Holiday manicure: New Year's manicure on short nails

An ideal image without manicure is impossible to imagine. Well-groomed hands are immediately evident, complementing the outfit with a touch of varnish. A festive manicure is not just an addition: it can be considered as an independent bright and unusual accent.


Manicure is a classic procedure for nail care, which includes two stages:

  1. Tidying up the nail plate, treating the cuticle, shaping the nail, sawing, grinding; hand massage in a salon procedure.
  2. Applying varnish to prepared nails.
    Holiday manicure

In any case, manicure is an opportunity to emphasize your individuality. Good and high-quality, it always pleases, allows you to reflect the mood and desires.

Features of festive nail design

Festive manicure gives a wide scope of imagination when decorating the nail plate: an unusual decor can be given with feathers, shells, semiprecious stones. It should be remembered that such nails require careful handling, otherwise beauty can be ruined very quickly.

A small detail (for example, a pattern of rhinestones, sequins, a pattern along the edge of the nail, a French hem) will help turn everyday nail care into a festive one.

Festive New Year's manicure

An interesting feature of the holiday manicure is the variety of materials used in the design. Only in this case do not lose your sense of proportion.

Also, when creating a special decor, one must take into account the format of the holiday so that the created manicure is appropriate.

Casual and holiday manicure

You can create the beauty of nails by contacting a salon, or by yourself using modern means: varnishes, gels, sparkles. There are also many techniques for applying ordinary varnish to create various patterns.

Conventionally, this procedure can be divided into festive and everyday manicure. These two species are significantly different from each other, but they have the same training base.

Usually a manicure is done once every ten days. For everyday use, it is enough to treat the cuticle (remove the overgrown part and the resulting burrs), remove the coarsened skin in the area of ​​contact with the overgrown nail with the help of cutters, file and polish the nail plate. You can do a bath, massage, apply a nourishing cream. In this case, the varnish is used in calm tones or completely colorless.

A beautiful holiday manicure will turn out if you apply varnish of saturated tones to prepared nails or use some effects in the form of drawings, sparkles. You can make mirror nails, they also look festive.

New Year's manicure

Festive New Year's manicure is one of the components of the image along with an outfit, hairstyle, jewelry. If classic calm manicure is used everyday, then on New Year's Eve you can afford a vivid catchy experiment. This can be a New Year's drawing or nail polish with unusual effects that will look ridiculous in a daily manicure.

For the New Year's manicure, bright shades of varnish are suitable, it is possible with sparkles. Saturated red, burgundy, pink with sparkles, coral with sparkles, carrot with a pattern, bright blue ... Any of these options is successful for creating a spectacular image.

New Year's drawing can reproduce the contours of the Christmas tree. There are many ways here too: to draw a dark Christmas tree on a pale blue background and decorate it with sparkles (but only here it is better to trust a professional!). You can also make a Christmas tree from multi-colored triangles made with shades of varnish and strung on each other, while you can experiment with color. The Christmas tree can be painted with another varnish, put with sequins or stencil.

Holiday manicure on short nails

Also, a festive manicure for the New Year may have a picture in the form of Christmas balls.

Manicure on short nails

There are many reasons why a woman can have short nails. But this does not preclude the possibility of having a beautiful manicure. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make a festive manicure.

French manicure will always be smart. At home, you can use sticky templates that are sold in the store. For the New Year's manicure, you can replace the white strip along the edge of the nail with a brighter, sparkling one.

Festive manicure on short nails is easy to do. It is important that everything looks neat, without blots and stains.

This option will look very impressive: we cover the nails with burgundy or plum varnish, decorate the base with sequins and fix it with quick drying. A manicure will look a little different if sequins are applied to the side along the entire length of the nail.

Beautiful holiday manicure

A few tips:

  • If applied to warm hands, it will last longer.
  • Old varnish can harm your nails.
  • If you are in a hurry, blow dry your painted nails with a hairdryer.
  • If you apply oil before polishing, the nails will shine.
  • Nails of different lengths will make a manicure ugly.
  • Very cold water will ruin your nails.


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