The coldest winters in the last century. What to expect from 2018?

Recently, the inhabitants of central Russia are not quite happy with winter. Long forgotten snow mounds that you can’t dig a shovel, and impassable paths when you leave the house the first early in the morning. Now we have more and more snowless or generally rainy Christmas holidays, and we can’t count on a significant drop in temperature for Epiphany frosts . But those who were born and raised in our country recall completely different winters: frosty, snowy, with all the fun and half- frozen windows.

the coldest winter

The endless struggle of man and nature

Is it worth hoping for real harsh winters in the near future or has our climate changed so much that they no longer have to wait, keeping only fond memories in mind? For more than 10 years, scientists have argued that the climate is changing, glaciers are melting and, as a result, there are no snowy winters. And 2012 with the frozen South of Russia completely refutes these allegations. Today we would like to recall the coldest winter of the past century and talk about what weather forecasters predict regarding the coming temperature.

the coldest winter in 100 years

What awaits us ahead?

I would like to start with forecasts for the coming winter, and only then to talk about the affairs of past years. Starting from September of this year, information has leaked to the media and the Internet that the winter of 2017-2018 awaiting Russia. will be harsh and merciless. Weather forecasters assure society of the inevitability of severe frosts and heavy snowstorms, which will recoup for all previous years without snow and low temperatures. It should be noted that almost every year in the last decade, the forecast for winter among specialists remains unchanged. However, each passing winter did not at all correspond to the forecasts of weather forecasters. Nature, like a rebellious teenager, tried to contradict learned minds, proving her superiority and strength. Whether the coming winter will be the coldest in the last century, only time will tell, and it remains for us to be observers and wait for its arrival.

the coldest winter of recent years

Facts You Cannot Forget

Forecasters are weather forecasters, and the events that have happened cannot be disputed by anyone, so now it makes sense to recall the coldest winter in the history of our country and not only. True, looking ahead, I must say that there were not so few such winters , but we will focus on those that were the most severe of all:

  1. Not so long ago, namely in 2012, the South of Russia froze in the literal sense of the word. It would seem that the Black Sea coast boasts a mild, sparing climate, where winter temperatures do not drop below zero, at least in a significant minus direction. However, the weather decided in its own way and once again proved its power and unpredictability. The Black Sea was frozen, and the ice was about 40 cm thick at a mark on the thermometer at 20 ° C with a minus sign.
  2. In 2002, Europe was perhaps the coldest winter. The Main Danube - the canal located in Germany was frozen, and its ice thickness was more than 70 cm. Because of this, almost a hundred vessels directly froze into the water and could not move.
  3. In mid-February 1979, it began to snow in the Sahara desert. This anomalous phenomenon shocked residents of nearby cities. In Algeria, traffic jams formed on the roads due to abundant snowdrifts.
  4. In February 1969, the coldest winter in the last 100 years was recorded in the environs of the Caspian Sea. The temperature at 40 ° C with a minus sign stayed there for about 26 days. The sea was covered with a thick crust of ice.
  5. In 1963, England was forced to abandon her most beloved and cult occupation. It's about a soccer cup. All fuss due to abnormal snowfall, which lasted about two weeks. As a result, in some areas of Britain, the depth of snow cover exceeded 5 meters. By the way, that same cold winter for 100 years was reflected in the whole of Europe.
  6. The cold summer of 1953 gave way to an equally harsh winter. In February 1954, the region from the Urals to the Atlantic was completely in ice, and all because of abnormally low temperatures.
  7. Another coldest winter of recent years is 1929. The minus temperature with a mark of 20 ° C killed many fruit trees in southern Russia. Yalta has lost a whole citrus plantation.

coldest winter in 100 years

Isn't February the end of winter?

From the above facts it is clearly seen that not January is the coldest month of the year for central Russia, but February. It is he who appears in all cases when the element was too severe and abnormal. It is worth saying that both Europe and even Africa fell into the temperature and weather collapse also in February. Whether this is a pattern or an accident is difficult to judge, but the fact remains.

The element is unpredictable

In conclusion, I would like to note that in all these cases of the onset of a really cold winter, weather forecasters did not predict. Frosts below 20 degrees in Russia and in the southern latitudes at the very end of winter are nonsense. One gets the impression that the weather itself decides how and when she will shock all life on the planet. However, even in Africa, snow can fall at any moment.


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