Pasta with an egg - a dish with a thousand variations

One of the simplest and cheapest dishes is pasta with egg casserole . For its preparation, minimal knowledge of cooking is enough. She, as they say, is cooked in a hurry when they are late. But here there are subtleties and pitfalls. They must be taken into account when cooking, if this is not done, you can, it would seem, from such simple products, get absolutely tasteless food. In fact, even pasta and eggs can be cooked so that you don’t want to eat them.

Pasta with an egg, how to cook them deliciously

It would seem that it can be difficult to prepare such a simple dish as pasta with an egg. In fact - a lot. To begin with, many people all products made from dough, those that require cooking before serving, are called pasta. But pasta with an egg is not prepared like noodles with an egg or vermicelli, a shell. A lot depends on the form of the product.

There is one more thing to consider. Before cooking, you need to decide what exactly in the end you want to get: - fried eggs, which have a bottom layer of pasta; - an omelet in which vermicelli is present.
If you want to have fried eggs, then it is better to use not pasta, but vermicelli, spaghetti, noodles. And for omelette lovers, other pasta will go more. Very tasty dishes are obtained when the cooks, after they beat the egg with salt and spices, pour the pasta in the resulting mass, mix, and leave the resulting mass to stand for 10-15 minutes in a cool place.

Fans of fried eggs, as a rule, cook pasta with cheese and eggs. For this dish, you can use pasta cooked yesterday, and not just boiled. Cheese is most often rubbed on a coarse grater. But you can use very thinly sliced ​​slices that are laid on top of an egg. And here your fantasy flight begins already. You can put it on top of the yolk, and then, when it melts, it will look like milk rivers flowing down the mountain. Others, on the contrary, prefer to put it on protein so that later they can simply and quickly enjoy a tasty, liquid yolk, dipping slices of bread into it.

A variety of pasta with egg

But in fact cooking, only the main ingredients may not be limited. Modern housewives add to it not only all kinds of spices and cheeses. Such products as sausage, fried thin slices of meat, mushrooms, vegetables, sour berries, sausages and sausages, boiled and fried fish are used. The main thing is not to exaggerate the amount of additional products, because they are not the main components of the dish.

You may not believe it, but pasta dishes are very popular all over the world. At the same time, both full and girls from the catwalks eat them. In fact, they are recovering not because of pasta, but because of various sauces and dressings for them. It is better to purchase products made from durum wheat. If you do not have such an opportunity, then do not digest the vermicelli, you do not need to leave it in the water under the lid for a few minutes, so that it will disperse even more.

Properly cooked vermicelli will never settle on your hips with extra pounds. You just have to be very careful with her. For example, pasta both before and after cooking has a large volume on a plate. And if you take the boiled vermicelli and put the same volume, then the weight of the dish will be very different from the previous version. But at the same time, with vermicelli you will eat less sauce or dressing. So it is better to dwell on the intermediate option. Eat pasta, and pour the sauce yourself separately, so that you can see how much you eat at one meal. It is even better to use plates of a small diameter, then even a small portion will seem sufficient to make you feel full.


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