A man must see himself inside him and through this fence observe past events without interfering in them.

Journey to the past

This is an even more interesting topic. There is such a thing as past life regression. This is the name of the special technique for using hypnosis. It aims to detect people's memories of reincarnations or their past lives.

The therapist asks the patient a number of specific questions. This is necessary in order to detect and identify events that happened in a past life. Critics believe that everything voiced by patients is a figment of their imagination, a reaction to the suggestions of the hypnotist, or simply confabulation.

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How to go into a forgotten life yourself?

It is difficult to plunge into memories that were not there. But if you believe the people who tried to do this, it is not impossible. According to reviews of regressive hypnosis, it is best to try to look for "keys" that will lead a person to an understanding of his past.

You should try to speculate on the following topics:

  • Children's games. Which of them came from the unconscious in childhood? Some children begin to show interest in games that were not vaccinated by their families. Also, they are often fond of topics that are not characteristic of the family.
  • Historical and cultural preferences. What periods and periods of a person are interested in? What architectural styles appeal? What is the closest clothing style? What cultures and nationalities seem most attractive?
  • Climate and geography. It is useful to think about those places where you want to visit, and those that cause hostility. And also about what climate most like.
  • Phobias. Many fears inherent in man in this life have no reason for their occurrence. They are probably a consequence of events that occurred in the past.
  • Diseases and bodily manifestations. It is likely that some ailments and symptoms are also the result of events that happened in a past life. Appearing in a new reality, they remind of what led a person to death then.
  • Occupation and hobbies. Often, many people find it difficult to immediately answer why they are doing just that, and not something else. And why they like something specific. Perhaps these hobbies pass from one life to another. Maybe this is a vocation through which a person realizes his mission each time?
  • Talents It is believed that the abilities that appeared in a person, as if from nowhere, are related to his past lives.
  • Dreams This is the last thing you need to pay attention to when doing regressive self-hypnosis. Often people in their dreams see images of other times, people and countries, hear unusual speech, understand it. What if it’s a memory from the past?

When a person compiles a complete list of so-called evidence and carefully analyzes it, he will have a picture of what was more likely in his past life.

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Immersion in the past

After answering all the questions, you can try to perform regression therapy yourself. This is done in several stages:

  • Need to relax. Disable all communications while sitting in a quiet and comfortable place. Close your eyes and breathe slowly, concentrating on relaxing your body. Need to get rid of extraneous thoughts.
  • One must imagine oneself in the place where it is best. In a picturesque corner of nature, for example. It will be a place of "transition" from real life to the past. There should be a corresponding “portal” - a tunnel, cave or bridge. Moving through it, you need to concentrate on recalling your harmonious past life. It is necessary to closely monitor the ongoing changes. Does gender, place, era change? How are events unfolding?
  • Immersed in the atmosphere of the past, you can explore your past life from birth to the last day. Having learned everything that I wanted, we must mentally return to the place from where the journey began. We must go along the same path. And slowly return to your real whereabouts.
  • No need to rush out of the dive. You need to breathe deeply, with full breasts for several minutes. Until you can feel confident and comfortable. Then you need to open your eyes and drink water.

Talking about how to apply regression therapy to yourself, you need to clarify that during the session, many people find themselves in a negative event. Not surprisingly, after all, they are often the key. They can be worked out so that they do not then affect real life.

But if you do not want to be shocked, you must first tune in. What is important for a person - to see the past reality in its entirety or only positive events?

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Michael Newton Method

We should also briefly talk about it. Regression therapy according to the method of Michael Newton is an immersion in life between lives.

This man is a famous American hypnologist. During one of the sessions, he discovered that the patient has memories not only of one of his lived lives, but also of a certain space in which his soul, according to his assumptions, is between his incarnations (reincarnations).

For several decades, Michael Newton studied this phenomenon. He managed to find out that this "space" and what is happening in it is no less important for a person than his past incarnations. After all, it is in him that the planning of the main turns of the life that lies ahead is carried out. There you can talk with more developed entities - with mentors, guardian angels, teachers.

Interestingly, thousands of Newton's patients agreed on a description of this space. It should be noted that they were not familiar with each other, and also were persons of different nationalities, religions and ages.

If the topic of teaching regressive therapy is interesting, then you can read Michael's books in which he described everything in detail. There are three of them: “Recollection of life after death”, “Purpose of the soul” and “Journey of the soul”.

How to be in life between lives?

Reviews of regressive hypnosis by Michael Newton's method are impressive. Many people who have tried it assure that it really helps to solve psychological problems. Others, therefore, gain invaluable experience traveling to another world, deciding to simply satisfy their curiosity.

But trying this method yourself is difficult. Because its most important component is a deep hypnotic trance. Michael Newton himself wrote that it should last at least a few hours. This is not an ordinary hypnosis treatment that lasts 10-15 minutes.

There are many other fundamental differences. So, for example, the standard format of work implies carrying out three “approaches” - two preparatory courses of 2 hours each, and one main, lasting 4-5 hours. This is a serious and difficult work, both on the part of the patient and the hypnologist. Therefore, for this purpose, it is better to contact the center of regression therapy.

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Precautionary measures

We should also talk about them in the end. Why is it better to undergo regression therapy in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any other city - most importantly, if only in a professional center? Because it is a complex process. It implies a change in the state of consciousness and the psyche. An introduction to trance should be done by an experienced hypnologist.

The less knowledge a specialist has about this, the more caution he must exercise using the regression technique. It is important to clearly define the event to which the person should “return”, to specify the hypnotic suggestion. This is not about memories, but about the activation of a specific event in the patient’s memory.

It is also necessary to take into account a person’s ability to endure emotional emotions and whether he is ready for abreaction - re-experiencing a traumatic event. If the patient has a borderline personality disorder, for example, he must first acquire the ability to control his emotional state.

A hypnotherapist also needs to take into account his ability to transfer strong impressions related to what a person tells him. In no case should he lose control of the trance.

And in the treatment of depression with this method, one should take into account the fact that people suffering from this condition are characterized by an orientation toward the memories that were present in the past. If regression is illiterate or too early, then you can not help a person cope with a problem, but only fix his dysfunction.


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