How to make arbolite blocks with your own hands?

As materials for the construction of houses traditionally use brick, wood, foam concrete and concrete. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Concrete structures are highly durable, but they do not retain heat well. Houses built of wood are environmentally friendly and warm, but less durable. The multicomponent building material arbolit consists of concrete, wood sawdust and polymer compounds that hold them together.

It is characterized by increased strength, reliability and excellent heat retention. Due to these properties, arbolite is used to erect structures even at the North Pole. The manufacture of this material is not particularly difficult. You can make arbolite blocks with your own hands, if you follow certain rules. This will be discussed in this article.

The production of arbolite blocks involves the following steps:

1. It is necessary to prepare a cement mortar. It must be thoroughly kneaded. Portland cement of the M400 brand is best suited for this.

2. The next step is the addition of filler in the form of wood sawdust to the prepared solution. Wood intended for the manufacture of wood concrete blocks is thoroughly dried. Also, for three days it is aged in a solution of lime.

3. Making the arbolite blocks with your own hands, then add mineralizing additives — aluminum sulfate and calcium chloride — to the resulting mixture.

4. The resulting mass is kneaded in a concrete mixer and fed into specially prepared forms. They can be of various sizes.

5. The material poured into the mold is compacted and rammed, and then it is well dried.

Properties of arbolite blocks:

• environmental cleanliness;

• high fire safety;

• low weight, allowing the use of a lightweight foundation for building a house;

• the blocks have a coarse-cellular structure, due to which good air exchange is carried out in the house;

• they can easily be machined (drilling and sawing);

• maximum bending strength is 1.2 MPA;

• are resistant to moisture, rot and fungal infections;

• soundproof properties surpass wood by 7 times, brick by 5 times;

• blocks made of wood concrete conduct heat well and contribute to its preservation indoors;

• they have a perfectly smooth surface on which the stucco adheres well.

How to lay your own arbolite blocks

The laying of this material is carried out on a mixture of cement with sand. The manufacture of wood concrete blocks in a production environment facilitates the work of those wishing to build a house out of them. They, depending on the manufacturer, have different sizes and, accordingly, weight.

Arbolite, due to its properties, is well suited not only for the construction of residential buildings, but also for the construction of a bathhouse or other premises with special conditions.
By making arbolite blocks with your own hands, you can quickly build a reliable, durable, environmentally friendly structure (whose walls will give minimal shrinkage) and save money at the same time.


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