The Universe "Warcraft". Books, reading order

The Warcraft universe has long been loved by a multimillion-dollar audience scattered across the globe. The unique fantasy world, which became the first of its kind, for many fans of the series has turned into a separate page in life. They grew up with their favorite game, watched new parts, plunged into the plot and sincerely worried about the heroes. In the future, the Blizzard company released an online version of Warcraft, the no less well-known Dota game appeared, the first and - after - the second part. With the release of the film, interest in the universe has grown significantly. A series of books "Warcraft" was a gift for people who love this world thanks to the motion picture and want to know more about it without going through all the parts of the game. Only not everyone understands in what order they should begin to study literature. The chronology of Warcraft books is still of interest not only to new, but also longtime fans of the series.

Horde Rise

To begin to read books "Warcraft" in order, it is necessary from this work. Events unfold before the gates open. Despite the fact that the young but promising leader Thrall defeated the curse of terrible demons that tormented the orcs for centuries, they are forced to continue to fight the shadows of past events. United in a powerful fighting machine called the Horde, the orcs took part in an uncountable number of battles against the main enemy - the Alliance. But the thirst for murder and anger, forcing them to destroy everything that occurs on the way to the goal, turned against them.

warcraft books reading order

Many years ago, when peace and order reigned in the mysterious Draenor, the orcs were a noble clan, living in harmony with interesting and numerous neighbors - the Draenei. However, the Burning Legion made its own plans for both sides of the conflict. Kil'jaeden, the leader of the demons, launched a terrifying mechanism of events, the work of which led to the almost complete extinction of the draenei, and the orcs combined into a single force, hungry for blood and destruction.

"The Last Guardian"

Studying the Warcraft universe, books, reading order, you can stumble upon this work, which is the second in the series. In a world where the life of every person directly depends on the ornate streams of magic, it is very difficult to exist. It is not always possible to accurately understand what is happening: what is truth and what is fiction? How to distinguish the future from the past? Seeking answers to these questions, the young and talented Khadgar traveled to a tower full of mysteries, in which the strongest of the existing magicians lives, to enroll in his disciples. However, Medivh is a difficult person. Nobody has yet been able to find out what is happening in his soul.

warcraft books timeline

Whose side did he take: Darkness or, perhaps, Light? Though not immediately, but the curiosity and tenacity of the young sorcerer helped him figure out what was happening with Medivh. The essence of the magician is unstable: he embodies both sides of the eternal conflict. Who will win? A fair and powerful magician or a fierce enemy of the entire human race - Zargeras, leader of the Burning Legion?

"Streams of darkness"

This work should be of interest to all students of Warcraft. Books, their reading order suggest that this part should be viewed after the "Last Guard".

warcraft books in order

The death of the dishonest leader of the orcs of Blackhand allowed Orgrim Doomhammer to quickly seize power over a large Horde. His intent is to conquer the remainder of Azeroth so that the orcs who came from the dying Draenor can rightfully call this world a new home. Lothar could not calmly look at the troubles caused by the foreigners, he gathered the surviving people and crossed the Great Sea with them in the hope of finding help in Lordaeron. Where, with the help of Terenas, he will be able to gather a force capable of resisting the Horde - the Alliance. The noble elves, as well as the Trolls and Dwarves, become entangled in a whirlwind of events that served as the beginning of the eternal struggle of the two great factions. Will the Alliance forces be able to win, or will the Horde conquer all of Azeroth?

Other books in the series

The chronology of Warcraft books is much broader than it might seem.

  • The fourth book in the series was the work โ€œOn the Other Side of the Dark Portalโ€, which tells of the invasion of the perishing world - Draenor.
  • This is followed by "Dragon Day", in stores this book can be found under a different name - "Revenge of the Orcs."
  • โ€œLord of the Clansโ€ - the sixth book in the eponymous series, fully tells the story of Thrall.

warcraft book series

This is just a small part of the Warcraft universe. Books whose reading order is very important for understanding the fantasy world are widely available.

A few rules for a more comfortable reading

Studying the Warcraft universe, books, the order of reading works, one may encounter fascinating plot twists that rewrite the course of history. This is not a mistake of the authors. It is also best to read the works in the original language, if there is appropriate knowledge. Translation from fans is not always accurate.


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