How to make a plasterboard arch with your own hands?

A very real project is the arch. It can be based on different materials, but one of the simple solutions is to use drywall. Without the appropriate skills, using the right tools and methods, you can build such a structure over the weekend.

how to make drywall arch

Preparation of materials and tools

If you were wondering about how to make an arch with your own hands, you should prepare materials, including:

  • drywall;
  • metal profiles;
  • fiberglass mesh;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • putty.

Metal profiles can be replaced with plywood or wooden blocks. If there is no fiberglass mesh, you can do with mounting tape. When preparing tools, you should consider that you will need:

  • roulette;
  • scissors for metal;
  • putty knife;
  • bucket;
  • screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • grout;
  • respirator;
  • protective gloves;
  • glasses.

Before you make an arch, you must take care of the presence of a pencil and a joiner square. First you need to choose a place. It can be located in almost any space of the house. Everything will be limited by your imagination. The first step is to measure the selected area.


how to make an arch do it yourself

When you know the dimensions of the doorway or the place where you plan to implement the idea, you need to draw an arch on a sheet of drywall. The image of the contour is a rather important and crucial step. If you do not pay due attention to it, then all subsequent work will be in vain.

A self-tapping screw is screwed into the drywall, to which the rope should be tied. This will allow you to get a compass. With it, you can draw the desired radius. If you use a longer rope, this will allow you to get a curve with a larger radius, so you can make it less steep. At this stage, you can make several attempts until you can get the right shape that matches the needs and tastes.

If you are faced with the task of how to make an arch of drywall, the next step will be to cut out the contours with a jigsaw or a special hacksaw on drywall. It is important to make sure that the sheet is firmly fixed, otherwise you may damage the cardboard. The jigsaw should cut the canvas along the drawn line. This will affect the quality of the final result.

Recommendations for installing the arch in a room with high humidity

If you plan to mount the arch in a place where the humidity is high, you should purchase a moisture-proof drywall for work. Usually, the sheets have a green tint. Otherwise, the arch may lose its appearance under the influence of humidity.

The choice of material for the frame

Before you make a door arch, you will need to create a frame. For this, steel profiles or lumber bars are used. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the first is light and perfectly straight, but wooden bars are more durable.

Experts recommend the use of metal profiles, if you work with brick walls. Whereas if the room has wooden surfaces, it is better to use wooden blocks.


Having measured the desired length, you will need to cut out the guides from metal profiles that are fixed on the wall. Two profiles are cut along the width of the opening, which are fixed in the upper part. Profiles are installed on both sides of the opening, but their size will depend on the radius of the arch.

When a frame is made of a metal profile on a concrete wall, using a drill, it will first be necessary to drill holes and install dowels. After that, the screws are screwed. If a metal profile is attached to a wooden base, self-tapping screws should be used, the length of which is 50 mm minimum. The distance between the fasteners should be 12 cm.

how to make a door arch

Quite often, home masters face the question of how to make an arch in the doorway. In this case, it is necessary to act on technology. Having familiarized yourself with it, you can understand that after installing metal profiles, you can mount the first sheet of drywall. It is better in this case to use an electric screwdriver, which has a torque control function.

If you have purchased drywall sheets 12.5 mm thick, it is best to use 3.5 x 35 mm screws. With a decrease in thickness to 9.5 mm, smaller screws should be chosen. According to the same principle, the frame is sheathed with drywall on the other hand.

Using a screwdriver, the screws are screwed into the surface so that their hats are at the same level with the casing, otherwise you will also have to close the recesses with putty. If you, like many owners of apartments and houses, have thought about how to make an arch of drywall with your own hands, then you must reliably strengthen the finish on the metal frame. To do this, the screws are screwed in every 15 cm.

how to make a plasterboard arch yourself

Increased structural rigidity

When fixing a curved metal profile along the edge, you should consider increasing the rigidity of the structure. For this, it is necessary to determine the length of the arc and prepare a section of the profile. In this case, it is necessary to use metal scissors. It is important to wear protective gloves to prevent cuts on sharp edges.

In order to bend the metal profile, cuts are made on its lateral faces every 12 cm. This will make it possible to give the profile a curved shape. If necessary, bend the element more strongly, more incisions should be made.

With the help of self-tapping screws, the profile is strengthened in the lower parts of the frame, but previously it is given the shape of an arc. After you have made sure that the ends of the curved profile are firmly fixed to the frame, you can screw the plasterboard walls to the curved metal guide using self-tapping screws. This stage is important when creating an arch, so you need to make sure that the drywall is well mounted on the frame.

In order to make the surface smooth, the screws are screwed in every 15 cm. Before making an arch, you must remember that it is not considered ready until the perpendicular sections of the profile are installed. They will connect the side walls. These jumpers are binding and are located at several points.

how to make an arch

Finish finish

The final stage will be the finish. To do this, the edges of the drywall and joints are glued with paper tape. It can be replaced with fiberglass mesh. You will need to apply about three layers of putty and sand the surface several times with sandpaper. Grain should be reduced. If you decide how to make an arch, you must remember that this stage is not one of the difficult ones. Even a layman can handle it.


how to make a plasterboard arch yourself

For the arch, the wooden frame is also perfect. In this case, plywood should also be used. The basis will be wooden blocks. Before you make an arch, you must remember that the latter are mounted on plywood, only after the arch is fixed in the opening with the help of long screws. The distance between them should be 15 cm. The last step will be fixing the bars to the plywood wall and covering the structure with drywall. The latter must be installed using self-tapping screws for this material.


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