How to quickly dry your nails - little secrets

If you are waiting for an important call for a long time and want to reduce the waiting time, you need to put your mobile phone in your pocket and paint your nails. Of course, this is just a joke, however, there are situations when there is simply no time for long drying of nails. How to quickly dry your nails in this case?

how to quickly dry nails

Attention to varnish

Firstly, the drying time directly depends on the quality of the varnish and its freshness, therefore, if you do not like to sit idle for half an hour, then constantly checking if the manicure has reached its condition, do not save on this cosmetic product. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy elite cosmetics at frantic prices. Just do not buy varnishes in transitions and markets. Even if the initial coating was of very good quality, sunlight or frost could significantly spoil the characteristics that the manufacturer endowed. Choose stores with a proven track record that store goods in appropriate conditions, and those where there are a lot of people - this means that the products do not lie on the shelves. By the way, if the question of how to quickly dry your nails is relevant for you, do not forget to check the expiration date of the varnish. Enamel dries the longest, and faster - varnishes on a transparent basis (for example, transparent with sparkles). By the way, they are best stored in the refrigerator.


Before painting, you should not wet your hands an hour before the start of the procedure, since it will not be possible to quickly dry the nails that have absorbed moisture. The plate should be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Thanks to this cleaning, you remove dust, dirt and sebum from it, which complicates the drying process. Then, one layer of the base should be applied to the nail under the decorative varnish. This coating prevents pigment from entering the stratum corneum and shortens drying time. Now all the preparatory work is finished, you can start applying the color.

nail coating

Hurry slowly

Rare decorative varnishes give from the first application exactly the result that you wanted to achieve, more often you need to put two or even three layers, especially for light shades. Often there is a temptation not to delay the process and apply one thick one. However, this is undesirable if you are thinking about how to quickly dry your nails. Thin layers dry out much faster, and the nail coating will last longer. Thickly applied varnish requires more time to dry completely, and even with apparent hardness, it can remain soft inside, and therefore any movement will damage the appearance of the manicure.

nail coating

Emergency situation

If circumstances force us to speed up the drying process, then a bath of cold water will come to the rescue - the colder the liquid, the faster the varnish will harden. In just a couple of minutes, you can safely fasten your jeans or look for a thing you need in your purse. Just do not wipe your hands, but let them dry in the air, so the likelihood of damaging the coating of nails will be minimized, which is why the bath is preferable, rather than a flowing stream.

Slippery moment

You can apply a little bit of any vegetable or cosmetic oil to the brush, and after 2-3 minutes wash it off in cool water. This will not only dry the manicure, but also benefit the skin and cuticles.


If your hair dryer has a cold drying button, then feel free to use it for painted nails. But the flow of hot air can ruin everything, the varnish will become soft, viscous and can leak.

Of course, all these techniques can help out well at some points, but it is best to set aside time for manicure so that nothing distracts you. Devote this hour to your beauty and take a break from all worries. And all questions regarding how to quickly dry your nails, leave for emergency cases.


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