Why is 1C platform necessary for every enterprise?

1C for work, like an engine for a car - makes all processes work in the right direction. Without a doubt, programs on the 1C platform have long been merged and merged with production trends at most enterprises and companies in our country. Developed configurations for solving various applied problems from accounting to production.

The flexibility of the program allows you to make improvements and adjust the system to any organization. To expand functions, create a new report or selection, make new parameters in a document, etc., all this is possible, more details on the possibilities can be found on this. website . There is no limit, the main thing is to clearly and clearly state your requirements. Such "openness" gives 1C the main advantage over other analogues. Often, writing programs on the 1C platform is easier than fixing errors in some other database. Another plus is the simple installation and ease of operation, everything is transparently clear. “Installed and work” - experienced people will say, others will have to learn a little.

The more basic knowledge in a particular area you have, the easier it will be for you to master 1C. The program is not fastidious to the technical and software of the computer, as a result, you do not need to purchase expensive super-productive PCs and constantly update the operating system. External processing - also apply to the advantages of the system. They allow, without getting into the main system configuration, to create separate files with program code, which can then be run directly in the program itself to perform any tasks.

The 1C platform opens up the possibility of creating absolutely any application, regardless of application. Suitable for both single use and for a large company with a large information field and users on the local network. For application solutions, external DBMSs can be used: SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2.

With this program, you can create a distributed database. Server 1C works both in Microsoft Windows and in Linux. From an economic point of view, the acquisition and implementation costs are quite low. The number of specialists in 1C programming is enough not to create a deficit in this area. But it’s more profitable for many companies to use the services of third-party companies serving their system autonomously.

Nevertheless, it is better when not one person deals with your problem, but a group of specialists. The new version of the 1C: Enterprise 8.2 software product received a certificate from the FSTEC of Russia, according to which the platform has means of protection against unauthorized access to information equal to grade 5.

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